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End Of The

Answerman: End Of The Century Year

Hope you all had a good holiday; let's get busy, shall we?

Hello Answerman:

I have a few questions about the You're Under Arrest series.

I know that there is an OAV series of You're Under Arrest, but I am getting conflicting information as to the number of episodes produced for the TV version.

On one hand I am hearing that an You're Under Arrest special was made for TV with only a handful of episodes.

On the other hand I am hearing that there is two full seasons of the You're Under Arrest TV series.

Could you please clear up the number of TV episodes made for the You're Under Arrest Series.

By the way is the You're Under Arrest TV series licensed in America yet?



There are technically 3 YUA TV series. There's the first series which ran 47 episodes, a "Special" TV series that ran about 8 minutes per episode, and a new TV series that's currently airing on Japanese TV. The rights to the first season were purchased by AnimEigo.

Where you at yo? Nah, just playing. Hopefully you're livin it up on your vacation instead of answering anime questions. Well, I was wondering why Mahoromatic got cut to 12 eps? I haven't seen the end yet but I've been led to believe that it'd be going on for a while. What's with Gainax cutting off series so short (i.e. Kare Kano)? Thanks and happy holidays.

I'm pretty sure the show wasn't "cut", it was planned for 12 episodes, which is a common length for an anime series these days. Mahoromatic only had 4 volumes of manga, so there wasn't much to go on anyway. In the case of KareKano, they'd run out of money and I believe the series was in production around the same time half of Gainax' staff was being hauled into court of tax evasion.

I have not been keeping up with the American release of my favorite series, Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou, His and Her Circumstances

Could you tell us the status of its release? Any dates or prices yet? And which company was going to do it? Thanks a bunch! You're answers are always quite helpful.

Clark Munson

It's currently on track for a release in the Spring of 2002. There's no price yet. Right Stuf International bought the license and are supposedly doing a fantastic job with it.

While watching the credits for Cowboy Bebop, I noticed "serialized in fantasy DX". Does that mean it was a manga at one point? I know that there is a 4-part manga that is coming to America soon, but what about the fate of this one?

watching episode 20 (Pierrot Le Fou), i noticed that 5:30 in, about the end of spike's first fight with Mad Pierrot, there is a major 'homage' sequence. If you have heard of Green Legend Ran, you'll know what I mean. The whole sequence involving the explosion is almost completely identical.

The manga that was serialized in Fantasy DX is the one that's coming out here. Interesting comment about Green Legend Ran; I hadn't noticed that myself.

Have you heard anything about another macross series coming out in Japan soon?

Thank you for you time;
John Tyler

I haven't heard anything, but Macross is a pretty popular franchise, so I don't think it's out of the question.

Hey I was wondering if you could help me out on this question. I was watching Malcolm in the Middle and I noticed in the opening credits when they show the t.v. show clips theyre seems to be atleast two clips of anime guys one is just a guys face and the other is a guy on a skateboard do you know which series if any these images are from?

Yep. Those are images from "Nazca", a series released by Pioneer.

1. Will Record of Lodoss war ever get on Toonami?
2. Do you hate Pokemon? You better I tell you that.
3. When is pilot candidate getting on Toonami.
4. What's up with that Sol BIanica thing?
5. What do you prefer: Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star or Trigun?

Okay, in sequential order:
1. Lodoss War is on Toonami Reactor. It might show up on Cartoon Network someday, but as far as I know, they only have license to broadcast it over the web.
2. Pokemon is such a dead fad at this point it doesn't matter if I hate it or not.
3. Pilot Candidate was supposed to be airing in the Fall, but they pushed it back to Spring 2002.
4. What's up with Sol Bianca? Well, there are two Sol Bianca OVA series, a new one and an old one. I'm not sure how to answer your question.
5. As for Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, or Trigun, I personally prefer Hellsing.

I know that you get annoyed with all the letters about Sailor Stars, so I feel kind of guilty about asking this, and I hope you'll forgive me. In your personal opinion, is the fact that the Stars manga arc has been translated any reason to believe that the dubbing is imminent? Or even likely?

People don't really pay attention to manga releases; they've released Sailor Moon hentai manga and nobody said anything, so no, I don't think the manga release is any indication that they're going to dub Sailor Stars. I'm not sure what the confusion is over this series. We know why they aren't dubbing it. There's too much questionable sexual content. It isn't appropriate for the audience Sailor Moon is targeted at in the US. Unless the demographic for the show shifts dramatically, and Bandai thinks they can make a lot of money selling an entire season of Sailor Moon to people over the age of 15, it isn't going to happen, people.

hi there..
i'm a failry decent anime fan, but perhaps not too keen on the lingo...i just was wondering what some sites refer to when they say "ther's a lot of fan service in this anime"...what is "fan service"?
i got an inkling that it may mean one of our favorite female (faye valentine being mine)characters in the buff or something like that...in any case i'm guessing it's something echi...well hope it's not too much of a waste of a question... oh and one last thing..dont know if you have any new information on tenchi GPX but will ayeka or sasami or ryoko be in it? all i've seen from the trailers is mihoshi and tenchi (although i think i caugh a silhouette of ryoko
k thanks
jaques the monkey

The "Fan Service" you're looking for is when a female character is caught by the camera in a compromising position. For instance, she leaps over the camera and you see her underwear. That's fan service. "Agent Aika" is an OVA series designed entirely around fan service. It isn't out and out nudity; every time Faye bends over, that's fan service. Were Faye to simply stip, that would just be nudity. Of course, "Fan Service" can be anything the animators do "for the fans". As for GPX, it isn't supposed to have members of the original Tenchi cast in it, but I'm sure there will be a few cameo appearances (Specifically Ryoko.)

I'm wondering if three great games will be adapted into an anime. Dead or Alive seems like an obvious choice. With all of the fan service in the games, the anime would offer a lot of fan service, and become a favorite with guys. Skies of Arcadia is a great RPG, and would make a great long running series. Soul Calibur was the highest ranked fighting game on EGM's list of the top 100 games, and almost every other fighter has an anime, where is Soul Calibur?
Thank you for your time,

No news on any anime series for any of those games. Of the three you mentioned, Dead or Alive probably has the best chance. Alas, your statement about almost every other fighter having an anime is incorrect; almost every other massively successful and popular fighter has an anime series. A Soul Calibur anime would be pretty cool, though.

I'm a HUGE fan of Rurouni Kenshin. I really don't know what dvd vol. Media Blasters is up to in the Kenshin series so far. Will you please tell me?

Media Blasters just released volume 13 on DVD.

Hey there o man of many answers! I got a few questions on a single theme for ya to help me out with. A friend of mine got me started on a little number called "one piece" I've been reading all the manga and watching all the Fansubs that I can get my hands on and would like to know, just how much one piece is there? I can't find much info about this one and the websites I can find are in Japanese so I can't read them. Also, has anyone made any statements about US distribution?

Thanks answerman, you rock!


The One Piece anime series is still running strong in Japan. Episode 97 airs January 20th, with many more to come. Nobody's said anything about a US release.

Dear Answerman....
what has happened to the Giant Robo DVD's??
i cant seem to find any shops that stock em.... and even animeondvd.com has no information!?!

That's because they aren't out yet. Manga hasn't announced an exact release date yet.

My question has to do with X. I know that it started off as a manga, and that there's a movie, an OAV, and now a TV series airing. What should I watch first? The movie, the OVA, or the series, to get the best out of the story?

Thanks in advance,

Read the manga, watch the TV series, then watch the movie and laugh at how badly it butchers an otherwise great story.

hey answerman

Is Cartoon Network going to get Love Hina for toonami

I hope they dont because they have a tendency to ruin alot of shows that they show

Probably not. The show is a little too racy for Toonami. It might show up on Adult Swim, though; you never know.

Hi Answerman,
I was wondering if there is a manga and/or anime that would be good for a person who likes Mobile suit Gundam, Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, and Tenchi Muyo!
Sure. Trigun, Dual, Escaflowne, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, and Crest of the Stars are all great choices.

Dear Answerman,
Happy Holidays!!
I've got a couple of questions for you, if you don't mind. First, I've heard a rumor that ADV picked up Gensomaden Saiyuki. Did they? Both seasons and the movie? Any known release dates?
Thanks so much for any info and keep up the good work!

ADV did indeed buy the rights to Gensomaden Saiyuuki. If the first season sells well, I imagine they'll release the second season and the movie and whatever else there is out there.


will there be more of his and her circumstances episodes from gainax apart from 26 episdoes that I already know of?

Thank you

Nope. Sorry.

I know it's early, but any news on an Angelic Layer movie, OAV, second season? Not a huge fan of it but just interested. Thanks.

Not yet. The TV series recently concluded its run; I know it was fairly popular, so I wouldn't be surprised if more was made.

The Big O.. Er... there's more, right? Like, so the series was abruptly cut off, but there's an OVA, or maybe a movie, or something like that? Right? (whimper).

"Curiously Strong!"

Nope. There are rumors flying around about there being more, but Bandai has been fairly quiet.

Hey Answerman. I really enjoyed the series Crest of the Stars and was wondering if there was another season in the works for release in the US. The story line seemed to leave that fairly open for future seasons. I've heard that there both is another season and there isn't. So which is it?

Yeah, there are two more seasons, Battle Flag of the Stars and Battle Flag of the Stars II. There are rumors being thrown about that even more will be made; Bandai will continue to release the series here as long as they sell well.

Are there any other movies of kenshin aside from the one ADV released?

There's only the one movie and a 4-part OVA series. An additional two-part OVA series is currently being released in Japan, but there aren't any more movies.

Hi Answerman,

I've always been curious as to what "pattern" Japan follows for playing their TV series. For example, American shows usually begin the show with a brief intro, then the opening theme, followed by a commercial. Then, the show continues with two more commercials interrupting it, until the credits are shown (usually after the remaining 2 - 6 minutes of the show). But, seeing that most anime has only one noticeable place for a commercial (smack-dab in the middle where the eye-catchers are played on a DVD release) where else are the commercials taken (if any more)?


Usually after the opening credits and before the closing credits, in addition to the usual spot in the middle of the show. When you see the "this show sponsored by" title card after the opening of a series, they usually play commercials for those companies after that title card.

And that's it for today. See you next week!

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