Further AX '99 Updates

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Some new information from AX'99 spectators. Unfortunately, no one seemed to be able to get EVERYTHING...

  • Central Park Media cas completed their first contract with Image Entertainment, and are in negotiations for a second one. Fans are VERY unhappy with the quality of many of the Image releases, and CPM plans to make sure they have more control over quality. (Some started shipping before they could even approve it.) There has also been some minor headway in negotiations for a Slayers DVD. A Record of Lodoss War TV series DVD is also possible.

  • Manga Entertainment mentioned that Blackjack the Movie will have a small theatrical release, and will actually be released BEFORE Perfect Blue or X.

  • Pioneer's panel kept getting moved, but they were able to announce that they have the rights to Akira. (NOT MGM.) They plan to re-dub it and release it late 2000 or early 2001. (A theatrical release is possible, but not planned.) El Hazard and Fushigi Yuugi will have boxed sets available before the end of the year-- the FY one will be under $200. Pioneer also explained what happened with the Tenchi boxed set (which won an award at AX): They had to print 5000 limited edition cards, but only 3000 were to be used. They accidentally used all of them, but 100 were still in the warehouse, so they opened them up, removed the stickers, and resealed them--forgetting to put back in the plastic slip-cases. They don't know how they'll resolve this matter, but those who should have received cards and didn't will get new cards with a different numbering system.

  • ADV announced that they plan a LARGE scale theatrical release of Spriggan (mainstream-caliber). They also announced that they are looking into aquiring the entire Sunrise older catalog. (They already have most of the bigger shows.) The Slayers and Queen Emeraldas DVD's were delayed due to a poor quality master. They have found a company they like better, and plan to release up to 30 DVD's by the end of the year. ADV also worked a deal with Suncoast that we really have no information on...

  • The Pokémon movie will be released in 2000, not this year, as previously reported.

  • anticipates releasing the Macross VF-2 Playstation game recently released in Japan (through their parent company, Bandai), as well as Gundam models through their web site.

  • AnimEigo previewed the Urusei Yatsura DVD's. The demo had some technical issues, but AnimEigo's Robert Woodhead insists that the real video looks great.

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