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January Viz Manga Releases

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
New Silent Möbius mini series and the No Need for Tenchi! volume 11 Graphic novel, as well as ongoing titles such as Bastard!, Vagabond, Ranma and more...

Viz will be releasing the first part of Silent Möbius: Turnabout, the latest six part Silent Möbius mini-series from Kia Asamiya.

What Viz has to say about Turnabout:

In Silent Möbius: Turnabout, the A.M.P. is at its lowest point – the organization has been disbanded and Katsumi Liqueur has gone over to the side of their enemies! But there's a new ally in the fight against the demons of Nemesis – Lum Cheng, daughter of the great magician, Avalanche Wong! But as the A.M.P. searches the dark streets of 2029 Hong Kong for their new member, Kiddy and Yuki find that it will not be easy to recover from their setbacks…

Turnabout, in stores January, will be 32 to 40 pages in length and retail for $2.95 U.S. ($4.95 Canada)

As for ongoing titles, excerpts from Viz's latest press releases:

No Need for Tenchi!, Vol. 11 - The Tenchi Saga continues! In this volume, Ayeka vanishes mysteriously one day, leaving the rest of Tenchi cast desperately searching for her! Soon, she reappears as a brainwashed agent of a mysterious power, vowing to kill Tenchi. Who is Garyu, Ayeka's mysterious kidnapper? And can Tenchi and the gang cure her? The answer plus other exciting stories!
184 pages, No Need for Tenchi!, Vol. 11 retails for $15.95 U.S. ($25.95 Canada).

Bastard!! #2: Wizard!! Part 2 of 2, In their hour of need, Metallicana again calls on the evil wizard Dark Schneider to save them from their enemies though they swore never to do it again. But Dark Schneider turns against the Metallicanans, swearing to kill the high priest for imprisoning him 15 years ago! Now, the country is under attack by a fire-breathing hydra, a golem AND a very pissed-off, powerful wizard — and only teenage priestess Tia Noto Yoko may be able to control him!
Story and art by Kazushi Hagiwara
$3.95 U.S. ($6.50 Canada)
64 pages

Vagabond #3 - In this issue, hunted down by the authorities for killing a local border patrol, Takezo returns alone to his home village of Musashi. Matahachi's mother, who holds a grudge against Takezo for taking her son off to war and then returning home without him, tricks Takezo and turns him in to the authorities, but Takezo manages a daring escape and then encounters the itinerant monk Takuan.
Story & Art by Takehiko Inoue
$4.95 U.S. ($7.95 Canada)

CERES, CELESTIAL LEGEND PART 2 #2: RESIDING REACTIONS — After Ceres' power hospitalizes her mother, a grief-stricken Aya returns to the Aogiri household. Meanwhile, Aki's escape from the Mikage family compound may not have lasted long if Tôya had not found him. How will Aya react when she sees her twin brother?
Story & Art by Yû Watase
32 pages
$2.95 U.S. ($4.95 CAN)

DRAGON BALL PART 4 #6: MONSTER MASH — Goku and his friends must get past an old witch's gauntlet of supernatural fighters to ask one question of her — "Where is the last Dragon Ball?" First, Kuririn, Oolong and Pu'ar fight the Vampire then, Yamcha steps into the ring against the Invisible Man!
Story & Art by Akira Toriyama
48 pages
$2.95 U.S. ($4.95 CAN)

DRAGON BALL Z PART 5 #1: THE THREE WISHES — Kuririn, Gohan and Dende activate the Namekian Dragon Balls and summon the Namekian Dragon God. Their first two wishes bring Piccolo back to life and transport him to Planet Namek, his homeworld, which he has never seen before. But Vegeta demands that their third wish be to give HIM immortality! And Freeza, who wants the same thing for himself, is only seconds away!
Story & Art by Akira Toriyama
48 pages
$2.95 U.S. ($4.95 CAN)

INU-YASHA PART 6 #9: THE WRATH CONTINUES — Kagome vaporizes most of Naraku's demonic body with a pull of the bow and the whiz of an arrow, to the awe of all witnesses! But with Naraku defeated for now, Sango must come to grips with the fact that her brother is now an agent of the very demon that slaughtered their entire village…
Story & Art by Rumiko Takahashi
40 pages
$2.95 U.S ($4.95 CAN)

MAGICAL POKéMON JOURNEY PART 6 #3: GREEN JEALOUSY — Hazel must take care of a group of Hoppip for the day. Can she handle the stress of being around dozens of these crazy characters? Then, Chikorita and Pistachio are getting cozy…but Bulba might have something to say about it!
Story & Art by Yumi Tsukirino
40 pages, Squarebound
$4.95 U.S. ($7.95 CAN)

POKéMON ADVENTURES PART 6 #2: AGATHA'S ARBOK — Crusading Pokémon Trainers Green, Blue, and Bill must team up with their old archenemies in Team Rocket if they hope to stand a chance to battle the incredible strength of the Elite Four! First encounter: Blue and Koga versus Agatha!
Story & Art by MATO
48 pages, Squarebound
$4.95 U.S. ($7.95 CAN)

RANMA 1/2 PART 10 #10: IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE — Shampoo's evil brooch is found to be the reason for her mood swings and Ranma takes her on a date to get the scoop. Then, Ranma is supposedly cheduled to declare his love for Shampoo, but what's the real story?
Story & Art by Rumiko Takahashi
32 pages
$2.95 U.S. ($4.95 CAN)

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