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Pocket Monsters: Diamond & Pearl (TV)

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Alternative title:
Pokémon - Diamant et Perle (French)
Pokémon - Diamante & Perla: Dimensión de Batalla (Spanish)
Pokémon - Diamante e Pérola (Portuguese)
Pokémon - Diamante e Pérola: Batalha Dimensional (Portuguese)
Pokémon - Diamante e Pérola: Batalhas Galácticas (Portuguese)
Pokémon - Diamante e Pérola: Combates Galácticos (Portuguese)
Pokémon - Diamante e Pérola: Dimensão Combate (Portuguese)
Pokémon - Diamante e Pérola: Vencedores da Liga Sinnoh (Portuguese)
Pokémon - Diamond and Pearl
Pokémon - Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension
Pokémon - Diamond and Pearl: Galactic Battles
Pokémon - Diamond and Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors
Pokèmon Diamante e Perla (Italian)
Pokèmon Diamante e Perla: Battle Dimension (Italian)
Pokèmon Diamante e Perla: I Vincitori della Lega di Sinnoh (Italian)
Pokèmon Diamante e Perla: Lotte Galattiche (Italian)
Pokémon Diamante y Perla (Spanish)
Pokémon Diamante y Perla: Batallas Galácticas (Spanish)
Pokémon Diamante y Perla: Battle Dimension (Spanish)
Pokémon Diamante y Perla: Combates galácticos (Spanish)
Pokémon Diamante y Perla: Los vencedores de la Liga de Sinnoh (Spanish)
Pokemon: Diament i Perła (Polish)
Pokemon: Diament i Perła: Galaktyczne Bitwy (Polish)
Pokemon: Diament i Perła: Gwiazdy Ligi Sinnoh (Polish)
Pokemon: Diament i Perła: Wymiar Walki (Polish)
ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド&パール (Japanese)
神奇寶貝 鑽石&珍珠 (Chinese (Taiwan))
포컷몬스터DP (Korean)
Themes: monsters
Objectionable content: None
Plot Summary: Hikari is a 10 year old girl that wants to be a top coordinator just like her mother. She recieves the starting Pokemon - Pochama, after saving it from an Ariados's attack. Meanwhile, after conquering the Battle Frontier and motivated by his old rival Shigeru, Satoshi sets off to the far away land of Shin'ou. Once there, he meets Hikari and is reunited by his old friend Takeshi. Hikari - aiming to be top coordinator, and Satoshi - aiming to be a Pokemon Master and battle in the Sinnoh League, venture in the land of Shin'ou...Meeting lots of new Pocket Monsters, "Pokemon" for short, along the way.
User Ratings: 275 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 15 votes (sub:6, dub:6, ?:1, others:2
1 Dutch dubbed
1 Spanish dubbed
 Excellent: 21 votes (dub:13, sub:7, others:1
1 Portuguese dubbed
 Very good: 22 votes (dub:12, sub:7, edit.dub:2, others:1
1 Spanish edited dub
 Good: 63 votes (dub:35, sub:19, edit.dub:4, others:5
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Italian dubbed
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Korean subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
 Decent: 54 votes (dub:29, sub:15, edit.dub:3, ?:2, raw:1, others:4
1 German dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Portuguese dubbed
 So-so: 28 votes (dub:16, sub:11, edit.dub:1)
 Not really good: 25 votes (dub:16, sub:6, edit.dub:1, others:2
1 Dutch dubbed
1 Spanish dubbed
 Weak: 21 votes (dub:12, sub:5, edit.dub:1, others:3
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Italian dubbed
1 Portuguese dubbed
 Bad: 14 votes (dub:11, sub:2, others:1
1 Portuguese subtitled
 Awful: 8 votes (dub:6, sub:2)
 Worst ever: 4 votes (dub:3, sub:1)
Seen in part or in whole by 915 users, rank: #1303 (of 8971)
Median rating: Decent
Arithmetic mean: 5.887 (Decent), std. dev.: 2.3053, rank: #7069 (of 9079)
Weighted mean: 5.724 (Decent−), rank: #7392 (of 9079) (seen all: 6.49 / seen some: 5.89 / won't finish: 3.89)
Bayesian estimate: 5.804 (Decent−), rank: #6267 (of 6826)
Number of episodes: 191
Episode titles: We have 191
2006-09-28 to 2010-09-09
2007-04-20 (USA)
2007-05-05 to 2011-04-28 (Canada - YTV)
2007-09-17 (Italy, Italia 1)
2008-02-09 (Cartoon Network Latin America)
2008-02-28 (Spain - Jetix)
2008-05-01 (Netherlands - Jetix)
2008-12-01 to 2011-05-16 (Poland - Jetix Polska/Disney XD Polska)
2009-07-09 (Teleamazonas - Ecuador)
2010-04-26 (Cartoon Network Philippines)
2010-08-23 (México - Televisa Canal 5)
Opening Theme:
#01: "DP Adventure (Diamond and Pearl Theme)" by Chris "Breeze" Barczynsk (eps 2-51) 
#1: "Together" by Fumie Akiyoshi (eps 4-78)
#02: "We Will Be Heroes" by Kristen Price (eps 52-103) 
#2: "Together2008" by Fumie Akiyoshi (eps 79-95)
#03: "Battle Cry (Stand Up!) " by Erin Bowman (eps 104-155) 
#3: "Hai Taachi! (ハイタッチ!High Touch!)" by Rica Matsumoto and Megumi Toyoguchi (eps 96-133)
#04: "We Will Carry On" by Adam Elk (eps 156-189) 
#4: "Hai Taachi! 2009 (ハイタッチ!2009 High Touch! 2009)" by Rica Matsumoto and Megumi Toyoguchi (eps 134-157)
#5: "The Greatest・Everyday!" (サイコー・エブリディ!) by Fumie Akiyoshi (eps 158-182)
#6: "The Greatest - Everyday! (BAND VERSION) 「サイコー・エブリデイ!」(BAND VERSION)" by Fumie Akiyoshi (eps 183-191)
Ending Theme:
#1: "By Your Side -Hikari's Theme-" by Grin (eps 3-24)
#1: "君のそばで 〜ヒカリのテーマ〜 (Kimi no Soba de ~Hikari no Teema~)" by グリン (eps 3-24)
#2: "By Your Side -Hikari's Theme- (PopUp. Version)" by Grin (eps 25-50)
#3: "By Your Side -Hikari's Theme- (Winter Version)" by Grin (eps 51-61)
#4: "Kaze No Message" by Mai Mizuhashi (eps 62-)
#5: "Kaze no Message (PokaPoka-VERSION)" by Mai Mizuhashi (eps 74-)
#6: "Surely Tomorrow" by Kanako (eps 96-120)
#7: "Get fired up-Notched ear Pichu" by Shoko Nakagawa (eps 121-144)
#8: "Dotchi ~ Nyo?" by MooMoo Milk and Araki-san (eps 145-182)
#9: "Kimi no Mune ni LaLaLa (君の胸にLaLaLa)" by MADOKA (eps 183-191)
Insert song:
"Battle Frontier" (English) by Jason Appleton (ep 114)
"Battle Frontier" by Akina Takaya (eps 70,77,114,141)
"Boku no best friend e" by Iwasaki Hiromi (eps 74,91,119)
"By Your Side ~Hikari no Theme~" by Grin (eps 19,63,66,77,92)
"By Your Side ~Hikari no Theme~" by Megumi Toyoguchi (ep 177)
"Chiisaki Mono" by Asuca Hayashi (ep 116)
"Double Trouble" (English) by Curtis King, Sharon Bryant, Russell Velázquez and Louis Cortelezzi (ep 92)
"Hello! Thank You!" by Becky and the PokePark Kids (ep 55)
"Kaze to issho ni" by Sachiko Kobayahi (eps 73,154,190)
"Maemuki Roketto-Dan!" by Megumi Hayashibara, Shinichiro Miki, and Inuko Inuyama (eps 80,92,117)
"Mezase Pokemon Master 1998" by Rica Matsumoto (ep 47)
"Mezase Pokemon Master 2001" by Rica Matsumoto (ep 185)
"Natsuyasumi Fan Club" by Pokemon Kids (eps 39,88)
"Pokemon Ondo" by Garura Kobayashi (eps 82,141)
"Pokemon Symphonic Melody" by Hirokazu Tanaka and Kazumi Mitome (eps 29,34,35,43,51,63,66,70,74,76,79,91,94,100,106,108,114,172)
"Pokettaari Monsutaari" by KANA (eps 28,84,112)
"Ready, Go!" by Naomi Tamura (eps 27,29,163)
"Roketto-Dan yo Eien Ni" by Megumi Hayashibara, Shinichiro Miki, and Inuko Inuyama (ep 92)
"Saikyou Everyday" by Fumie Akiyoshi (ep 179)
"Sora ga Soko Ni Aru Kara" by Toshiko Ezaki (eps 44,100)
"SPURT!" by Rica Matsumoto (ep 23)
"Takeshi's Paradise" by Yuji Ueda (ep 87)
"Together" by Fumie Akiyoshi (eps 18,42,66) 
"Together2007" by Fumie Akiyoshi (ep 191)
"Together2008" by Fumie Akiyoshi (ep 121) 
"Type: Wild" by Rica Matsumoto (eps 68,188)
"Watashi, makenai! ~Haruka no Theme~" by KAORI (ep 77)
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DVD (Region 1)
    Pokémon - Pikachu & Friends (Dub.DVD) 2021-06-01 (from $6.99)
    Pokémon - Pikachu & Friends Starring Eevee (Dub.DVD) 2022-09-20 (from $9.96)
    Pokémon - Winter Celebration (Dub.DVD) 2022-10-18 (from $11.98)
    Pokémon DP: Battle Dimension - The Complete Season (Dub.DVD) 2020-01-07 (from $28.49)
    Pokémon DP: Battle Dimension (Dub.DVD 1) 2009-06-23 (from $6.90)
    Pokémon DP: Battle Dimension (Dub.DVD 2) 2009-06-23 (from $7.96)
    Pokémon DP: Battle Dimension (Dub.DVD 3) 2009-08-25 (from $4.99)
    Pokémon DP: Battle Dimension (Dub.DVD 4) 2009-08-25 (from $4.00)
    Pokémon DP: Battle Dimension (Dub.DVD 5) 2009-10-27 (from $10.36)
    Pokémon DP: Battle Dimension (Dub.DVD 6) 2009-10-27 (from $3.74)
    Pokémon DP: Battle Dimension - Box Set 1 (Dub.DVD 1-2) 2009-06-23 (from $9.99)
    Pokémon DP: Battle Dimension - Box Set 2 (Dub.DVD 3-4) 2009-08-25 (from $9.99)
    Pokémon DP: Battle Dimension - Box Set 3 (Dub.DVD 5-6) 2009-10-27 (from $9.99)
    Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles - The Complete Season (Dub.DVD) 2020-08-18 (from $29.99)
    Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles (Dub.DVD 1) 2011-03-15 (from $9.99)
    Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles (Dub.DVD 2) 2011-03-15 (from $8.49)
    Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles (Dub.DVD 3) 2011-05-10 (from $7.99)
    Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles (Dub.DVD 4) 2011-05-10 (from $2.64)
    Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles (Dub.DVD 5) 2011-08-30 (from $9.99)
    Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles (Dub.DVD 6) 2011-08-30 (from $8.49)
    Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles (Dub.DVD 7) 2011-11-22 (from $9.39)
    Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles (Dub.DVD 8) 2011-11-22 (from $9.49)
    Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles - Box Set 1 (Dub.DVD 1-2) 2011-03-15 (from $9.99)
    Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles - Box Set 2 (Dub.DVD 3-4) 2011-05-10 (from $3.72)
    Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles - Box Set 3 (Dub.DVD 5-6) 2011-08-30 (from $19.99)
    Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles - Box Set 4 (Dub.DVD 7-8) 2011-11-22 (from $59.00)
    Pokémon DP: Sinnoh League Victors - The Complete Season (Dub.DVD) 2021-02-23 (from $27.10)
    Pokémon DP: Sinnoh League Victors - Set 1 (Dub.DVD 1-2) 2012-02-28 (from $6.49)
    Pokémon DP: Sinnoh League Victors - Set 2 (Dub.DVD 3-4) 2012-05-01 (from $9.99)
    Pokémon DP: Sinnoh League Victors - Set 3 (Dub.DVD 5-6) 2012-09-04 (from $9.99)
    Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl - The Complete Season (Dub.DVD) 2019-07-30 (from $29.78)
    Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl (Dub.DVD 1) 2008-09-16 (from $2.26)
    Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl (Dub.DVD 2) 2008-09-16 (from $2.99)
    Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl (Dub.DVD 3) 2008-11-04 (from $7.20)
    Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl (Dub.DVD 4) 2008-11-04 (from $17.94)
    Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl (Dub.DVD 5) 2009-03-17 (from $8.72)
    Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl (Dub.DVD 6) 2009-03-17 (from $3.28)
    Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl - Box Set 1 (Dub.DVD 1-2) 2008-09-16 (from $9.90)
    Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl - Box Set 2 (Dub.DVD 3-4) 2008-11-04 (from $9.99)
    Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl - Box Set 3 (Dub.DVD 5-6) 2009-03-17 (from $9.99)
DVD (Region 4)
    Pokémon - Seasons 1-20: Ultra Collection (Dub.DVD) 2015-11-11
    Pokémon - Seasons 1-19 [Deluxe Edition] (Dub.DVD) 2017-11-01
    Pokémon - Seasons 1-21: Mega Collection (Dub.DVD) 2019-11-15
    Pokémon - Heritage Collection (Dub.DVD 2) 2015-11-11

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Chief Director: Kunihiko Yuyama
Norihiko Sudo
Sada Natori (2-Hour Special Staff)
Yuji Asada (eps 171-191)
Series Composition: Atsuhiro Tomioka
Character Design: Toshiya Yamada
Art Director: Katsuyoshi Kanemura
Chief Animation Director:
Toshihito Hirooka (assistant)
Toshiya Yamada
Sound Director: Masafumi Mima
Director of Photography: Hisao Shirai
Ryō Sasaki (TV Tokyo; eps 87-191)
Shigehiro Tanaka (Medianet; 87-191)
Susumu Matsuyama (TV Tokyo;; eps 1-86)
Takashi Harada (eps 1-86)
Takemoto Mori

2nd Key Animation: Miyuki Mochizuki
AD: Mika Katayama (2-Hour Special Staff)
Animation producer: Shukichi Kanda
Animation Supervisor: Yôichi Kotabe
Assistant Animation Director: Yayoi Kamigaki
Assistant producer:
Takurō Muratsubaki
Tsuyoshi Fukuda
Yū Deoka (1-Hour Special Staff)
Yuko Shimamura (1-Hour Special Staff)
Associate producer: Choji Yoshikawa
Background Art:
Akie Nagata (Studio Jack)
Ayano Furuta (Studio Jack)
Chizuru Sakata (Studio Jack)
Masaki Mayuzumi (Studio Jack)
Masatoshi Muto (Studio Jack)
Mayumi Usuda (Studio Jack)
Tsuyoshi Watanabe (Studio Jack)
Yukari Ogawa (Studio Jack)
Yumiko Noguchi (Studio Jack)
Yun Mo Lee (Studio Jack)
Editing: Toshio Henmi
Editing Assistant: Jin Nogawa (Jay Film)
Executive Director: Kunihiko Yuyama
Finish Animation:
Aiko Mizuno (Albion)
Aiko Suzuki (Studio L)
Atsuko Fujiwara (Studio L)
Aya Ōnaga
Ayako Kurome (Studio L)
Chiaki Numata (Studio L)
Daiki Hayashi (Studio L)
Jun Ono (Studio L)
Junko Maeda
Kaoru Ohta (Studio L)
Kayo Oshima
Kazumi Katagiri
Kazuomi Koga
Kyoko Ishida (Studio L)
Mai Kuroki (Studio L)
Maki Kokubo (Studio L)
Makiko Hira (Studio L)
Makoto Tsumashika (Studio L)
Masao Ōba (Studio L)
Michiko Kado (Studio L)
Mika Kinoshita (Studio L)
Mika Tanba (Studio L)
Miki Itou (Studio L)
Mitsugu Takahashi (Studio L)
Nagisa Sunagawa (Studio L)
Naoko Komatsu (Studio L)
Risa Mimura (Studio L)
Ryōko Fujisawa (Studio L)
Ryōma Kotaki (Studio L)
Satomi Yoshida (Studio L)
Sayaka Nakagawa (Studio L)
Tatsuo Ueno (Studio L)
Tatsuro Yamaji (Fan Out)
Teppei Miyazaki (Fan Out)
Tomomi Edano
Tomomi Ishihara (Albion)
Yoshiyuki Ōta (Studio L)
Youko Tomaru (Studio L)
Yui Kozawa (Fan Out)
Yuki Shimizu (Studio L)
Yukie Imamura (Studio L)
Yusuke Okubo (Studio L)
Yūsuke Watanabe (Studio L)
Yuuko Satou (Albion)
Yuuya Igarashi (Studio L)
Insert Song Arrangement: Kazuya Nishioka (ep 77)
Insert Song Composition: Kazuya Nishioka (ep 77)
Insert Song Lyrics: Choji Yoshikawa (ep 77)
Insert Song Performance: KAORI. (ep 77)
Key Animation:
Akihide Miya
Akihide Saitō
Akihiro Tamagawa
Akihito Aoki (Media Crew Japan)
Akiko Tanada
Akira Kinshō
Akira Watabe
Anna Yamaguchi (Studio Graffiti)
Asami Moriya (Noside)
Atsushi Ogata
Ayako Kanemaru (Studio Graffiti)
Ayako Karatani
Ayumi Ōkubo
Ayumi Ono
Chie Yoshimoto (Noside)
Daisuke Kurose
Daisuke Sakō (Trans Arts)
Eigo Nomura (Noside)
Eiichi Takahashi
Erika Arakawa (Studio Graffiti)
Eriko Itō (Trans Arts; ep 179)
Fusayo Ootani (Märchen-Sha)
Gen Sato
Hajime Yoshida (Seven)
Hideki Shibuya
Hime Kanenobu (Trans Arts)
Hiroki Kusuda
Hiroki Tsuge
Hiromi Funatsu
Hiromi Ishigami (Studio Graffiti)
Hiromi Kawamoto
Hiromi Naganawa
Hiroshi Kajiyama (AIC)
Hiroyuki Furukawa
Hiroyuki Hojo (Trans Arts)
Hisashi Samejima
Hitoshi Nagai (Studio Graffiti)
Ichiro Hattori
Isamu Suzuki (AIC)
Kahoru Hirata
Kanayo Nakanishi
Kantaro Suzuki (Trans Arts)
Kaori Higuchi
Kaori Miyagawa
Kaori Miyata
Kazue Kinoshita
Kazuhiko Ishii
Kazuko Nakayama
Kazumasa Takeuchi (Seven)
Kazuo Kawano (Studio Victory)
Kei Hyoudou
Keiko Shimizu
Keizo Nakamura
Kiyomi Komatsubara
Kiyomi Masuda (Studio Graffiti)
Koichi Nakaya
Kōichi Taguchi
Kōichirō Kawano (Seven)
Kouji Kawaguchi (Märchen-Sha)
Kozue Shimomura (Märchen-Sha)
Kumiko Kitano
Kunihiko Natsume
Kuniko Hamano
Lily Ma
Madoka Nakazawa (Studio Graffiti)
Maiko Kubota
Makoto Arashiro
Mariko Sofue
Masaaki Iwane
Masami Yamauchi (Trans Arts)
Masanobu Fujioka
Masato Numazu (Trans Arts)
Masatoshi Fukuyama
Masatsugu Takeda
Masayo Matsumoto
Mayumi Funakoshi
Mayumi Hidaka
Megumi Satou
Michiko Notsu (Märchen-Sha)
Miho Kawasaki
Mika Nakajima (Studio Graffiti)
Miki Komuro (Trans Arts)
Mitsuko Moriyama
Miwako Shibata
Miyo Ōno
Miyoko Shikibe
Miyuki Moroishi (AIC)
Mizuho Tajima
Naomi Okita
Narumi Takahashi (Trans Arts)
Natsuki Inoue (Studio Graffiti)
Natsumi Okada
Noriko Itou
Noriko Shibata
Osamu Nuita
Reiko Fujita
Rie Aoki (Studio Graffiti)
Rie Ishigami
Risa Suzuki (Studio Live)
Sae Ōba
Sai Kaneyō (Trans Arts)
Saiji Kawanishi (Seven)
Satoru Yamashita
Satoshi Nagura
Seiji Okada (Märchen-Sha)
Shigeki Awai
Shigenobu Nagasaki
Shiho Tanaka (Studio Graffiti)
Shinichi Iimura
Shino Ikeda (Märchen-Sha; eps 178, 186)
Shinpei Nagai
Shinya Yamada
Taeko Oda (4 episodes
eps 150, 161, 181, 190

Takahiro Kuroishi
Takashi Koizumi
Takashi Tanazawa
Takeshi Miyamoto
Taketomo Ishikawa
Takurō Suzuki
Tatsuya Annoura
Tomoko Mori (Studio Live)
Tomoyo Sawada
Tomoyoshi Ōno
Toshihiro Irie (Studio Graffiti)
Toshihito Hirooka
Toshiko Nakaya
Tsunenaka Nozaki
Tsuyoshi Moride
Tsuyoshi Yoshinaga
Yasue Ohno (Studio MAT)
Yasuhiro Fujita
Yasuko Miyazaki
Yōko Iizuka
Yoko Takanori
Yoshie Kimoto
Yoshikatsu Matsuzaki (Studio Graffiti)
Yoshio Chizaki
Yoshitaka Katō
Yūichi Karasawa (Studio Live)
Yuka Koichi (Studio Graffiti)
Yuka Kuroda (AIC)
Yukari Watabe
Yūkei Yamada (AIC)
Yuki Kaya (AIC)
Yuki Koike (Studio Graffiti)
Yuki Morikawa (Noside)
Yuki Naoi
Yukie Sasaki (Studio Graffiti)
Yukihiro Kitano
Yukio Ebisawa (Studio Live)
Yūsuke Shigemura
Yutaka Araki
Yuuta Takanami
Atsushi Oishi (1-Hour Special Staff)
Kiyoshi Watanabe (1-Hour Special Staff)
Ryosuke Maruhashi (1 Hour Special Staff)
Tomonari Wakayama
Banzomon Hattori (1-Hour Special Staff)
Kenji Sato (2-Hour Special Staff)
OP/ED Animation: Yuji Asada
Original Score (partial):
Go Ichinose
Hitomi Satō
Morikazu Aoki (eps 1-193)
Hiroyuki Jinnai (ep 1)
Kenjiro Itou (eps 2-162)
Masakazu Kubo
Susumu Fukunaga (eps 163-191)
Production manager:
Hiroyuki Kato (eps 164-191)
Noriaki Iguchi (eps 1-136)
Machiko Ishii (TV Tokyo)
Yosuke Aoki (TV Tokyo)
Sound Editor: Ryoko Nashimoto
Sound Effects: Taketaro Akiyama
Sound Effects Engineer: Daisuke Jinbo
Sound Mixing: Nobuhira Hirano
Sound Production Desk: Akiko Nakamura
Supervision: Tsunekazu Ishihara
Ikue Ōtani as Pikachu
Megumi Toyoguchi as Hikari
Rica Matsumoto as Satoshi
Yūji Ueda as Takeshi

Chinami Nishimura as
Hikari's Pachirisu
Daisuke Sakaguchi as Takeshi's Sudowoodo
Etsuko Kozakura as Hikari's Pocchama
Iemasa Kayumi as Nanakamado-Hakase
Ikue Ōtani as Kojirou's Manene
Inuko Inuyama as Nyarth
Katsuyuki Konishi as Takeshi's Gregguru
Kiyotaka Furushima as
Satoshi's Mukubird
Megumi Hayashibara as
Satoshi's Hikozaru
Miyako Itō as Hikari's Eipam
Risa Hayamizu as Nozomi
Satsuki Yukino as
Hikari's Mimiroll (eps 103-191)
Pokémon Zukan (eps 102-191)
Shinichiro Miki as
Satoshi's Naetoru
Tomoko Kawakami as
Hikari's Mimiroll (Mimiroru)
Pokémon Zukan
Unshō Ishizuka as
Yūji Ueda as Musashi's Sonansu

Ai Satou as Dr. Karashina (4 episodes
eps 96-97, 111, 151
Akemi Okamura as Saturn (4 episodes
eps 36, 60, 96-97
Akeno Watanabe as Yumomi (ep 63)
Akiko Kimura as Minae (ep 8)
Akio Suyama as Shou
Arisa Ogasawara as
Honoka (eps 50-52)
Noa (ep 138)
Atsuko Enomoto as Hinata (eps 71-72)
Aya Endo as Sumomo (eps 66-69)
Ayahi Takagaki as Chinatsu (ep 76)
Ayako Kawasumi as Urara (ep 114)
Chie Satou as
Hikari's Eteboth
Musashi's Habunake
Chieko Honda as Natane
Chika Fujimura as
Freesia (ep 171)
Konoha (ep 134)
Chikara Oosaka as
Elite Trainer (ep 50)
Nanakamado's Assistant (ep 1)
Chinami Nishimura as
Isana (ep 8)
Jupiter (ep 97)
Musashi's Dokukeiru
Ryō (child; ep 99)
Chiwa Saito as Taisei (ep 080)
Daisuke Hirakawa as Ō (ep 124)
Daisuke Namikawa as Goyou (ep 35)
Daisuke Sakaguchi as
Denzi (child; ep 165)
Hajime (eps 71-72)
Kojirou's Masukippa
Gô Shinomiya as Kazunari's Father (eps 143, 147)
Hidenobu Kiuchi as Kenzō
Hirofumi Nojima as
Denzi (3 episodes
eps 165-166, 179

Kaito (ep 78)
Hiroki Takahashi as Takuto
Hitomi Nabatame as Paris (ep 86)
Houko Kuwashima as Yukari (ep 13)
Ichirō Nagai as Dr. Nanba (ep 65)
Ikue Ōtani as Togepi (ep 142)
Ito Sakata as Fuwante C (ep 28)
Jouji Nakata as Matthew (ep 59)
Junko Ueda as Fuwante B (ep 28)
Kana Uetake as Maria (ep 20)
Kaori Nazuka as Ishizu (ep 57)
Kaori Suzuki as Haruka (eps 75-79)
Katsuhisa Houki as Mitsuzō (ep 154)
Katsuyuki Konishi as Kojirou's Sabonea
Kazuki Yao as Tougan
Kazuko Sugiyama as Obaba (ep 56)
Kazuya Nakai as Naoshi
Ken Miyake as Teruhiro's father 
Kenichi Ogata as Pluto
Kenji Nojima as Kazunari (eps 143-147)
Kenji Takahashi as Chiaki (ep 76)
Kensho Ono as Ryō (eps 99-100)
Kenta Miyake as
Enta (eps 50-52, 86)
Kikuko Inoue as
Hikari's Togekiss
Joi (25-50/Temporary)
Melissa (7 episodes
eps 93, 101-102, 174-177
Kiyomi Asai as Matori (ep 191)
Kiyotaka Furushima as Hikari's Buizel
Kouzou Douzaka as Giant (ep 50)
Kouzou Mito as
Kōhei (11 episodes
eps 50-52, 88-91, 182-185

Sōtarō (eps 128-129)
Kumiko Itou as Fuwante 1 (ep 28)
Mai Goto as Maririn
Makoto Ishii as
Musashi's Boyfriend (ep 73)
Taiki (ep 73)
Makoto Tsumura as Ayako
Mamiko Noto as Sayaka François Joy (ep 28)
Maria Kawamura as Momi (eps 30-32)
Masahiko Tanaka as Iwao
Masaki Terasoma as
Cilent (eps 71-72)
Masako Joh as Lisyan
Masako Katsuki as Yamato (ep 65)
Masami Toyoshima as Hanako (eps 3, 138)
Masataka Azuma as Hyouta
Megumi Nakajima as Kotone (eps 143-147)
Miho Hino as Aoi
Mika Kanai as Phione (ep 113)
Mitsuaki Madono as Yuusuke (ep 42)
Miyako Itō as
Mikoto (eps 128-129)
Takeshi's Lucky
Takeshi's Pinpuku
Miyoko Shoji as Yukino (ep 5)
Miyuki Kawasho as Ltyl (ep 148)
Miyuki Sawashiro as Mai (ep 168)
Natsuko Kuwatani as Haru (ep 62)
Nobuyuki Hiyama as Kurotsugu (eps 140-141)
Noriko Shitaya as Suzuna
Rie Kugimiya as Teruhiro
Rie Tanaka as Mars (eps 96-97)
Rina Satou as Natsu (ep 62)
Risa Hayamizu as
Yōko (ep 37)
Ryoka Yuzuki as Shizue (ep 70)
Ryoko Shintani as Chōko (ep 86)
Sachiko Kojima as Otone (ep 21)
Satomi Arai as Miru (ep 47)
Satomi Koorogi as Shigeru's Blacky (ep 45)
Satsuki Yukino as
Hyouta (young; ep 107)
Momoan (eps 106-177)
Teacher (ep 121)
Sayuri as Hoshino (ep 86)
Sayuri Yahagi as Aki (ep 62)
Shinichiro Miki as Denryu (ep 28)
Tadashi Miyazawa as Village headman (ep 22)
Takako Honda as Pokemon Hunter J
Takehito Koyasu as Kosaburou (ep 65)
Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Jun (ep 101)
Tatsuya Hasome as Natsuya (ep 169)
Tetsuya Kakihara as Reiji
Tomo Sakurai as Shirona
Tomoko Kawakami as
Aoi's mother (ep 98)
Beadull (ep 57)
Joi's Lucky (ep 38)
Mitsuki (ep 90)
Momoan (eps 1-95)
Yumomi's mother (ep 63)
Tooru Nara as Ōba (4 episodes
eps 165-166, 179-180
Toshiyuki Morikawa as Mikuri
Tsugumi Higasayama as Mai François Joy (ep 28)
Yoshinori Sonobe as Sukizo
Youhei Nishina as Researcher (ep 50)
Yū Kobayashi as Hatsune (ep 21)
Yū Mizushima as Gen (eps 110-111)
Yuka Nishigaki as Mytyl (ep 148)
Yūko Kobayashi as Shigeru
Yūko Mita as Kengo
Yuko Sanpei as Takumi (ep 167)
Yumi Kakazu as
Mikan (ep 180)
Princess Salvia (ep 171)
Yumi Touma as Yuri (ep 95)
Yuuki Mitsugi as Mayo (ep 154)
Japanese companies
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Emily Bauer as Dawn
Ikue Ōtani as Pikachu
Jimmy Zoppi as
Michele Knotz as Jessie
Sarah Natochenny as Ash Ketchum

Bella Hudson as
Kenny (eps 174-191)
Rhonda (eps 174-191)
Bill Rogers as
Craig Blair as
Mr. Contesta (eps 1-155)
Mr. Sukizo (eps 1-155)
Emily Williams as Zoey
Katsuyuki Konishi as Ash's Gligar (eps 532-553)
Kayzie Rogers as
Mime Jr.
Kiyotaka Furushima as Buizel
Marc Thompson as Ash's Gliscor
Mike Pollock as Mr. Contesta (eps 161-191)
Rhonda Krempa as Rhonda (eps 33-155)
Sarah Natochenny as
Ash's Staraptor
Ash's Staravia
Ash's Starly
Dawn's Bunneary
Rhonda (ep 29)
Sean Reyes as Professor Rowan

Alexander Tolmachyov as Male Campers (eps 88-90)
Amy Palant as
Maya (ep 154)
Summer (ep 62)
Verona (ep 134)
Angora Deb as
Hermione (credited as Miss Peep; ep 86)
Noelle (ep 138)
Annie Silver as
Clara (ep 5)
Old Woman (ep 25)
Oralie (ep 21)
Annika Werenko as Chrissy (Croagunk; ep 82)
Armen Mazlumian as
Policemen (ep 36)
Sinnoh Now Crew (ep 44)
Bella Hudson as
Fantina's Drifblim (eps 93, 102)
Froslass (ep 116)
Isis (ep 57)
Kylie (ep 76)
Marilyn (ep 125)
Paris (ep 86)
Princess Salvia (ep 171)
Steveland (ep 118)
Bill Rogers as
Bidoof (male; ep 23)
Corphish (ep 112)
Electrike (ep 42)
J's Henchmen (eps 20, 45)
Kendall (ep 90)
Lombre (ep 139)
Lotad (ep 25)
Paul's Honchkrow
Pokédex (Khoury's; ep 145)
Politoed (ep 139)
Referee (ep 43)
Riley's Lucario (eps 110-111)
Salvia's Butler
Bill Tost as
Benjamin (ep 144)
Sebastian (ep 153)
Billy Beach as
Butch (ep 65)
Carny (ep 82)
Corphish (ep 147)
Dr. Namba (ep 65)
Dustox (Austin's; ep 73)
Grimer (ep 88)
Waiter (ep 43)
Billy Regan as
Conway (11 episodes
eps 50-52, 88-91, 182-185

Dr. Kenzo (eps 16-17)
Izzy (eps 138-141)
Nando (8 episodes
eps 4, 36, 49, 174-177, 183
Bob Senkewicz as Proprietor (eps 165-166)
Brian O'Halloran as Ship Captain (ep 112)
Bryan Tyler as Buck
Carmen Borgia as Palmer (eps 140-141)
Carolyn Says as Theresa (ep 24)
Chris Niosi as Khoury
Clyde Hunter as
Magikarp Salesman (ep 21)
Mr. Cheeves (ep 2)
Pokétch Co. President (ep 10)
Rowan's Assistant A (brown hair; ep 1)
Scientist (unknown episode)
Craig Blair as
Giovanni (eps 2-43)
J's Henchmen (eps 20, 45)
Producer (ep 43)
Crystal Lonnquist as Girl 2 (ep 167)
Dan Green as
Goldeen Scoop Master (ep 140)
Dani Marcus as Marley (ep 168)
David Lapkin as Lucian
Ed Paul as
Captain (ep 190)
Coordinator (ep 78)
Daniel (ep 160)
Giovanni (eps 80-191)
Limo Driver (ep 139)
Male Spectator (ep 140)
Roman (ep 76)
Thieves (ep 115)
Eileen Stevens as
Jupiter (ep 97)
Lulu (ep 137)
Lyra (eps 143-147)
Spring (ep 62)
Eli James as Volkner
Emily Bauer as Cynthia
Emily Jenness as
Brock's Happiny
Dawn's Ambipom
Emily Williams as
Cassidy (ep 65)
Claudina (ep 2)
Officer Jenny
Old Woman (ep 56)
Eric Stuart as
Cubone (archive; ep 49)
Feraligatr (archive; ep 41)
Gastly (archive; eps 4, 28)
Machoke (archive; ep 15)
Marowak (archive; ep 49)
Sandshrew (archive; ep 47)
Scizor (archive; ep 35)
Eva Christensen as Mitchell (as Helena Christiansen; ep 148)
Evelyn Lantto as
Leona (ep 63)
Maria (eps 128-129)
Georgette Reilly as Cara (eps 138-141)
Greg Abbey as
Khoury's Father (ep 143)
Leona's Father (ep 63)
Henry Wayland as Boy (ep 143)
Herb Lawrence as
Connally (eps 66-68)
Hippowdon (ep 65)
Matthew (ep 59)
Shuckle (Butch's; ep 65)
Hilary Thomas as
Carolina's Aide (ep 111)
Paige Francis Lynnelle Joy (ep 28) 
J. Michael Tatum as Tobias (ep 189)
Jamie McGonnigal as
Hiker (ep 117)
Kyle (eps 78-80)
Jason Griffith as
Looker (5 episodes
eps 130, 136, 150-152

O (ep 124)
Jennifer Visali as Paige Frances Lynnelle Joy (ep 28)
Jessica Wachsman as Reporter (ep 21)
Jimmy Zoppi as
Gary Oak (4 episodes
eps 45, 85, 151-152

Paul's Torterra
Professor Samuel Oak
John Anello as Male Galactic Grunt (ep 36)
John Hershberger as Bodyguards (ep 153)
Julia Tolmachyov as Female Campers (eps 88-90)
Julián Rebolledo as
Researcher (ep 17)
Rowan's Assistant B (green hair; ep 1)
Kayzie Rogers as
Angie's Mother (ep 98)
Announcer (ep 124)
Leona's Mother (ep 63)
Pelipper (ep 78)
Poliwag (ep 147)
Spoink (ep 91)
Kenta Miyake as Elekid
Kether Donohue as
Autumn (ep 62)
Lila (young; ep 95)
Khristine Hvam as
Francesca (ep 70)
Rhyanna (ep 148)
Lara Starr Rigores as
Lipica Shah as Cocoa (ep 86)
Lisa Ortiz as
Female Spectator (ep 140)
Mars (7 episodes
eps 96-97, 110-111, 150-152

Monica (ep 84)
Narissa (ep 173)
Teddiursa (ep 143)
Lucien Dodge as Thomas (ep 167)
Maddie Blaustein as Abra (archive; ep 47)
Marc Diraison as
Clayton (ep 159)
Riley (eps 110-111)
Marc Thompson as
Angie's Father (ep 98)
Chef (ep 76)
James' Father (ep 153)
Massage Man (ep 68)
Mitchell (ep 90)
Trainer (ep 139)
Marie Anello as Female Galactic Grunt (ep 36)
Mary Murphy as Minnie (ep 8)
Mary O'Brady as Bertha
Meghan McCracken as
Marble (ep 59)
Nathaniel (ep 138)
Melissa Hope as Ursula (eps 174-175) 
Melissa Schoenberg as Ursula (5 episodes
eps 114, 161-162, 174-175
Michael Haigney as
Blastoise (archive; ep 45)
Geodude (archive; eps 5, 15, 18)
Michael Alston Baley as Crasher Wake
Michele Knotz as
Abigail (ep 24)
Bidoof (female)
Ghost Girl (ep 90)
Gorebyss (ep 89)
Jessebelle (ep 153)
Landis (ep 10)
Mime Jr. (stand-in; eps 2-52)
Nurse Joy
Sneasel (ep 27)
Spinarak (ep 153)
Squirtle (ep 149)
Mike Pollock as
Charon (4 episodes
eps 136, 145-147

Chief of Police (ep 115)
Noodle Maker (ep 117)
Sayer (eps 138-141)
Miyako Itō as Aipom
N. Ronald Levine as
McCann (ep 154)
Mr. Backlot (ep 84)
Riolu's Trainer (eps 71-72)
Parker Anderson as
Azure (ep 135)
Crispin (ep 158)
Rachael Lillis as
Jessie's Friends (ep 73)
Maylene (eps 66-69)
Rachael S. Stern as Crimson (ep 135)
Rebecca Soler as
Mamie (ep 178)
Professor Carolina
Rebecca (ep 155)
Teacher (ep 121)
Rena S. Mandel as Mira (ep 47)
Rhonda Krempa as
Kenny (7 episodes
eps 26-27, 60-61, 122-123, 161

Melodi (ep 20)
Ranger Solana (eps 71-72)
Rosebay (ep 13)
Rich McNanna as
Jaco (ep 42)
Samuel (eps 128-129)
Yuzo (7 episodes
eps 1, 88-91, 111, 151
Rodger Parsons as
Announcer (ep 43)
J's Client (ep 45)
Sarah Natochenny as
Chansey (ep 16)
Cheryl (eps 30-32)
Delia Ketchum (eps 3, 138)
Holly (eps 50-52)
Lila (ep 95)
Ryan (ep 29)
Scottie Ray as J's Client (eps 71-72)
Sean Reyes as
Astin (ep 73)
Bodyguards (ep 153)
Ian (eps 15-18)
Karsten (ep 28)
Professor (ep 21)
Taylor (ep 118)
Village Chief (ep 22)
Sean Schemmel as
Alan (ep 58)
Christopher (ep 117)
Shannon Conley as Wilma (as Ursula Conlon; ep 156)
Sonny Dey as
Marnie Francis Lynnette Joy (ep 28)
Pokémon Hunter J (7 episodes
eps 20, 45, 71-72, 129, 150-151
Stacia Newcomb as
Forsythia (ep 25)
Haley (ep 21)
Suzy Myers as Normajean (ep 190)
Tara Sands as Oddish (archive; ep 5)
Tim Werenko as
Provo (ep 118)
Sinnoh Now Crew (ep 75)
Tom Wayland as
Bully (ep 63)
Galactic Grunt (ep 136)
Growlithe (Growlie; ep 153)
Halverson (ep 124)
Hippowdon (Bertha's; ep 170)
Mario (ep 146)
Mr. Sukizo (eps 161-191)
Sho (ep 74)
Shuckle (Conway's; ep 185)
Slowbro Mech (ep 65)
Wilkinson (ep 124)
Wayne Grayson as Austin (ep 73)
Zoe Martin as
Roark (young; ep 107)
Tyler (ep 80)

Brian O'Halloran (ep 113)
Carmen Borgia (eps 71-72, 76)
Craig Blair (ep 115)
Emily Williams (ep 40)
Jamie McGonnigal (ep 115)
Lisa Ortiz (eps 135, 139)
Marc Thompson (7 episodes
eps 71-72, 115, 117, 135, 139, 141
Michael Palan (eps 71-72)
Parker Anderson (ep 76)
Rhonda Krempa (ep 40)
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Wayne Grayson (eps 71-72)
English companies
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Fabienne Loriaux as
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Léon (ep 167)
Mitchell (ep 90)
Nathaniel (ep 138)
Paul (First Voice)
Roman (ep 76)
Sho (ep 74)
Alexandra Correa as Aurore
Alexandre Crépet as
Arbitre de la Ligue Sinnoh (eps 183-189)
Capitaine (ep 190)
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Célesta (eps 143-147)
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M. Sukizo
Tailleur de pierre (ep 57)
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Isis (eps 138-141)
Père de Corentin (eps 143, 147)
Sébastien (ep 153)
Carole Baillien as Gilles (First voice)
Catherine Conet as
Animatrice des concours
Jessiebelle (eps 2, 153)
Mère de Sacha
Cathy Boquet as
Sara (eps 30-32)
Viviane (ep 168)
Cécile Florin as
Lila (ep 95)
Mélodie (ep 20)
Nastasia (ep 173)
Rosanna (ep 148)
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Colette Sodoyez as Professeur Carolina
Coralie Vanderlinden as Forsythia (ep 25)
Daniel Nicodème as
Dresseur de Coudlangue (ep 98)
Dresseur de Démanta (ep 39)
Eleveur de Riolu (eps 71-72)
Hélio (voix 1)
Hôte (ep 43)
Lovis le Teigneux (eps 82-83)
M. Backlot (ep 84)
Maire (ep 57)
Matthieu (ep 59)
Narrateur (voix 1; eps 1-104)
Père de Léona (ep 63)
Vieux pêcheur (ep 98)
David Macaluso as Pierrick (Champion Carbourg)
Délphine Chauvier as
Commentatrice du Pokéathlon (ep 160)
Delia Ketchum (ep 3)
Dresseur de Goélise (ep 118)
Jeffrey (ep 8)
Léona (eps 63, 161)
Minnie (ep 8)
Delphine Moriau as
Kiméra , Cinthya (first voice)
Yoko (ep 37)
Dominique Wagner as Haley (ep 21)
Elisabeth Guinand as
Fantôme de la jeune fille (ep 90)
Paris (ep 86)
Fabienne Loriaux as
Abigail (ep 24)
Claudina (ep 2)
Gilles enfant (ep 161)
Institutrice (ep 121)
Maria (eps 128-129)
Mariane Meridian (voix 2)
Matori (ep 191)
Mère d'Angie (ep 98)
Mère de James (ep 153)
Solana (eps 71-72)
Frederic Clou as
Clown (ep 140)
Contrôleur (ep 130)
Employé de l'arène de Joliberges (eps 107-108)
Kendall (ep 90)
Frédéric Meaux as
Primo (eps 71-72)
Gaëtan Wenders as Butch (ep 65)
Gauthier De Fauconval as Paul , Saturne
Géraldine Frippiat as
Angie (eps 88-91, 98)
Miss.Mars (Champion Carbourg)
Gregory Praet as
Alan (ep 58)
Astin (ep 73)
Austin (ep 73)
Edouard (Samuel; eps 128-129)
Gilles (Second voice)
Jean (ep 170)
Olivier (eps 131-132)
Guylaine Gibert as
Jupiter (voix 1; ep 97)
Landis (ep 10)
Mariane Meridian (voix 1)
Mère de Léona (ep 63)
Officier Jenny
Tyler (ep 80)
Ioanna Gkizas as
Francesca (ep 70)
Hamilton (ep 82)
Hermione (ep 86)
Julie (ep 28)
Kyle (eps 77-78)
Kylie (ep 76)
Marilyne (ep 125)
Ryan (ep 29)
Selma (eps 183-184)
Jean-Marc Delhausse as
Benjamin (ep 144)
Chef de la Police (ep 115)
Client de J (eps 71-72)
Conducteur du train (ep 130)
Connally (eps 66-68)
Contremaître (ep 57)
Dr. Kenzo (eps 16-17)
Giovanni (remplacement; eps 2, 43, 80)
Hélio (voix 2)
M. Contesta
Père d'Angie (ep 98)
Père de James (ep 153)
Père de Landis (ep 10)
Professeur Chen
Provo (ep 118)
Vendeur de Magicarpe (ep 21)
Jean-Michel Vovk as
M. Georges (eps 138-141)
Professeur Kodama (ep 149)
Jean-Paul Landresse as Majordome de Salvia (ep 171)
Jean-Pierre Denuit as Sammy (ep 160)
Julie Basecqz as
Agent Jenny (voix 2)
Bryan (ep 29)
Fo (Championne Vestigion)
Institutrice (ep 161)
Magalie (ep 28)
Maïté (ep 47)
Noëlle (ep 138)
Steveland (ep 118)
Laetitia Liénart as Amandine (ep 190)
Laurent Vernin as Enta (ep 86)
Lionel Bourguet as
Cal (ep 42)
M. McCan (ep 154)
Producteur TV (ep 43)
Régis (4 episodes
eps 45, 85, 151-152
Maia Baran as
Amélie (ep 135)
Flora (eps 76-79)
Gladys (Championne Frimapic)
Lulu (ep 137)
Marie Van Ermengem as
Cassidy (ep 65)
Jupiter (eps 150-152)
Marie-Noelle Hébrant as Doyenne (ep 56)
Marielle Ostrowski as Jay (Chasseur Pokemon)
Mathieu Moreau as
Bernard (eps 110-111)
Christian (ep 135)
Reggie (remplacement; ep 69)
Yuzo (voix 2; eps 88-91)
Maxime Donnay as
Jean (ep 118)
O (ep 124)
Mélanie Dermont as
Theresa (ep 24)
Vera (ep 134)
Michel Hinderyckx as
Braconnier (ep 116)
M. Honcho (eps 126-127)
Maître Pêcheur de Poissirène (ep 140)
Narrateur (voix 2; eps 105-191)
Ouvrier (ep 105)
Nathalie Hons as
Cara (eps 138-141)
Freesia (ep 171)
Pablo Hertsen as Marc
Patrick Descamps as Giovanni (ep 191)
Philippe Allard as Connor
Philippe Resimont as Patron de café (eps 165-166)
Philippe Tasquin as Miaouss
Pierre Bodson as
Brandon (eps 128-129)
Charles (Champion Joliberges)
Pierre Lognay as
Chercheur de trésor (ep 37)
Cyril (ep 159)
Raphaëlle Bruneau as Princesse Salvia (ep 171)
Romain Barbieux as
Arbitre (ep 43)
Commentateur (ep 35)
Ian (eps 15-18)
Jaco (ep 42)
Sophie Landresse as Holly (eps 50-52)
Stéphane Flamand as Michel (ep 148)
Stéphane Pelzer as
Corentin (eps 143-147)
Sully (ep 169)
Tony Beck as
Commentateur de la Ligue Sinnoh (eps 183-189)
Jérémy (eps 126-127)
Lucio (ep 35)
Valery Benjilali as Cornil (ep 181)
Véronique Fyon as
Clara (ep 5)
Oralie (ep 21)
Orchidée (ep 13)
Xavier Percy as
Adrien (Conseil des 4)
Christophe (ep 158)

French companies
Broadcaster: Jetix France
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
ADR Director: Amparo Valencia (Spain dub)
Dubbing Director:
Eduardo Garza (SDI Media Dub)
Gerardo García (Candiani Dub)
Gerardo Vásquez (Candiani Dub)
Luis Alfonso Padilla (A.F Dubbing House Dub)
Translation: Rosa María Pérez (Spain dub)
ADR Script: Amparo Valencia (Spain dub)

ADR Engineer: Gabriel Gutiérrez (Spain dub)
Insert Song Performance: Ágata García (Spain dub; eps 177, 185)
Mix Engineer: Alberto Herena (Spain dub)
Production Assistant: Ángeles Cobo (Spain dub)
Theme Song Performance:
Ágata García (Spain dub; OP 2-3)
Daniel Anglès (Spain dub; OP 2; choirs)
David Bueno (OP 4; mexican dub)
Gerardo Velázquez (OP 3; mexican dub)
Maggie Vera (OP 3; mexican dub)
Miguel Antelo (Spain dub; OP1)
Adolfo Moreno as Ash Ketchum (Spain dub)
Alan Prieto as Brock (2nd Voice from ep 20 onward)
Gabriel Gama as Brock
Gabriel Ramos as Ash
Irwin Daayan as Ash Ketchum (2nd Voice from ep 91 to ep 104)
Javier Balas as Brock (Spain dub)
Leyla Rangel as Dawn (some eps.)
Mar Bordallo as Maya (Spain dub)
Miguel Angel Leal as Ash (3rd voice)

Adriana Casas as Cassidy
Amparo Valencia as Jessie (Spain dub)
Betzabe Jara as Officer Jenny (2nd voice)
Carla Castañeda as Zoey (3rd voice)
Cristina Hernandez as Officer Jenny (1st voice)
Gabriel Ortiz as Paul (2nd voice)
Gerardo García as Paul (1st voice)
Iván Jara as James (Spain dub)
José Escobosa as Meowth (Spain dub)
María del Mar Jorcano as Zoe (Spain dub)
Maria Fernanda Morales as Zoey (1st voice)
Marisol Romero as Zoey (2nd voice)
Mayra Arellano as Officer Jenny (3rd voice)
Miguel Angel Ruiz as Paul (3rd voice)
Pablo Sevilla as Polo (Spain dub)

Abraham Aguilar as
Carny (Spain dub; ep 82)
Karsten (Spain dub; ep 28)
Pokémon Poacher (Spain dub; ep 116)
Adelaida López as Gardenia (Spain dub; 4 episodes
eps 31, 36-37, 54
Adriana Casas as Cynthia
Alejandro García as
Delos (Spain dub; ep 35)
Jericor (Spain dub; eps 140-141)
Alex Saudinós as Benito (Spain dub)
Alfonso Laguna as Salvia's Butler (Spain dub; ep 171)
Alfredo Basurto as
Cyrus (1st voice)
Mr. Backlot
Alicia Sáinz De La Maza as
Rebecca (Spain dub; ep 155)
Rhonda (Spain dub)
Alvaro De Juan as
Austin (Spain dub; ep 73)
Bulgur (Spain dub; ep 181)
Primo (Spain dub; eps 71-72)
Samuel (Spain dub; eps 128-129)
Alvaro Navarro as Engineer (Spain dub; ep 130)
Amparo Valencia as
James' Mother (Spain dub; ep 153)
Jessiebelle (Spain dub; eps 2, 153)
Pokédex (Spain dub)
Professor Carolina (Spain dub; ep 151)
Ana de Castro as Teacher (Spain dub; ep 121)
Ana Esther Alborg as
Brega (Spain dub; eps 66-69)
Forsythia (Spain dub; ep 25)
Freesia (Spain dub; ep 171)
Rhyanna (Spain dub; ep 148)
Ana Patricia Anides as
Delia Ketchum (2nd voice)
Proffessor Carolina (1st voice)
Angélica Villa as Mars (2nd voice)
Antonio Esquivias as Underground Man (Spain dub; ep 37)
Armando Coria as Enta
Arturo Castañeda as
Beatriz Berciano as
Lira (Spain dub; eps 143-147)
Marble (Spain dub; ep 59)
Belén Rodríguez as
May (Spain dub; ep 154)
Minnie (Spain dub; ep 8)
Noelle (Spain dub; ep 138)
Primavera (Spain dub; ep 62)
Princess Salvia (Spain dub; ep 171)
Selena (Spain dub; eps 71-72)
Belinda Martinez as Johanna (2nd voice)
Benjamin Rivera as
Gary Oak (1st voice)
Blanca Hualde as
Inverna (Spain dub; ep 155)
Mamie (Spain dub; ep 179)
Marilyn (Spain dub; ep 125)
Otoño (Spain dub; ep 62)
Paige (Spain dub; ep 28)
Bruno Coronel as
Kenny (3rd voice)
Tyranitar trainer
Carlo Vázquez as
Angie's father
Saturn (2nd voice)
Carlos Aguila as Sebastian
Carmen Cervantes as
Lulu (Spain dub; ep 137)
Paris (Spain dub; ep 86)
Theresa (Spain dub; ep 24)
Carmen Podio as
Francesca (Spain dub; ep 70)
Hamilton (Spain dub; ep 82)
Cecilia Airol as
Old lady
Rhonda (1st voice)
Cecilia Gómez as Jupiter (2nd voice)
Chelo Molina as
Angie (Spain dub; eps 88-91, 98)
Bryan (Spain dub; ep 29)
Tomás (Spain dub; ep 167)
Chelo Vivares as
Kenny (Spain dub; 8 episodes
eps 26-27, 60-61, 122-123, 174, 180

Leona's Mother (Spain dub; ep 63)
Steven (Spain dub; ep 118)
Cholo Moratalla as
Plubio (Spain dub; eps 75, 77-79)
Roco (Spain dub; 6 episodes
eps 15-18, 108-109
Claudio Serrano as Butch (Spain dub; ep 65)
Conchi Lopez as Cassidy (Spain dub; ep 65)
Coral Balas as Ghost Girl (Spain dub; ep 90)
Cristina Hernandez as
Oficial Jenny
Ursula (2nd voice)
Cristina Yuste as
Aura (Spain dub; eps 75-79)
Normajean (Spain dub; ep 190)
Cynthia de Pando as Oralie
Danai Querol as Ursula (Spain dub; 5 episodes
eps 114, 161-162, 174-175
David Robles as
Jaco (Spain dub; ep 42)
Lectro (Spain dub; 3 episodes
eps 165-166, 179

Reggie (Spain dub; 10 episodes
eps 66-69, 128, 131-132, 186-188
Diana Perez as
Jessiebelle (1st voice)
Edson Matus as Reggie (1st voice)
Eduardo Del Hoyo as
Angie's Father (Spain dub; ep 98)
Astin (Spain dub; ep 73)
Chatot (Spain dub; eps 33, 115)
Conally (Spain dub; eps 66-68)
Expert (Spain dub; ep 57)
Goldeen Scoop Master (Spain dub; ep 140)
Ian (Spain dub; eps 15-18)
James' Father (Spain dub; ep 153)
Leona's Father (Spain dub; ep 63)
Magikarp Salesman (Spain dub; ep 21)
Mario (Spain dub; ep 146)
Mr. Cheeves (Spain dub; ep 2)
Mr. Sukizo (Spain dub)
Narrator (Spain dub)
Olivier (Spain dub; eps 131-132)
Raoul Contesta (Spain dub; ep 155)
Yuzo (Spain dub; 3 episodes
eps 111, 151-152
Eduardo Fonseca as Nurse Joy's husband
Eduardo Garza as Lucian
Elena Palacios as Landis (Spain dub; ep 10)
Elena Ramirez as Delia Ketchum (1st voice)
Emma Jiménez as
Narissa (Spain dub; ep 173)
Referee (Spain dub; ep 37)
Enrique Cervantes as Minero
Enzo Fortuny as Trainer
Erica Edwards as Cheryl
Erika Rendón as Rhonda (2nd voice)
Ernesto Lezama as Chatot
Felicidad Barrio as Maria (Spain dub; eps 128-129)
Fernando Cabrera as
Alan (Spain dub; ep 58)
Khoury (Spain dub; eps 143-147)
Fernando Elegido as
Designer (Spain dub; ep 57)
Sayer (Spain dub; eps 138-141)
Francisco Javier Martínez as Conductor (Spain dub; ep 130)
Gabriel Jiménez as Helio (Spain dub; 6 episodes
eps 96-97, 111, 150-152
Gabriel Ortiz as
Pokémon Ping Pong judge
Gaby Ugarte as Dawn
Gemma Martín as Johanna (Spain dub)
Georgina Sanchez as
Gerardo Vásquez as
Gloria Núñez as
Angie's Mother (Spain dub; ep 98)
Matori (Spain dub; ep 191)
Monica (Spain dub; ep 84)
Guillermo Coria as Charon
Hugo Navarrete as
Dr. Namba
Professor Oak
Hugo Nuñez as
Lyra's pokedex
Humberto Solorzano as
Proffessor Rowan (2nd voice)
Igor Cruz as Riley
Iñaki Crespo as
Claudio (Spain dub; ep 159)
Tobías (Spain dub; ep 189)
Inés Blázquez as Marian (Spain dub)
Inmaculada Gallego as
Isis (Spain dub; ep 57)
Rosebay (Spain dub; ep 13)
Irwin Daayan as
Isabel Fernandez Avanthay as Hermione (Spain dub; ep 86)
Isabel Romo as Gardenia (1st voice)
Isacha Mengíbar as
Claudina (Spain dub; ep 2)
Officer Mara (Spain dub)
Javier Franquelo as Old man (Spain dub; ep 39)
Javier Lorca as
Kendall (Spain dub; ep 90)
Tomás (Spain dub; ep 118)
Javier Olguín as
Kenny (1st voice)
Reggie (2nd voice)
Jessica Angeles as Autumn
Jesus Maniega as
Dr. Kenzo (Spain dub; eps 16-17)
Khoury's Father (Spain dub; eps 143, 147)
Jesús Alberto Pinillos as Gary Oak (Spain dub; 4 episodes
eps 45, 85, 151-152
Jorge García as Hamilton
Jorge Ornelas as Byron (2nd voice)
Jorge Saudinós as
Azure (Spain dub; ep 135)
Verán (Spain dub; ep 169)
Jorge Tomé as Announcer (Spain dub; eps 183-189)
José Escobosa as
Giovanni (Spain dub; 4 episodes
eps 2, 43, 80, 191

Provo (Spain dub; ep 118)
Raúl Contesta (Spain dub)
Jose Luis Reza as
Landis' father
Juan Amador Pulido as
Jeremías (Spain dub; eps 126-127)
Quinoa (Spain dub; eps 110-111)
Juan Logar Jr. as Looker (Handsome) (Spain dub; 5 episodes
eps 130, 136, 150-152
Juan Perucho as Landis' Father (Spain dub; ep 10)
Juan Antonio García Sáinz as
Nando (Spain dub; 8 episodes
eps 4, 36, 49, 174-177, 183

Saturno (Spain dub; 9 episodes
eps 60, 69, 96-97, 111, 136, 150-152
Julio Sanchidrián as J's Client (Spain dub; ep 45)
Leyla Rangel as Mars (1st voice)
Liliana Barba as
Lourdes Morán as Theresa
Luis Marín as Benjamin (Spain dub; ep 144)
Luis Mas as
Matthew (Spain dub; ep 59)
Professor Serbal (Spain dub; 10 episodes
eps 1-3, 45, 88-91, 151-152
Luis Reina as Fausto (Spain dub; 4 episodes
eps 165-166, 179-180
Luis Alfonso Padilla as
Police Chief
Maggie Vera as J (1st voice)
Manuel Bellido as Enta (Spain dub; eps 50-52, 86)
Manuel Campuzano as Brandon
Mar Bordallo as Roco (Spain dub; child; ep 108)
María Blanco as
Sémola (Spain dub; ep 168)
Yasmina (Spain dub; ep 180)
María Romero as Abigail (Spain dub; ep 24)
María Antonia Rodríguez as Cintia (Spain dub; 10 episodes
eps 40, 43, 96-97, 151-152, 185-188
María Jesús Varona as
Cara (Spain dub; eps 138-141)
Selma (Spain dub; ep 183)
María Julia Díaz as Gaia (Spain dub; ep 170)
Mariana Ortiz as
Mario Martín as
Festival Judge (Spain dub; ep 22)
Mr. Backlot (Fortuny) (Spain dub; ep 84)
Sebastian (Spain dub; ep 153)
Mario Díaz Mercado as Proffessor Rowan (1st voice)
Marisa Marco as
Delia Ketchum (Spain dub; eps 3, 138)
Jeffrey (Spain dub; ep 8)
Marisol Romero as Rosebay
Marta García as Malta (Spain dub; eps 30-32)
Marta Sáinz as Maiza (Spain dub; ep 47)
Mayra Arellano as
Pokedex (2nd voice)
Mercedes Cepeda as Fantina (Spain dub; 7 episodes
eps 93, 101-102, 174-177
Miguel Ángel Del Hoyo as Valente (Spain dub; eps 128-129)
Miguel Ángel Garzón as Yuzo (Spain dub; eps 1, 88-91)
Miguel Ángel Montero as Cristóbal (Spain dub; ep 158)
Miguel Angel Ruiz as Barry (1st voice)
Mildred Barrera as Enfermera Joy
Mireya Mendoza as Lulu
Miriam Valencia as
Ceres (Spain dub; eps 97, 150-152)
Crimson (Spain dub; ep 135)
Nallely Solis as
Gardenia (2nd voice)
Noe Velázquez as Gary Oak (2nd voice)
Olga Hnidey as Abigail
Olga Velasco as
Holly (Spain dub; eps 50-52)
Leona (Spain dub; ep 63)
Venus (Spain dub; 7 episodes
eps 96-97, 110-111, 150-152
Pablo Adán as Acerón (Spain dub; eps 108-109)
Pablo Tribaldos as Kyle (Spain dub; eps 77-79)
Paloma Escola as Professor Carolina (Spain dub; eps 96-97, 111)
Pedro D'aguillon Jr. as
Proffessor Kodama
Pedro Tena as J's Client (Spain dub; eps 71-72)
Pepa Castro as Pokémon Hunter J (Spain dub; 6 episodes
eps 20, 45, 71-72, 129, 151
Pilar Coronado as Mitchell (Spain dub; ep 148)
Pilar Gentil as
Clara (Spain dub; ep 5)
Grandma Ela (Spain dub; ep 156)
Old Woman (Spain dub; ep 56)
Pilar Martín as
Kenny (Spain dub; child; ep 161)
Leona (Spain dub; child; ep 161)
Mitchell (Spain dub; ep 90)
Nurse Joy (Spain dub)
Pilar Puebla as
Cocoa (Spain dub; ep 86)
Oralie (Spain dub; ep 21)
Rafa Romero as Roman (Spain dub; ep 76)
Rafael Azcárraga as
Professor Kodama (Spain dub; ep 149)
Proprietor (Spain dub; ep 165)
Raul Anaya as Crasher Wake
Rebeca Gómez as
Jessiebelle (2nd voice; child)
Ricardo Bautista as
Gary Oak (3rd voice)
Ricardo Escobar as
Alecrán (Spain dub; eps 99-100)
Daniel (Spain dub; ep 160)
O (Spain dub; ep 124)
Sho (Spain dub; ep 74)
Ricardo Mendoza as Roark (1st voice)
Roberto Carrillo as
Contesta (2nd voice)
Lickilicky owner
Roberto Cuenca Martínez as
Cal (Spain dub; ep 42)
Dr. Namba (Spain dub; ep 65)
Mr. Honcho (Spain dub; eps 126-127)
Plutón (Spain dub; 4 episodes
eps 136, 145-147
Roberto Cuenca Rodríguez Jr. as Conway (Spain dub; 11 episodes
eps 50-52, 88-91, 182-185
Roberto Encinas as
Mananti (Spain dub; eps 82-83)
Professor Samuel Oak (Spain dub; 9 episodes
eps 1, 3, 43, 92, 106, 138-139, 182, 185
Roberto Mendiola as Contesta (1st voice)
Rolando De la Fuente as Kouhry's father
Rolando de Castro as
Cyrus (2nd voice)
Goldeen fisher
Romina Marroquín Payró as
Rossy Aguirre as Pokedex (3rd voice)
Ruben Leon as Pokedex (1st voice)
Sandra Jara as
Melodi (Spain dub; ep 20)
Verano (Spain dub; ep 62)
Sara Heras as Verona (Spain dub; ep 134)
Sara Vivas as
Nathaniel (Spain dub; ep 138)
Roland (Spain dub; ep 170)
Ryan (Spain dub; ep 29)
Tyler (Spain dub; ep 80)
Sergio Garcia as Christopher (Spain dub; ep 117)
Silvia Sarmentera as Haley (Spain dub; ep 21)
Toni Rodriguez as Minnie
Valle Acebrón as
Inverna (Spain dub; eps 126-128)
Kylie (Spain dub; ep 76)
Marnie (Spain dub; ep 28)
Vicente Gil as Izzy (Spain dub; eps 138-141)
Víctor Agramunt as McCann (Spain dub; ep 154)
Victor Ugarte as
Victoria Angulo as Lila (Spain dub; ep 95)
Xochitl Ugarte as
Kenny (2nd voice)
Yolanda Vidal as
J (2nd voice)
Proffessor Carolina (2nd voice)

Abraham Aguilar (Spain dub; ep 115)
Alejandro García (Spain dub; ep 140)
Alex Saudinós (Spain dub; 6 episodes
eps 1, 50, 62, 89-91
Alicia Sáinz De La Maza (Spain dub; 4 episodes
eps 29, 33, 40, 96
Amparo Valencia (Spain dub)
Ana de Castro (Spain dub; eps 121, 124)
Blanca Hualde (Spain dub; ep 167)
Carmen Cervantes (Spain dub; ep 86)
Carmen Podio (Spain dub; eps 54, 56)
Chelo Vivares (Spain dub; ep 60)
Coral Balas (Spain dub; ep 90)
Eduardo Del Hoyo (Spain dub)
Elena Palacios (Spain dub; ep 10)
Francisco Javier Martínez (Spain dub; ep 45)
Gemma Martín (Spain dub; ep 62)
Inés Blázquez (Spain dub; 3 episodes
eps 55, 161, 167
Isabel Fernandez Avanthay (Spain dub; ep 86)
Isacha Mengíbar (Spain dub; eps 10, 99, 158)
Iván Jara (Spain dub; eps 71, 80)
Javier Lorca (Spain dub; eps 89-91)
Jorge Saudinós (Spain dub; eps 50-51)
José Escobosa (Spain dub)
Julio Sanchidrián (Spain dub; ep 45)
Mar Bordallo (Spain dub; 7 episodes
eps 90, 139-140, 149, 158, 180, 185
María Blanco (Spain dub; ep 180)
Marisa Marco (Spain dub; eps 25, 29)
Miriam Valencia (Spain dub; 6 episodes
eps 54-56, 135, 160, 167
Pablo Sevilla (Spain dub; ep 185)
Pablo Tribaldos (Spain dub; eps 1, 117)
Pilar Coronado (Spain dub; ep 167)
Pilar Martín (Spain dub; 7 episodes
eps 10, 25, 40, 73, 92, 149, 182
Roberto Encinas (Spain dub; ep 51)
Sandra Jara (Spain dub; ep 21)
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Internet Streaming: Amazon Prime Video
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Federico Danti
Chiara Vacchini (season 12)
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Paola Gallo (season 12)

Alice Bongiorni (season 12, 13)
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Transcription: Antonello Elli (season 10)
Video Post-Production: Gabriela Marchini (season 10)
Davide Garbolino as Ash Ketchum
Emanuela Pacotto as Jessie
Luca Bottale as Brock
Ludovica De Caro as Lucinda (Second voice)
Pietro Ubaldi as Meowth
Simone D'Andrea as James
Tosawi Piovani as Lucinda (First voice)

Federico Danti as Narrator
Flavio Arras as Pokèdex
Laura Brambilla as Nurse Joy
Ludovica De Caro as Solana
Massimo Di Benedetto as
Maurizio Merluzzo as Paul (second voice; eps 53-191)
Renata Bertolas as Officer Jenny
Renato Novara as Primo
Riccardo Rovatti as Prof. Oak

Alessandra Karpoff as Camilla
Alessandro Rigotti as Reggie
Antonio Paiola as Plutinio
Davide Albano as Kyle
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Francesca Bielli as
Gea Riva as Ursula
Gianluca Iacono as Cyrus
Giorgio Bonino as Palmer
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Lorenzo Scattorin as
Loretta Di Pisa as Zoey
Luca Semeraro as Brandon
Mario Scarabelli as Prof. Rowan
Matteo Zanotti as Loker
Maurizio Merluzzo as Christopher
Paolo De Santis as Saturno
Renato Novara as Fabiolo
Serena Clerici as Vera
Stefano Pozzi as Barry

Italian companies
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Internet Streaming:
TV Pokémon
YouTube (season 12, 13, Pokemon K2; season 10, Il Canale Pokémon Italiano Ufficiale)
German staff
German cast
Caroline Combrinck as Ash Ketchum (Second voice)
Jana Kilka as Lucia
Marc Stachel as Rocko
Veronika Neugebauer as Ash Ketchum (First voice)

Annina Braunmiller as Cynthia
Gerhard Acktun as Mauzi
Johannes Wolko as Paul
Matthias Klie as James
Scarlet Cavadenti as Jessie

Achim Geisler as Professor Eich
Julia Haacke as Hunter J
Niko Macoulis as Gary Oak
Tim Schwarzmaier as Tracey Sketchit
German companies
ProSieben Maxx
Dutch staff
Dutch cast
Leo Richardson (Season 10)
Mike Kuyt
Executive producer:
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Translation/Adaption Songs:
Bianca Steenhagen
Hilde de Mildt
Voice Direction:
Donna Vrijhof
Fred Butter (2008)
Hilde de Mildt (2008-present)
Lotte Horlings (2008-present)
Christa Lips as Ash
Fred Meijer as Brock
Ikue Ōtani as Pikachu
Meghna Kumar as Dawn

Bas Keijzer as Meowth
Hilde de Mildt as Jessie
Paul Disbergen as James

Bas Keijzer as Giovanni
Beatrijs Sluyter as
Delia Ketchum
J (2nd voice)
Wilma (DP156)
Boyan van der Heijden as
Christopher (DP117)
Daan Loenen as Kellyn
Donna Vrijhof as
Candace (1st voice)
Cynthia (3rd voice)
Giovanni's secretary (DP191)
Lerares (DP121)
Mars (1st Voice)
Edna Kalb as
Johanna (2nd voice)
Officer Jenny
Ewout Eggink as
Brandon (Pyramid King)
Fleur van de Water as
Jasmine (180)
Mars (3rd voice)
Prinses Salvia (DP171)
Rhyanna (DP148)
Verona (DP134)
Florus van Rooijen as
Mitchell (DP148)
Professor Oak
Frank Rigter as
Barry (1st voice)
Frans Limburg as
Crasher Wake (Gym Leader)
Cyrus (1st voice)
Karsten (DP28)
Provo (DP117)
Salvia's butler (DP171)
Stadion Announcer (2nd voice)
Stroper (DP116)
Hetty Heyting as
Abigail (DP24)
Dextette (PokéDex)
Minnie (DP8)
Hilde de Mildt as Jessiebelle
Huub Dikstaal as
Ian (DP15-DP18)
Kenny (2nd voice)
Hymke de Vries as Johanna (1st voice)
Ingeborg Wieten as Marnie (DP28)
Jannemien Cnossen as
Freesia (DP171)
Haley (DP21)
Jupiter (1st voice)
Melodi (DP20)
Theresa (DP24)
Jeroen Keers as Narrator
Jeroen van Wijngaarden as
Roark (first voice)
Just Meijer as
Giovanni (DP191)
Khoury's vader
Professor Kodama (DP149)
Laura Vlasblom as Ursula (2nd voice)
Levi van Kempen as
Clayton (DP159)
Lucian (Elite Four)
Nando (Sinnoh League Victors)
Lizemijn Libgott as
Lulu (DP137)
Marilyn (DP125)
Mars (2nd voice)
Normajean (DP190)
Oralie (DP21)
Lotte Horlings as
Cynthia (2nd voice)
Forsythia (DP25)
J (1st voice)
Rosebay (DP13)
Louis van Beek as
Professor Rowan
Stadion Announcer (1st voice)
Mandy Huydts as Nurse Joy
Marieke de Kruijf as Cynthia (1st voice)
Melody Reekers as Marley (DP168)
Mitchell van den Dunge Bille as
Barry (2nd voice)
Buck (DP181)
Kenny (1st voice)
Nicoline van Doorn as
Niki Romijn as
Narissa (DP173)
Patty Paff as Bertha (Elite Four)
Pepijn Koolen as Barry (1nd voice)
Pip Pellens as Ursula (1st voice)
Rob van de Meeberg as Charon
Robin Virginie as Paige
Rosanne Thesing as
Jupiter (2nd voice)
Maya (DP154)
Ruud Drupsteen as
Daniel (DP160)
Kenny (third voice)
Sander de Heer as
Gym Leader Byron
Landis' father
Politiechef (DP115)
Sander van der Poel as
O (DP124)
Stephan Holwerda as Conway
Tony Neef as
Dexter (PokéDex)
Professor Oak
Trevor Reekers as Flint (Elite Four)

Dutch companies
Broadcaster: Jetix Netherlands
Fred Butter Soundstudio (2008)
Sun Studio (2008-present)
Russian staff
Russian cast
Executive producer:
Kenji Okubo
Yasuhiro Masuda
Producer: Oliver Marmillot

Assistant producer:
Igor Cherenkov (ARC TV)
Paweł Przedlacki
Sandra Henriksen (SDI Media)
Russian companies
Gulli Russia
Danish staff
Danish cast
Executive producer:
Kenji Okubo
Yasuhiro Masuda
Producer: Oliver Marmillot

ADR Engineer: Einar Flinder Petersen
Assistant producer:
Ayako Tsunekawa
Hans Hopen
Editorial Supervision: Einar Flinder Petersen
Online Video Editor:
Casper Haugegaard
Michel Hernvig
Script Adaptation: Einar Flinder Petersen
Script Supervision: Einar Flinder Petersen
Script Timing: Einar Flinder Petersen
Theme Song Performance:
Jan Tellefsen (OP 3)
Kira Li Chirholm (OP 3)
Mette Skovmark (OP 2 and OP 3)
Mathias Klenske as Ash Ketchum
Peter Holst-Beck as Brock

Ann Hjort as Jessie
Peter Zhelder as Meowth
Thomas Kirk as James

Nadin Reiness as Officer Jenny
Torben Sekov as
Professor Oak

Danish companies
Broadcaster: TV2
Tagalog cast
Tagalog staff
Julius Figueroa as Brock
Klariz Magboo as Ash Ketchum
Rachel Sagrado as Piplup
Rona Aguilar as Dawn

Ahlee Reyes as
Nurse Joy
Officer Jenny
Candice Arellano as Officer Jenny (2nd)
Charmaine Cordoviz as
Pikachu (ep 149)
Togepi (ep 142)
Jefferson Utanes as James
Julius Figueroa as
Rachel Sagrado as Lyra

Charmaine Cordoviz as Dextette (Pokédex)
Ely Martin as Roark
Jefferson Utanes as
Professor Oak
Klariz Magboo as Delia Ketchum

Tagalog companies
Broadcaster: GMA Network
Polish staff
Polish cast
Dubbing Director:
Adam Lonicki (seasons 10, 12-13)
Agnieszka Zwolińska (seasons 10, 12)
Ilona Czech-Kłoczewska (season 12)
Tomasz Marzecki (season 11)
Anna Izdebska (season 10)
Anna Wysocka
Kamil Pozorski (season 11)
Maciej Wysocki (season 11)
Anita Ucińska (Season 13)
Marzena Omen-Wiśniewska (Season 11)
Paweł Przedlacki (Season 13)

Anna Wysocka
Maciej Wysocki (30 episodes
eps 53, 55-56, 58-60, 64-65, 69-71, 73-74, 77-79, 83-84, 90, 92-93, 95-98, 100-104

Adam Lonicki (Season 12)
Krzysztof Podolski (Season 11)
Song Lyrics:
Andrzej Gmitrzuk (Season 11)
Anna Wysocka
Maciej Wysocki (Season 10)
Adam Lonicki (Season 12-13)
Krzysztof Podolski (Season 11)
Theme Song Performance:
Juliusz Kuźnik (Diamond and Pearl)
Katarzyna Laska (Galactic Battles)
Krzysztof Pietrzak (Sinnoh League Victors)
Marcin Mroziński (Battle Dimension)
Grzegorz Drojewski as Ash Ketchum (Season 10)
Hanna Kinder-Kiss as Ash Ketchum
Izabela Dąbrowska as Jessie
Jarosław Budnik as James
Lukasz Lewandowski as Meowth (Season 10)
Magdalena Krylik as Dawn (Season 10)
Marcin Przybylski as James (Season 10)
Waldemar Barwiński as Brock (Season 10)

Andrzej Chudy as Professor Rowan
Anna Apostolakis as Rhonda (Season 11, 13)
Anna Sztejner as
Gardenia (Season 10)
Johanna (Season 12)
Kenny (Season 12)
Mars (Season 12)
Rhonda (Season 10,12)
Artur Pontek as
Barry (Season 12)
Mr Sukizo
Cezary Kwiecinski as
Mr. Contesta (eps 26, 48)
Jakub Szydłowski as Barry (Season 11, 13)
Janusz Wituch as
Mr. Contesta
Professor Oak
Joanna Pach as
Klaudiusz Kaufmann as Saturn (Season 12)
Krzysztof Cybiński as Kenny (Season 13)
Maciej Musiał as Kenny (Season 11)
Marek Robaczewski as
Jack (Season 10)
Monika Pikuła as Cynthia (Season 10)
Monika Wierzbicka as
Mars (Season 11)
Zoey (Season 11)
Tomasz Steciuk as Nando
Waldemar Barwiński as
Mr. Lunchbox (Pan Ciacho)
Reggie (Season 12)
Wojciech Paszkowski as Nando (eps 174-176)

Adam Pluciński as Roland (ep 170)
Adrian Perdjon as
Austin (ep 71)
Judge (ep 74)
Judge in Hearthome (ep 102)
Judge in Pastoria (ep 83)
Agata Rzeszewska as Nurse Joy (Season 11)
Agnieszka Fajlhauer as Narissa (ep 173)
Aleksandra Bieńkowska as Angie (eps 88-91, 98)
Anna Apostolakis as
Abigail's Aunt (ep 24)
Angie's Mother (ep 98)
Bertha (ep 170)
Old Women (ep 25)
Anna Gajewska as
Francesca (ep 71)
Kylie (ep 74)
Anna Sroka as
Children (ep 54)
Johanna (Season 11, 13)
Old Women (ep 56)
Professor Carolina
Anna Sztejner as
Hollie (eps 50-52)
Landis (ep 10)
Prinplup's Trainer (ep 4)
Artur Pontek as
Children (ep 54)
Daniel (ep 160)
Hunter J's Assistant (ep 20)
Lab (ep 1)
Raticate's Trainer (ep 56)
Rhyperior's Trainer (ep 164)
Ryan and Bryan (ep 29)
Team Galactic's Member (ep 36)
Watchman (ep 59)
Barbara Zielińska as Clara (ep 5)
Bartosz Martyna as Volkner
Beata Jankowska-Tzimas as
Children (ep 56)
Isis (ep 57)
Bożena Furczyk as Johanna (Season 10)
Cezary Kwiecinski as
Alan (ep 58)
Boy (ep 63)
Children (ep 56)
Commentator (ep 40)
Kendall (ep 90)
Koffing's Trainer (ep 50)
Magikarps's Huckster (ep 21)
Miner (ep 15)
Munchlax's New Trainer (ep 55)
Pokétch Company's Boss (ep 10)
Policeman (ep 69)
Watchman (ep 59)
Zangoose’s Trainer (ep 51)
Dariusz Darewicz as Shop owner (ep 43)
Dominika Sell as Paige (ep 28)
Grzegorz Drojewski as
Buck (ep 181)
Children (ep 40)
Customer (ep 183)
Judge (eps 183-184)
Team Rocket's Member (ep 78)
Grzegorz Kwiecień as
Commentator (eps 183-184)
Jacek Kałucki as
Mr. Backlot (Pan Bogacki)
Jakub Szydłowski as
Clayton (ep 159)
Janusz Rymkiewicz as
Engineer (ep 57)
Matthew (ep 59)
Janusz Wituch as
Angie's Father (ep 98)
Ben (ep 168)
Cal (ep 42)
Chatot (ep 33)
Cheeves (ep 2)
Commentator (ep 43)
Crispin (ep 158)
Customer (ep 62)
Expert (ep 57)
Judge (eps 43, 50)
Leona's Father (ep 63)
Lucian (ep 35)
Policeman (ep 69)
Sensei-masseur (ep 68)
Thief (ep 59)
Waiter (ep 74)
Janusz Zadura as Yuzo (eps 88-91)
Joanna Domanska as
Leona's Mother (ep 63)
Monica (ep 84)
Officer Jenny (Season 11 - 2nd voice)
Joanna Jabłczyńska as Minnie (ep 8)
Joanna Pach as
Marble (ep 59)
Princess Salvia (ep 171)
Joanna Węgrzynowska as
Delia Ketchum
Hunter J (Season 10, 12)
Journalist (ep 21)
Nurse Joy
Shimako (ep 183)
Julia Hertmanowska as Hunter J
Julia Kołakowska as
Jasmine (ep 180)
Marley (ep 169)
Worker in Pokemon Center (ep 182)
Julita Kozuszek-Borsuk as Paris (ep 86)
Justyna Bojczuk as Leona
Karol Wróblewski as
Conway (10 episodes
eps 50-52, 88-91, 182-184

Cyrus (Season 12)
Ian (eps 15-18)
Judge (ep 22)
Katarzyna Laska as
Altaria's Trainer (ep 10)
Cocoa (ep 86)
Forsycja (ep 25)
Glaceon's Trainer (ep 92)
Melodi (ep 20)
Officer Jenny (Season 11)
Oralie (ep 21)
Parasect's Trainer (ep 56)
Saturn's Assistant (ep 60)
Scyther's Trainer (ep 50)
Summer (ep 62)
Ursula (4 episodes
eps 161-162, 174-175
Katarzyna Owczarz as
Delia Ketchum (Season 12)
Fantina (Season 13)
Leading Pokéthlon (ep 160)
Officer Jenny
Katarzyna Pysiak as Officer Jenny (Season 10)
Klaudiusz Kaufmann as
Lab (ep 1)
Man (ep 174)
Pilot (ep 168)
Rhydon's Trainer (ep 50)
Sandslash's Trainer (ep 8)
Skarmory's Trainer (ep 10)
Turtwig's Trainer (ep 4)
Yanma's Trainer (ep 50)
Krzysztof Szczerbinski as
Children (ep 40)
Magmar's Trainer (ep 50)
Lukasz Lewandowski as
Customer (ep 62)
Saturn's Assistant (ep 60)
Marek Robaczewski as
Commentator (ep 35)
Enta (eps 50-52)
Karsten (ep 28)
Maker (ep 43)
Man (ep 37)
Owner (ep 39)
Mateusz Narloch as
Little Kenny (ep 161)
Thomas (ep 167)
Mieczysław Morański as
Cook (ep 74)
Cyrus (Season 11)
Lickilicky’s Trainer (ep 98)
Policeman (ep 69)
Professor Namba
Team Galactic's Member (ep 69)
Mikołaj Klimek as
Enta (ep 86)
Milena Suszyńska as Frezja (ep 171)
Monika Kwiatkowska as
Cheryl (eps 30-33)
Johanna (Season 10 - 2nd voice)
Marnie (ep 28)
Team Galactic's Member (ep 36)
Monika Pikuła as
Mamie (ep 178)
Mira (ep 47)
Verona (ep 134)
Monika Wierzbicka as
Hermione (ep 86)
Lila (ep 95)
Solana (ep 82)
Spring (ep 62)
Piotr Bąk as
Hunter J's Client (ep 45)
Narrator (Season 10)
Piotr Makarski as
Astin (ep 71)
Cameraman (ep 71)
Policeman (ep 69)
Roman (ep 74)
Radosław Popłonikowski as
Poacher (ep 165)
Waiter (ep 167)
Tomasz Błasiak as
Team Rocket's Member (ep 78)
Tomasz Marzecki as
Fisher (ep 98)
Mayor (ep 57)
Riolu's Guardian
Tomasz Steciuk as
Bagon's Trainer (ep 50)
Jaco (ep 42)
Metagross's Trainer (ep 51)
Wojciech Paszkowski as
Guest (ep 171)
Princess Salvia's Butler (ep 171)
Wojciech Rotowski as
Wojciech Żołądkowicz as Kellyn (eps 81-82)

Polish companies
Disney XD (from 19 September 2009)
Jetix Polska (from 1 December 2008)
Dubbing Studio:
SDI Media Poland (Season 12-13)
Sun Studio Poland (Season 10)
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Dubbing Director:
Gilmara Sanchez
Zélia Santos (Portugal)
Carla Pinho (Portugal)
Elaine Pagano

Adaptation: Carla Pinho (Portugal)
Insert Song Performance: Monica Toniolo (Season 13)
Sound Enginner: João Hashimoto
Theme Song Lyrics:
João Guimarães (Portugal, Season 11-13)
Nil Bernardes
Theme Song Performance:
Catarina Pereira (OP 3; Portugal)
Elisa Villon (Back vocal season 10)
João Guimarães (Portugal, Season 13)
Marion Camargo (Season 12)
Nil Bernardes (Season 10)
Raquel Rosmaninho (Portugal, Season 11)
Alfredo Rollo as Brock
Fábio Lucindo as Ash Ketchum
Ikue Ōtani as Pikachu
Joana Carvalho as Dawn (Season 11)
Marta Mota as May
Pedro Almendra as Brock (Season 11)
Pedro Cardoso as Paul (Portugal Dub)
Raquel Rosmaninho as Ash Ketchum (Season 11)

Armando Tiraboschi as Meowth
Cláudia Carli as
Cynthia (DP043)
Fantina (season 11)
Cláudio Satiro as Cyrus (DP111)
Denise Reis as
Fantina (season 13)
Johana (Dawn's mother)
Douglas Guedes as
Reggie (season 12-13)
Saturno (DP111-DP152)
Dráusio de Oliveira as Professor Carvalho
Elisa Villon as
Caçadora J (DP150)
Cynthia (DP096-DP188; Season 11~ present)
Johanna (DP079)
Policial Jenny de Verídian (DP036)
Fábio Moura as Narrador
Fátima Noya as Enfermeira Joy
Gabriel Noya as Paul
Gileno Santoro as Prof. Rowan (season 11)
Gilmara Sanchez as Policial Jenny
Guilherme Lopes as Professor Rowan (DP001-003)
Isabel de Sá as Jesse
Leila Castro as Pokédex
Leila Di Castro as Pokedéx
Lene Bastos as Johanna (season 12-13)
Leonardo Camilo as Brandon
Letícia Quinto as Marte
Luciana Baroli as
Caçadora J (DP129)
Marte (DP111-112)
Pokédex (season 12-13)
Policial Jenny de Eterna (DP036)
Zoey (season 10-11; ep 11)
Luiz Antônio Lobue as Cyrus (DP150-152)
Márcio Araújo as James
Nestor Chiesse as Cyrus (DP096-DP097)
Pedro Alcântara as Kenny (season 12-13)
Raphael Ferreira as Gary Carvalho (DP151-152; ep 45)
Renato Márcio as Charon
Rodrigo Andreatto as Gary Carvalho
Samira Fernandes as Zoey (season 12-13)
Sidney Lilla as Prof. Rowan (season 12)
Silvia Suzy as
Caçadora J (DP071-DP072)
Johanna (DP027)
Sílvio Giraldi as Looker
Tess Amorim as Júpiter (DP150-152)
Thiago Longo as
Paul (DP155)
Yuri Chesman as Reggie (Paul's Brother; season 11)

Adriana Pissardini as
Cinthia Elite 4 (2nd Voice)
Theresa (ep 24)
Affonso Amajones as Butch (DP065)
Alex Minei as
Ben (Pokemon Ranger)
Buck (Flint's brother from Elite 4)
Roland (Bertha's brother from Elite 4)
Armando Tiraboschi as Giovanni (season 11-13)
Bianca Alencar as Lyra
Cecília Lemes as
Cassidy (DP065)
Cheryl (ep 30)
Rhonda (season 12-13)
Cláudia Carli as Rhonda (DP044)
Cláudio Satiro as
Saturno (DP060)
Daniel Figueira as Kenny (season 10-11)
Diego Lima as Khoury
Douglas Guedes as Nando
Dráusio de Oliveira as Prefeito de Hearthome (ep 50)
Elcio Sodré as Wallace
Elisa Villon as
Secretária do Giovanni (DP191)
Sra Ketchum (DP138)
Fábio Vila Longa as Dr. Namba (DP065)
Felipe Zilse as Volkner
Gilberto Baroli as Criador do Pokélógio (ep 10)
Gileno Santoro as
Cal (ep 42)
Motorista do Barco (ep 39)
Gilmara Sanchez as
Marian Meridian
Rhonda (DP155)
Júlia Castro as Angie (season 11)
Lene Bastos as
Maylene (Leader Veilstone)
Minnie (ep 8)
Sra Ketchum (DP003)
Letícia Quinto as
Caçadora Jay (Hunter J)
Rosebay (ep 13)
Luciana Baroli as Profª Carolina (season 12)
Luísa Viegas as Profª Carolina (season 11)
Nestor Chiesse as Dr Kenzo (eps 16-17)
Priscila Ferreira as
Filho do dono da empresa (ep 10)
Raquel Ferreira as Dawn (Portugal dub)
Renato Márcio as
Giovanni (DP043)
Professor Rowan (2nd voice ep 45)
Ricardo Sawaya as
Conway (season 11)
Lucian (Elite dos 4)
Robson Silva as Sr. Raoul Contesta
Rodrigo Araújo as Nando (2nd Voice)
Rosa Maria Baroli as Bertha
Rui Quintas as Narrator (Portugal dub)
Samira Fernandes as
Cinthia (Elite dos 4)
Holly (ep 50)
Sandra De Castro as
Ash (Portugal dub)
Johanna (Portugal dub)
Zoey (Portugal Dub)
Sérgio Corsetti as
Magikarp salesman (DP021)
Roark (season 10)
Sidney Lilla as Montanha (Leader Pastoria)
Silvia Suzy as
Júpiter (DP097)
Rhonda (season 10-11)
Sílvio Giraldi as
Conway (season 13)
Suzy Pereira as
Caçadora J
Tess Amorim as Candice
Thiago Longo as
Conway (ep 50)
Joco (ep 42)
Saturno (Team Galactic)
Vagner Fagundes as Tracey
Yuri Chesman as Aaron

Portuguese companies
ADR Production:
SDI Media (Brazil)
SDI Media Poland (Portugal)
Cartoon Network Brasil
Panda Biggs (Portugal; http://www.pandabiggs.pt/homepage)
RedeTV! (Brazil)
SIC (Portugal, Season 10)
Tooncast (Brazil)
Swen Entretenimentos
Televix (Brazil)
Dubbing Studio:
Cinemágica (Portugal, Season 11-13)
Dialectus (Portugal, Season 10)
Swedish staff
Swedish cast
Swedish companies
Broadcaster: Disney XD
Chinese (PRC) staff
Chinese (PRC) cast
Xiaoyan Wang as Satoshi (eps 1-26)
Chinese (PRC) companies
Chinese (Taiwan) staff
Chinese (Taiwan) companies
Chinese (Taiwan) cast
Chinese (Hong Kong) staff
Chinese (Hong Kong) cast
Rongzhang Huang as Hyouta 
Chinese (Hong Kong) companies

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