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The Click
August 2nd - 8th

by Brian Hanson,

Comic-con was tremendous fun in every sense of the word; transcendent, I'd say. It's nice to go to these big cons and reconnect with your inner dork in a way that people such as myself often ignore in their day-to-day grind. The niceties and subtleties of life in general often brush aside our geekier pastimes, so it's fun to go totally crazy for four days or so and let our unabashed nerd loves flourish in the crowded, smelly, albeit nourishing environs of conventions.

Gurren Lagann
(Sci Fi)
-Monday August 4 11:00pm - Episode 3 "You Two-Faced Son of a Bitch"
-Monday August 4 11:30pm - Episode 4 "Does Having So Many Faces Make You Great?"

Now and Then, Here and There
(Sci Fi)
-Tuesday August 5 12:00am - Episode 3 "A Feast in the Dark"
-Tuesday August 5 12:30am - Episode 4 "Discord"

As excited as I am to see both of these shows on the air at all whatsoever, I have to say that the pairing seems a little... odd. Gurren Lagann is an over-the-top exercise in unrestrained silliness and animated ebullience, what with all the robots and fighting and girls in skimpy, bouncy outfits. Now and Then, Here and There is a tremendously bleak exercise in grueling pain upon its audience, as you watch bright and talented children forced into violence and war and suffering. A brilliant show, yes, but only watchable in large chunks if you're snacking on Zoloft like Skittles. Who am I to complain, though?! These are great new shows and they're on TV! They premiered last week but I wasn't here! WATCH THEM!

Ghost Slayers Ayashi
Wednesday August 6 10:00pm - Episode 1 "The Youi Arrival" (Repeats Thu Aug 7 1:30am)

Mai Hime
Wednesday August 6 8:00pm - Episode 1 "A Girl's Most Important Event" (Repeats Wed Aug 6 11:30pm)

Wednesday August 6 9:30pm - Episode 1 "Outside the Atmosphere" (Repeats Thu Aug 7 1:00am)

Rocket Girls
Wednesday August 6 8:30pm - Episode 1 "Destiny" (Repeats Thu Aug 7 12:00am)

Scrapped Princess
Wednesday August 6 9:00pm - Episode 1 "The Castaway Cat-Princess' Overture" (Repeats Thu Aug 7 12:30am)

Now this is cool - I've long advocated for smaller networks to take advantage of the vast and varied back-catalogs of anime companies such as, say, Bandai, to find programming that would fit their particular niche. Luckily, ImaginAsianTV just struck a lucrative deal with Bandai that's giving IATV subscribers a neat little peak at some of Bandai's newer acquisitions. Ghost Slayers Ayashi is a slickly animated Bones shindig about samurai and ghosts and such; Mai Hime is like a straight-up bullseye that nails everything a "moe" fan could ever want, with pre-teen to teenage girls in tight-fitting, oftentimes easily-shed clothing who pilot big robots and discuss their breasts and the kinds of men they'd be in love with; Planetes is more for the NASA crowd, as it takes a delightfully casual and interestingly intimate look at the lives of a crew of interplanetary garbagemen; Rocket Girls is like what happens if you put both Mai Hime and Planetes in a blender for perhaps a bit too long; Scrapped Princess is your standard swords-and-sorcery show but populated with fun, attractive, colorful characters that forgive the stale setting and premise. All in all, something for everyone!


Bakugan Battle Brawlers
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday August 2 11:00am - Episode 23 "Say it Ain't So" (Repeats Sun Aug 3 10:30am)

After a friend is hospitalized, the Brawlers take a break from their long-held beliefs that Bakugan Brawling can heal all wounds and instead put their faith in industrialized medical science.

(Adult Swim)
Saturday August 2 11:30pm - Episode 75 (Repeats Sun Aug 3 2:30am)

Saturday August 2 9:30pm - Episode TBA

(Expeletive) (expeletive) YTV for being vague about whichever Bleach episode they're airing this week! It's probably a new one but I can't confirm that because my mind does not read the future of Canadian television, or at least no more accurately than any other TV listing website out there. And it's not for lack of study, either. I've read every Ashida Kim book on mind control and mind powers there are, and sadly they are no more of a help in making The Click more accurate as they are at turning sour milk into ice cream. Maybe my mind lacks focus, or discipline, or... the force. Anyway, uh, Ichigo runs to a spooky mansion to rescue his friends, held captive by those villainous Bounts!

Code Geass
(Adult Swim)
Sunday August 3 12:00am - Episode 15 "Cheering Mao" (Repeats Sun Aug 3 3:00am)

Mao, a fictional character in the series "Code Geass" and not the former leader of the People's Republic of China, is driven mad by the powers of his Geass eye and hunts the one person responsible for giving it to him. This leads to scenes of action and suspense.

(Toon Disney)
Monday August 4 9:30pm - Episode 252 "King Drasil's Fatal Decision!" (Repeats Tue Aug 5 2:30am, Sat Aug 9 2:30am)

The Human World and the Digital World are on a collision course to wackiness! Except that said wackiness involves destruction and the deaths of every living thing on the planet, possibly, so numerous last-ditch efforts are made by well-intentioned but perhaps overzealous digital entities to destroy the Human World.

(Cartoon Network)
-Saturday August 2 9:00pm - Episode 184 "Kiba's Long Day"
-Saturday August 2 9:30pm - Episode 185 "A Legend From the Hidden Leaf: The Onbaa"

Saturday August 2 9:00pm - Episode 148 "The Search For the Rare Bikochu Beetle"

Only 35 more filler episodes left to go, folks! Well, 72 if you're watching via Canada. This week, Naruto does some training and stuff while Kiba struggles to protect his sick puppy-friend, and in the piny white north the kids hear of a special kind of beetle that could aid in their search for Sasuke.

(Cartoon Network)
Saturday August 2 9:30am - Episode 533 "A Triple Fighting Chance"

Ash is eager to show that his Pokémon have the chops to take on the big leagues, and what bigger league is there in the Pokémon world than a Pokémon Gym Leader? Actually don't answer that question because I'm sure there are bigger Pokémon Leagues than that and I would be faced to accept my Pokémon ignorance, something I'm not yet equipped to deal with.

(Adult Swim)
Saturday August 2 11:00pm - Episode 43 (Repeats Sun Aug 3 2:00am)

Shin-chan poops, pees, blows snot, scratches his faahs and ting-tongs, pokes at other peoples' wooblies and tumdy-tiddly-ter-de-tums.

Speed Grapher
Friday August 8 11:00pm - Episode 23 "Tender Grave" (Repeats Sat Aug 9 2:00am)

Japan's government is crumbling, Saiga is barely of any use with his malfunctioning eyes, and generally everything kind of sucks. It's the second-to-last episode, so will everything turn out alright for our PTSD-addled photographer and his mysterious consort?

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
(CW Kids)
Saturday August 2 11:00am - Episode 150 "The Ultimate Face-Off, Part 2"

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX is back with new episodes! The thunderous refrain of millions of fans spanning the globe is deafening. It's like I can't even go outside anymore, everyone's too worked up about this. Enough poorly-veiled sarcasm, this week's Yu-Gi-Oh excursion shows Jaden's friends dueling it out hardcore, while our hero treks towards the evil Yubel's evil castle of evil.

Zatch Bell
Saturday August 2 9:00pm - Episode 90 "The Hurricane Test Battle!"

Suzy says a little prayer in her heart and sings a little happy song that her best friend ever, Kiyo, and his lightning-sprouting fair-weather muppet friend, Zatch, are coming back! A somewhat bittersweet episode, or at least as much so as Zatch Bell is likely to get, considering the show's current comatose state.


Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society
(Encore 5)
Monday August 4 4:30pm (Repeats Mon Aug 4 11:45pm)

I'm still not used to this whole new layout of all the various movie channels and such - it's like they were designed to upset me, ON PURPOSE. Still, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex's wondrous feature film outing is a fine addition to anyone's day, so check it out if you can.

I'm off, everyone! Enjoy the rest seven days, until our digital paths cross once again in these hallowed halls. Of the... internet.


-Thu Aug 7 10:30pm - Episode 9 "Goblin Cat, Part 1" (R Fri Aug 8 2:00am)

Bakugan Battle Brawlers
(Cartoon Network)
-Mon Aug 4 8:00am - Episode 6 "Combination Battle"
-Tue Aug 5 8:00am - Episode 7 "Bakugan Idol"
-Wed Aug 6 8:00am - Episode 8 "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"
-Thu Aug 7 8:00am - Episode 9 "Fight or Flight"
-Fri Aug 8 8:00am - Episode 10 "A Perfect Match"

Cowboy Bebop
(Adult Swim)
-Sun Aug 3 1:30am - Episode 20 "Pierrot Le Fou" (R Sun Aug 3 4:30am)

Death Note
(Adult Swim)
-Sun Aug 3 12:30am - Episode 4 "Pursuit" (R Sun Aug 3 3:30am)

(Toon Disney
-Sun Aug 3 1:30am - Episode 192 "Cherubimania"
-Sun Aug 3 6:30am - Episode 193 "It Can't Be! Lucemon Reappears" (R Mon Aug 4 1:30am)
-Mon Aug 4 6:30am - Episode 158 "Kumamon Baby Light My Fire"
-Tue Aug 5 6:30am - Episode 159 "Kazemon Kicks It"
-Wed Aug 6 6:30am - Episode 160 "Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon!"
-Thu Aug 7 6:30am - Episode 161 "A Molehill Out of a Mountain"
-Fri Aug 8 6:30am - Episode 162 "Island of Misfit Boys"
-Sat Aug 9 6:30am - Episode 193 "The Man in the Moon is You"

Dinosaur King
-Sat Aug 2 10:30am - Episode 16 "All Fired Up!"

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
(Adult Swim)
-Sun Aug 3 1:00am - Episode 2 "Testation" (R Sun Aug 3 4:00am)

Gunslinger Girl
-Fri Aug 8 11:30pm - Episode 6 "Payment; Gelato" (R Sat Aug 9 2:30am)

(Adult Swim)
-Sun Aug 3 5:00am - Episode 159 "Kohaku's Decision and Sango's Heart"
-Sun Aug 3 5:30am - Episode 160 "Lucky But Two-Timing Scoundrel!"
-Mon Aug 4 5:00am - Episode 161 "Miroku's Past Mistake"
-Mon Aug 4 5:30am - Episode 162 "Forever With Lord Sesshomaru"
-Tue Aug 4 5:30am - Episode 163 "Kohaku, Sango, and Kirara: The Secret Flower Garden"
-Wed Aug 5 5:30am - Episode 164 "Possessed by a Parasite: Shippo, Our Worst Enemy"
-Thu Aug 6 5:30am - Episode 165 "Ultimate Key to Defeating Naraku"
-Fri Aug 7 5:30am - Episode 166 "The Bond Between Them: Use the Sacred Jewel Shard! Part 1"
-Sat Aug 8 5:30am - Episode 167 "The Bond Between Them: Use the Sacred Jewel Shard! Part 2"

Kirby: Right Back At Ya!
-Sat Aug 2 11:00am - Episode 38 "Prediction: Predicament, Part 1"

Kyo kara Maoh!
-Sat Aug 2 9:00am - Episode 74 "The Controller of the Truth" (R Sun Aug 3 11:00am)
-Sat Aug 2 9:30am - Episode 75 "The Sun and the Moon" (R Sun Aug 3 11:30am)
-Sat Aug 9 3:00am - Episode 76 "Inside the Darkness"
-Sat Aug 9 3:30am - Episode 77 "The Devil's Descent"

Law of Ueki
-Sat Aug 2 8:00am - Episode 31 "The Law of the Strongest Tag" (R Sun Aug 3 10:00am)
-Sat Aug 2 8:30am - Episode 32 "The Law of Real Strength!" (R Sun Aug 3 10:30am)
-Sat Aug 9 2:00am - Episode 33 "Assault! The Law of Ueki vs. Li Ho"
-Sat Aug 9 2:30am - Episode 34 "The Law of Team Marilyn"

Oban Star-Racers
(Toon Disney)
-Sun Aug 3 2:30am - Episode 9 "Surprising Like Super-Racer"
-Mon Aug 4 2:30am - Episode 10 "Resistant Like Rush"

(Cartoon Network)
-Sat Aug 2 9:00am - Episode 532 "Crossing the Battle Line"
-Sun Aug 3 12:00pm - Episode 515 "Tag! We're It"
-Sun Aug 3 12:30pm - Episode 516 "Glory Blaze"
-Sun Aug 3 1:00pm - Episode 517 "Smells Like Team Spirit"
-Sun Aug 3 1:30pm - Episode 518 "Tears for Fears!"
-Sun Aug 3 2:00pm - Episode 519 "Once There Were Greenfields"
-Sun Aug 3 2:30pm - Episode 520 "Throwing the Track Switch"

(Toon Disney)
-Tue Aug 5 4:00am - Episode 31 "Soul Survivor"
-Wed Aug 6 4:00am - Episode 32 "Long Live Yakumo!"
-Thu Aug 7 4:00am - Episode 1 "The Awakening"
-Fri Aug 8 4:00am - Episode 2 "Bee-Ware the Hunters"
-Sat Aug 9 4:00am - Episode 3 "Web of Evil"

Sonic X
-Sat Aug 2 10:00am - Episode 7 "Party Hardly"

Speed Grapher
-Mon Aug 4 8:30pm - Episode 22 "Money, Money, Money" (R Tue Aug 5 5:15am)

Transformers: Animated
(Cartoon Network)
-Sat Aug 2 10:30am - Episode 6 "The Thrill of the Hunt" (R Sun Aug 3 11:00am)
-Mon Aug 4 6:00am - Episode 7 "Velocity"
-Mon Aug 4 6:30am - Episode 22 "Rise of the Constructicons"
-Tue Aug 5 6:00am - Episode 23 "A Fistful of Energon"
-Tue Aug 5 6:30am - Episode 24 "S.U.V. - Society of Ultimate Villainy"
-Wed Aug 6 6:00am - Episode 25 "Autoboot Camp"
-Wed Aug 6 6:30am - Episode 26 "Black Friday"
-Thu Aug 7 6:00am - Episode 27 "Sari, No One's Home"
-Thu Aug 7 6:30am - Episode 28 "A Bridge Too Close, Part 1"
-Fri Aug 8 6:00am - Episode 29 "A Bridge Too Close, Part 2"
-Fri Aug 8 6:30am - Episode 4 "Home is Where the Spark is"

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