Nintendo threatens site with Lawsuit

posted on 2001-01-23 21:17 EST
Pornographic and Sexually explisit? Someone at Nintendo has been trying to bend spoons with their mind for too long.

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Nintendo made the headlines several times last year when it asserted its rights to any and all domain names including Pokemon or its related trademarks in the name.

But this time Nintendo has sent threatening letters to the owners of "" regarding the use of "Pokemon" in one of the site's meta tags; a meta tag is an invisible piece of HTML code that describes a website for search engines and web spiders.

The letter demanded that the owners of the site, Cracker and Jap, "cease and desist the infringement of Nintendo's intellectual property rights". As a result of the letter, Crackerjap's host shut down the site.

For some reason Nintendo thought that the invisible use of the Pokemon name on the website could be so damaging to Nintendo that legal action was required. It would seem that Nintendo thought that the website was both "pornographic" and "sexually explicit," something that it most definitely is not.

Even more ironic, Crackerjap stopped using meta tags a long time ago, either it took Nintendo and its law firm months to send the letter, or they were looking at an out of date, archived copy of the Crackerjap website.

Despite all this, Cracker and Jap were unable to get their webhost (, to re-enable the website. They have since moved to another web hosting service.

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