4Kids Entertainment Launches a New Show

posted on by Jeremy Barnes
4Kids Entertainment brings a new anime show to North America. Kinnikuman will premiere this fall.

4Kids Entertainment has aquired the rights to show Kinnikuman on TV. Starting this fall, the show will begin airing on US television. 4Kids Entertainment brought over the various Pokemon series and has already begun work on their new property.

Kinnikuman was originally shown on TV in Japan back in 1983 and as a Manga in Shonen Jump. The Manga and Anime were very similar to each other which is unusual. The plot of the Manga/Anime revolved around Kinnikuman, the prince of an alien race, and his attempts to become a hero and prove himself to his family. His family accidently mistook a pig for poor Kinnikuman and he was lost until Meat, a servant bred to serve the prince, found him. He must compete in some of the greatest tournaments in the universe to show off his fighting skills and prove his worth.

Kinnikuman was announced by 4Kids Entertaiment last January along with Pokemon: The Johto Journeys, Cubix, Tama and Friends, and Ultraman Tiga. It is unknown if the other titles mentioned along with Kinnikuman will also see airtime this year.

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