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  • Viz announced the release of the second printing of the first volume of the extremely popular Pokémon comic series. Already, they have pre-sold over 60% of the second printing.

  • The Right Stuf announced Thursday that they will be carrying all Bandai products. All AnimeVillage titles will be carried by Right Stuf at their usual 10% off retail prices, and they are expected to receive their inventory around December 21.

  • ANN Correction: The "Escaflowne Special" video series from is NOT the extended episodes released on the Japanese sets, but are rather three 1-hour OAV's that comprise a highly edited-down version of the TV series.

  • The Right Stuf announces that the Force Five series will be made available again in January.

  • Also from Right Stuf comes word that the Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z Chroma-Cels from Simitar's Animage-ine Entertainment division will be delayed until January 12.

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