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Otakon 2004
Anime Industry

by George Phillips,
Reps: Eiso Kawamoto (Viz), Lance Heiskell(Funi), Matt Greenfield (ADV), Kris Kleckner (TRSI), Judy Defreeze (TRSI), Chris Kaplan (ADR Dir of Hammerboy)

BT Culture: "Do you feel for heroin dealers?" (Greenfield)

You'll see fansubbers hit with major lawsuits in the coming months, years. Fansubs wiped out 1/3rd of the market in Asia.

Fansubs as "ads": BS. Can find plenty of information online, through various magazines, etc. "The US fanbase is pretty good about [not keeping fansubs], but other places are not."

The problem is when you put fansubs up on BT; everyone can access them and there are no controls. VHS offered some degree of control, as tapes degraded. Whoever's doing it needs to buckle down. Clubs need to make FS's themselves. Buy legit, and stay in-house. (paraphrase, greenfield)

6 years ago, # of new titles dropping, but US/EU markets expanded to take up slack. Now you see DB fans beginning to drive, size of cons increase. In 2 years, Pokémon Kids can drive. Obvious signs of change: Toy series, like YGH, Pokémon, Bayblade: Shows made to sell toys, not a story, because companies can't earn enough from video sales anymore.

Double-digit growth due to TV exposure, growth of anime videos in stores.

BIGGEST Trouble: Non-Enforcement of Copyrights in certain countries.

Already looking ahead: DVD market to die within 5 years? Want to be ready for HD conversion, so catalog being redone in HD format when possible. World will completely move to HD within 10 years.

"Ultimately it's all entertainment. Do you like it? Is it worth doing? That isn't necessarily the same as making money." (Greenfield on how they choose titles to license)
Research: Sales figs. AoDVD. ANN. Moon Phase. Newtype. Animage. TV ratings. Manga sales. Staff. Companies involved.

We (US) outsell JP market by a considerable amount.

Non-JP animation growing, too. Chinamation (Playhut), flash animation, korean animation. Coming from many different companies.

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