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US Anime News Briefs

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  • Manhattan-based School of Visual Arts, noted for its film and animation studies programs, will offer a course on anime for its summer semester as a part of its Continuing Education program. The course, to be called "Japanese Animation: History and Style" will be instructed by Brian Camp, who has authored several articles about anime in semi-mainstream publications as well as being a regular anime advisor for the Animation World Network internet publication, and he will be focusing on recent history and stylistic development, from Osamu Tezuka's work in the 1960's and the space operas of the 70's to current animation trends. The 10-session course starts June 2 at 6 PM. For more information, call (212) 592-2050 or e-mail [email protected].

  • AnimeonDVD.com reports that Sonic the Hedgehog anime will be released on the same day as Sega's release of its new Dreamcast video game system (September 9, 1999) in a manner similar to the treatment the Tekken OAV got (possibly on DVD). ADV's summer releases sport a preview for the Sonic OAV series, which will probably be released with a name proclaiming it a "motion picture".

  • Also in Anime DVD news, ADV reports that due to minor production delays, the release of DVD versions of Legend of Crystania and Slayers movies has been pushed back, with no new date set.

  • Central Park Media has set an August 10th release date for the first volume of the Record of Lodoss War TV series. The tape will, like the Japanese release, contain the first three episodes, and will be available in subtitled and dubbed formats.

    Meanwhile, Media Blasters has announced a release date for the first two volumes of Magic Knights Rayearth. Both will be available on 9/21, and will contain 4 episodes each.

  • Image Entertainment is has set new dates for the Project A-ko and Voltage Fighter Gowkaiser DVD's. A-ko will see the light of day on July 8, while Gowkaiser will be released on a date that seems to have already passed... (5/18)

  • Pioneer has announced the rights to all three Sailor Moon movies in association with Toei and DIC. (Details on who is doing what, and if it will be dubbed by DIC are still unknown at this point), which will also see a DVD release. The first movie, R, will be available this fall in subtitled and dubbed formats. Pioneer also announced a subtitled VHS release of Catnapped! The Movie on July 6. No word on a dubbed or DVD release. (Also mentioned was the fourth volume of Battle Atheletes - Victory, which will see an August release in the usual 2 languages VHS + DVD formats.)

  • One surprise announcement was the re-release of the X-rated Cream Lemon dubs that were originally put on the market in adapted and dubbed form in the late 80's. These have been cut into longer 2 and 3 episode volumes, featuring names like "Gonad the Barbarian," "Search for Uranus," "Offenders of the Universe," and "Star Trap." They will be released under the Brothers Grime label on June 1.

  • ...And continuing on a family note, Viz recently re-did their core web site (Viz.com) in Pokémon decor in celebration of several new products based off the series that will be released soon. These include "Pokémon Adventure" *a new bi-monthly Pokémon manga series that more closely follows the Game Boy game), four 18-page Pokémon "chunky-books" (rigid paper meant for babies), a Pokémon origami book, and a "Where's Waldo?" style book entitled "Let's Find Pokémon!"

  • Also formally announced by Viz this month was the domestic release of Tsui Hark's animated Chinese Ghost Story anime (done with both Chinese and Japanese crew) in subtitled and dubbed form, graphic novels for the Steam Detectives, Night Warriors, and No Need for Tenchi! comic series, and the first volume of the new Ranma 1/2 "season" (?? I thought there were only three seasons to the Nettohen series! -ed.) to be called "Martial Mayhem". The first volume of the new series will be called "Buns of Steel", scheduled for a September release. (Yet another Ranma graphic novel was announced as well.)

  • Finally, AnimEigo announced this week that the second Kimagure Orange Road TV series boxed set is almost ready to be shipped (VHS), and the LD version should be another two or three weeks.

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