North American Anime, Manga Releases, October 3-9 (Updated)

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KimiKiss, Haruhi-chan/Churuya-san, new Pokémon Rangers game launch

Anime Releases:

Suggested Retail Price
Jinki: Extend Complete S.A.V.E. Edition Funimation US$19.98 October 5
KimiKiss: Pure Rouge DVD Collection 1 Sentai Filmworks US$49.98 October 5
Kurokami: The Animation DVD 3 Bandai Entertainment US$29.98 October 5
Kurokami: The Animation Blu-Ray 3 Bandai Entertainment US$24.98 October 5
Linebarrels of Iron Season 2 Funimation US$49.98 October 5
Linebarrels of Iron OVA Collection Funimation US$14.98 October 5
The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya & Nyorōn Churuya-san Vol 1 Bandai Entertainment US$24.98 October 5
Super Gals Complete Collection Nozomi Entertainment US$59.99 October 5

Manga Releases:

Suggested Retail Price
Black Bird Graphic Novel (GN) 6 VIZ Media US$9.99 October 5
Dengeki Daisy GN 2 VIZ Media US$9.99 October 5
Eyeshield 21 GN 33 VIZ Media US$9.99 October 5
Grand Guignol Orchestra GN 1 VIZ Media US$9.99 October 5
Naruto GN 49 VIZ Media US$9.99 October 5
Natsume's Book of Friends GN 4 VIZ Media US$9.99 October 5
One Piece GN 55 VIZ Media US$9.99 October 5
Pokémon Adventures GN 9 VIZ Media US$7.99 October 5
The Prince of Tennis GN 39 VIZ Media US$9.99 October 5
Seiho Boys' High School GN 2 VIZ Media US$9.99 October 5
Slam Dunk GN 12 VIZ Media US$9.99 October 5
Stepping on Roses GN 3 VIZ Media US$9.99 October 5
Strawberry 100% GN 14 VIZ Media US$9.99 October 5
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX GN 5 VIZ Media US$9.99 October 5

Other Releases:

Suggested Retail Price
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Video Game Konami US$59.99 October 5
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Limited Edition Video Game Konami US$79.99 October 5
Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light Video Game Square Enix US$34.99 October 5
Girl, Illustrated: Japanese Manga, Anime and Video Game Characters Non-Fiction Book PIE Books US$29.95 October 5
Pokémon Rangers: Guardian Signs Video Game Pokémon Company US$29.99 October 4

Update: Corrected volume numbers on Natsume's Book of Friends and Grand Guignol Orchestra. Thanks, LibraryJoy and kel aka gandy.

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