AnimeFringe March 2001 Update

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Special "Toy Themed" issue, including a look at Macross Mecha LEGOs, a special Transformers Interview, and lots more!

Excerpted from the AnimeFringe Press Release:

The latest issue of Animefringe: Online Anime Magazine ( is now available featuring a Toy Themed issue. Here is the complete rundown:

Animefringe Vol.2 #3 - March 2001

First up is our cover story, 'Macross in the key of LEGO' - An over-the-top look at the obsession to build anime related models... just with LEGOs.

Then in 'Transformers The Comic: An Interview With Pat Lee' we go straight to the source and find out the skinny on why Dreamwave Products wants the Transformers property so much.

Our monthly editorial Chasing Otakuism features special guest Lee Bourgeois's tale of how anime changed his life and how he got into the business of selling goods. It's a real humanitarian story, and strangely it proves that the otaku experience is universal.

And finally, we unveil a new section here at Animefringe called 'Anime Briefs' - a section dedicated to giving you sight into some of the hottest new series that are in getting some serious hype. This month we have info on the TV Series Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer and Parappa The Rapper.

- Sailor Moon S - Heart Collection I DVD
- Amazing Nurse Nanako Vol.3 - The Last Spiral DVD
- Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie DVD
- Transformers Beast Wars II: Movie Edition - Lion Convoy in Danger
- Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (Game Boy)
- Ah! My Goddess: Yellow Submarine Action Figure Series
- Cardcaptors: Official Clow Book with Clow Cards

Plus a new Web Showcase, more Word Searches, and much more.

Animefringe will return April 1, 2001 in Animefringe Vol.2 #4. You have my word... NO April fools issue.

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