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The Click
February 3rd - February 9th

by Brian Hanson,

Hi guys! It's The Click, arising from its tender week long slumber to hastily and maliciously slather all the newest and foulest TV anime listings across your venerable computer space! But before that, a reminder for all the kids at home to don your official The Click Hand Towel, Decoder Goggles, and Commemorative Brooch, and listen up for this week's secret message: All dates and times are tentative, and all times listed are Eastern! And remember, you can buy all the above mentioned The Click merchandise (as well as a special half-off sale on all The Click-branded novelty forks!) by visiting all most seedy motel rooms in the greater Detroit area!

A few items of news I should probably mention, however, before all the listing madness begins. First, a hearty yet cautions round of felicitations for YTV success in getting their Canadian "Anime Channel" approved by the somewhat strict Canadian Television Czar! Here's hoping their venture into 24-hour anime TV yields better results than the competing US offerings thus far. YTV, though, seems to have some good heads on their shoulders, and have the benefit of an already strong lineup - what with their vast catalog of both mass-market family shows, such as Pokemon, and more cutting-edge fare like Bleach - so at least the odds are in their favor.

Another bit of info came by way of a cursory glance at Adult Swim's upcoming schedule - March 10th, at 11:30pm, which would be exactly one week after Trinity Blood's grand finale, a mysterious listing for a "new anime" appeared. What is this "new anime"? Perhaps Blood+? Indeed, could it very well be the only "new" anime that has been confirmed as being acquired by Adult Swim, and thus the only one that could conceivably be dubbed and ready to air in such a short amount of time? Oh, how puzzling!

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade
(Encore Action)
Saturday February 3 12:00am

This week's Click Pick is, unfortunately, given the time these articles tend to get posted, probably going to miss the boat a little bit. However, I have full confidence in Encore Network's ability to re-air content they have recently acquired, playing them endlessly week after week, until the mere sight of their name is sufficient to trigger a violent and messy bout of vomiting. However, Jin-Roh is an amazing piece of filmmaking, utilizing a solid and intriguing script by anime patriarch Mamoru Oshii and marries it perfectly with muted yet effectively subtle animation by director Hiroyuki Okiura, so I think I can tolerate seeing its name a few more times.


(Cartoon Network)
Saturday February 3 5:00am - Episode 13 "Tragedy"

Haseo and his MMORPG-ing buddies mull over the possibility of creating a new guild, when a mass of "player killers" start a whole heap of trouble! Special "1337 sp33k" subtitles can be found on the SAP channel.

(Independent Film Channel)
Friday February 9 11:30pm - Episode 6 "Longing in the Rain" (Repeats Sat Feb 10 5:55am)

While the Igas and Kougas of the world establish their various traps, sabotages, and various dramatic conundrums, one of the Iga members stumbles afoul of his ninja nemesises and manages to have his precious Scroll stolen! What a sticky wicket!

(Cartoon Network)
Sunday February 4 12:00am - Episode 20 (Repeats Sun Feb 4 3:00am)

Uruhara and Ichigo continue their extreme and highly adjective-worthy training, as Ichigo finally learns of the bond between him and his trusty sword. It just wants to be loved, is all.

Friday February 9 10:30pm - Episode 22

Ichigo and the Supporting Cast (heretofore referred to as merely "the others") finally arrive at the main gate to the Soul Society, but of course there's a guard and as such there's a bit of a scuffle regarding their ability to enter.

Cowboy Bebop
Sunday February 4 9:00pm - Episode 7 "Heavy Metal Queen"

This week's episode of Cowboy Bebop contains the following: hangovers, mistaken identities, asteroid explosions, interstellar semi trucks. It is also very awesome.

Eureka 7
(Cartoon Network)
Sunday February 4 12:30am - Episode 39 "Join the Future" (Repeats Sun Feb 4 3:30am)

As the Gekkostate ponders how to best prepare their eventual crusade, Renton gathers the crew together for a quick, gentlemanly game of soccer. Er, football. Whatever.

Friday February 9 9:30pm - Episode 21 "Runaway"

Poor li'l Renton, confused and angry and upset that the girl he likes is on the brink of demise, his crew mates frequently bully him, and his piloting of the Nirvash has killed many men, so the distraught lad sets off to find greener pastures.

Fullmetal Alchemist
Friday February 9 10:00pm - Episode 48 "Goodbye" (Repeats Sat Feb 10 1:00am)

After disposing of Sloth, the remaining Homonculi manage to kidnap Al while Wrath and Ed duke it out, alchemical-style. Meanwhile, Mustang and his posse put their plan into motion and begin their assault on the Fuhrer's domicile. Political intrigue!

Gunslinger Girl
(Independent Film Channel)
Friday February 9 11:00pm - Episode 6 "Payment: Gelato" (Repeats Sat Feb 10 4:35am)

This week on Weapon-Throwing Females, two of the girls are assigned to foil a terrorist bomb scare! Some doubts arise, however, when the supposed "bomb" turns out to be a metallic Lite-Brite depicting a cartoon character giving the finger.

(Cartoon Network)
Saturday February 3 10:30pm - Episode 15 "John Peach, the Seventh Team Member?"

Ginta and his pals enjoy a good night's rest after defending a peaceful village from evil, no good "Chess Pieces" and their egregious affronts to peace and tranquility. However, their staid slumber lasts not, as a mysterious lad named John Peach calls Ginta out for a fight! Much chivalry abounds!

(Cartoon Network)
Saturday February 3 9:00pm - Episode 73 "Forbidden Secret Technique: Reaper Death Seal"

The Third Hokage and the villainous Orochimaru continue their epic ninja struggle, while Sasuke finally catches up to Gaara and his Sand Village cronies. Both, however, appear to have devious tricks up their ninja sleeves.

Friday February 9 8:00pm - Episode 67 "Late for the Show, But Ready to Go! The Ultimate Secret Technique is Born" (Repeats Sat Feb 10 2:30am)

SIX EPISODES PRIOR TO THE ONE LISTED ABOVE: Sasuke's intensive training under Kakashi's tutelage has yielded mastery of the frighteningly destructive "Lightning Blade," which Sasuke handily employs in his battle with Gaara, who has imprisoned himself in a nigh-impenetrable wall of dense sand.

One Piece
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday February 3 9:30pm - Episode 77 "The Great Escape"

Huh? One Piece is back on TV, on Cartoon Network? With "new" episodes? How utterly bizarre. For the curious, I suppose, tune in to see Luffy and his band of lovable scalawags escape the clutches of the nefarious Baroque Works.

(Cartoon Network)
Saturday February 3 9:30am - Episode 462 "Pinch Healing"

More Pokemon arrives on US shores, for all the good little boys and girls, as well as some particularly nasty ones whose parents simply don't care. This week, a bus full of injured and sickly Pokemon breaks down near a Pokemon Center, where Ash and his buddies do their best to aid the weakly corporate mascots!

Prince of Tennis
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday February 3 10:00pm - Episode 18 "The Love Letter"

The tennis prodigy Ryoma Echizen hones his craft on the tennis court, while his coach informs his teammates on the storied history of his professional tennis playing father's immense legacy. Reminiscence!

Samurai Champloo
Sunday February 4 9:30pm - Episode 7 "A Risky Racket"

The wayward Mugen, Jin, and Fuu certainly have the worst luck regarding their various encounters with strangers; witness this particular escapade, as a pickpocket nabs their lunch money and embroils the three of them in a tangled web of drugs and deceit!

Spider Riders
(CW Kids)
Saturday February 3 11:00am - Episode 12 "Keys to Destruction"

This week on Generic Kids' Anime Show, Generic Hero arrives with his Generic Friends at the Spirit Oracles Shrine to generically eliminate the threat posed by the Generic Menace.

Tenjho Tenge
(G4TechTV Canada)
-Monday February 5 8:30pm - Episode 14 "Hellfire"
-Tuesday February 6 8:30pm - Episode 15 "Yin & Yang"
-Wednesday February 7 8:30pm - Episode 16 "Conclusion"
-Thursday February 8 8:30pm - Episode 17 "True Motive"
-Friday February 9 8:30pm - Episode 18 "Sympathy"

As Aya finishes regaling the tale of their venerable High School's troubled history, she is mysteriously expelled from the school, which causes no small amount of ire from her current pupils, the hardheaded Nagi and Bob.

Trinity Blood
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday February 3 11:30pm - Episode 20 "The Throne of Roses I: Kingdom of the North" (Repeats Sun Feb 4 2:30am)

The honorable Queen of the nation of Albion has suddenly died, which throws the Vatican into a bit of a panic considering that her only successor was assassinated in a particularly grim manner some 15 years ago. Thus, Sister Esther and His Holiness take the Popemobile for another joyride to investigate.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
(Cartoon Network)
-Tuesday February 6 4:30pm - Episode 91 "Don't Fear the Reaper"
-Wednesday February 7 4:30pm - Episode 92 "Duel for Hire"
-Thursday February 8 4:30pm - Episode 93 "Heart of Ice, Part 1"
-Friday February 9 4:30pm - Episode 94 "Heart of Ice, Part 2"

I always find the Yu-Gi-Oh GX episode titles amusing, but probably not for the intended reason. They read off like a marketing division's karaoke song list during the office party. Oh! I've thought of one! Maybe for an upcoming episode where such as a mysterious lady arrives, or perhaps it features such as a card that eats things, the episode can be called "She's a Maneater"! Like the song! Tomfoolery aside, this week's Yu-Gi-Oh GX episode crop consists of rumors regarding a duelist who is proficient in "one hit kills," faculty woes, and split-personality card dueling!


Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys
(Cartoon Network)
Tuesday February 6 10:00am

(Encore WAM)
Wednesday February 7 10:00am

(Encore Action)
Monday February 5 3:00pm (Repeats Tue Feb 6 9:10am)

Kai Doh Maru
(Encore Action)
Monday February 5 9:40am

If I had anything particularly clever or erudite to add about this week's crop of films and specials that aren't neo-realist musings on the Brothers Grimm's classic fairy tale told in a post-WWII militarist setting called "Jin-Roh", it would go here.

That wraps up the color commentary section of The Click this week! Below are old and slightly dusty repeats of programs of yore and yesteryear. But mostly yore. See you all next week!


Big O
(Cartoon Network)
-Sun Feb 4 5:00am - Episode 5 "Bring Back My Ghost"

Chrono Crusade
(Showtime Beyond)
-Mon Feb 5 12:05am - Episode 3 "Servants" (R Fri Feb 9 3:25am)
-Fri Feb 9 9:00pm - Episode 4 "Sinner"

(Toon Disney)
-Sat Feb 3 11:00am - Episode 5 "Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker"
-Sun Feb 4 11:00am - Episode 6 "Togemon in Toy Town"
-Sun Feb 4 9:00pm - Episode 147 "Beezlemon's Big Day" (R Mon Feb 5 1:30am)
-Mon Feb 5 8:00am - Episode 178 "Sockit Takuya" (R Tue Feb 6 2:30am)
-Mon Feb 5 10:30pm - Episode 200 "All Aboard the Tag Team Express" (R Tue Feb 6 3:00am)
-Tue Feb 6 8:00am - Episode 179 "Alone But Never Alone" (R Wed Feb 7 2:30am)
-Tue Feb 6 10:30pm - Episode 201 "To Make the World Go Away" (R Wed Feb 7 3:00am)
-Wed Feb 7 8:00am - Episode 180 "The Dark Heart of Friendship" (R Thu Feb 8 2:30am)
-Wed Feb 7 10:30pm - Episode 202 "When Knights Fall..." (R Thu Feb 8 3:00am)
-Thu Feb 8 8:00am - Episode 181 "Zoe's Unbelievable Adventure" (R Fri Feb 9 2:30am)
-Thu Feb 8 10:30pm - Episode 203 "The Brothers Yin and Yang" (R Fri Feb 9 3:00am)
-Fri Feb 9 8:00am - Episode 182 "Stuck in Sakkakumon With You" (R Sat Feb 10 2:30am)
-Fri Feb 9 10:30pm - Episode 204 "Lucemon on the Loose" (R Sat Feb 10 3:00am)

Fullmetal Alchemist
(Cartoon Network)
-Tue Feb 6 12:30am - Episode 46 "Human Transmutation" (R Tue Feb 6 4:00am)
-Wed Feb 7 12:30am - Episode 47 "Sealing the Homunculus" (R Wed Feb 7 4:00am)
-Thu Feb 8 12:30am - Episode 48 "Goodbye" (R Thu Feb 8 4:00am)
-Fri Feb 9 12:30am - Episode 49 "The Other Side of the Gate" (R Fri Feb 9 4:00am)

(Cartoon Network)
-Sun Feb 4 5:30am - Episode 5 "Spider's Revenge"

(Encore WAM)
-Sat Feb 3 4:00pm - Episode 3 "Kuma's First Time" (R Sun Feb 4 8:00am)
-Sun Feb 4 4:00pm - Episode 4 "Oju Goes Blond! Whodunnit?" (R Mon Feb 5 2:00am, 8:00am)
-Mon Feb 5 4:00pm - Episode 5 "Ooedoo Clan in Crisis" (R Tue Feb 6 2:00am, 8:00am)
-Tue Feb 6 4:00pm - Episode 6 "Kyo-san's Knockout Performance" (R Wed Feb 7 2:00am, 8:00am)
-Wed Feb 7 4:00pm - Episode 7 "Shirokin Boy's Choir? Say What?" (R Thu Feb 8 2:00am, 8:00am)
-Thu Feb 8 4:00pm - Episode 8 "The Class Trip Into Hell Begins" (R Fri Feb 9 2:00am, 8:00am)
-Fri Feb 9 4:00pm - Episode 9 "Schoolground Battle Without Honor" (R Sat Feb 10 2:00am, 8:00am)

Idaten Jump
(Cartoon Network)
-Thu Feb 8 6:00am - Episode "Rush"
-Fri Feb 9 6:00am - Episode "Trap"

(Cartoon Network)
-Tue Feb 6 1:00am - Episode 41 "Kagura's Dance and Kanna's Mirror" (R Tue Feb 6 4:30am)
-Tue Feb 6 1:30am - Episode 42 "The Wind Scar Fails" (R Tue Feb 6 5:00am)
-Wed Feb 7 1:00am - Episode 43 "Tetsusaiga Breaks" (R Wed Feb 7 4:30am)
-Wed Feb 7 1:30am - Episode 44 "Kanjinbo's Possessed Sword" (R Wed Feb 7 5:00am)
-Thu Feb 8 1:00am - Episode 45 "Sesshomaru Wields Tokijin" (R Thu Feb 8 4:30am)
-Thu Feb 8 1:30am - Episode 46 "Juromaru and Kageromaru" (R Thu Feb 8 5:00am)
-Fri Feb 9 1:00am - Episode 47 "Onigumo's Heart Still Beats Within Naraku" (R Fri Feb 9 4:30am)
-Fri Feb 9 1:30am - Episode 48 "Return to the Place Where We First Met" (R Fri Feb 9 5:00am)

Mirage of Blaze
(Encore Action)
-Tue Feb 6 12:00am - Episode 1 "Ill Fated Destiny"
-Tue Feb 6 12:30am - Episode 2 "Possessor From the Darkness"
-Tue Feb 6 1:00am - Episode 3 "An Imperfect Awakening"
-Wed Feb 7 12:00am - Episode 4 "Premonition of a Chain Reaction"
-Wed Feb 7 12:30am - Episode 5 "Endless Conflict"
-Wed Feb 7 1:00am - Episode 6 "Golden Emblem"
-Thu Feb 8 12:00am - Episode 7 "Memories of Hateful Anguish"
-Thu Feb 8 12:30am - Episode 8 "At the End of Obsession"
-Thu Feb 8 1:00am - Episode 9 "Endless Void"
-Fri Feb 9 12:00am - Episode 10 "Sorrowful Betrayal"
-Fri Feb 9 12:30am - Episode 11 "Eternal Blaze"
-Fri Feb 9 1:00am - Episode 12 "Choices of Conflict"
-Fri Feb 9 1:30am - Episode 13 "Twilight of Beyond"

(Cartoon Network)
-Sat Feb 3 8:30pm - Episode 72 "A Mistake From the Past: A Face Revealed"
-Mon Feb 5 5:30pm - Episode 17 "White Past: Hidden Ambition"
-Tue Feb 6 5:30pm - Episode 18 "The Weapons Known as Shinobi"
-Wed Feb 7 5:30pm - Episode 19 "The Demon in the Snow"
-Thu Feb 8 5:30pm - Episode 20 "A New Chapter Begins: The Chunin Exam"
-Fri Feb 9 5:30pm - Episode 21 "Meet Your Opponents: The Genin Arrive"

Oban Star-Racers
(Toon Disney)
-Sat Feb 3 8:30pm - Episode 8 "Agile Like Aikka" (R Sun Feb 4 2:30am)
-Sun Feb 4 8:30pm - Episode 9 "Surprising Like Super-Racer" (R Mon Feb 5 2:30am)
-Mon Feb 5 9:00pm - Episode 12 "The Will to Win" (R Tue Feb 6 1:30am, Fri Feb 9 9:00pm, Sat Feb 10 1:30am)

Paranoia Agent
(Cartoon Network)
-Sun Feb 4 1:30am - Episode 13 "The Final Episode" (R Sun Feb 4 4:30am)

(Showtime Beyond)
-Sun Feb 4 11:40pm - Episode 12 "Big Brother" (R Fri Feb 9 3:50am)
-Fri Feb 9 9:30pm - Episode 13 "Gaze"

(Cartoon Network)
-Sat Feb 3 9:00am - Episode TBA
-Sat Feb 3 7:00pm - Episode 431 "Time-Warp Heals All Wounds!"
-Mon Feb 5 6:30am - Episode 389 "Date Expectations"
-Tue Feb 6 6:30am - Episode 390 "Mean With Envy"
-Tue Feb 6 5:00pm - Episode 442 "Three Jynx and a Baby"
-Wed Feb 7 6:30am - Episode 391 "Pacifidlog Jam"
-Wed Feb 7 5:00pm - Episode 443 "Talking a Good Game"
-Thu Feb 8 6:30am - Episode 392 "Berry, Berry Interesting"
-Thu Feb 8 5:00pm - Episode 444 "Second Time's the Charm"
-Fri Feb 9 6:30am - Episode 393 "Less Is Morrison"
-Fri Feb 9 5:00pm - Episode 447 "All That Glitters Is Not Golden!"

Samurai Champloo
(Cartoon Network)
-Sun Feb 4 1:00am - Episode 13 "Misguided Miscreants" (R Sun Feb 4 4:00am)

Samurai Deeper Kyo
(Encore WAM)
-Sat Feb 3 4:30pm - Episode 3 "Red Mirage" (R Sun Feb 4 8:30am)
-Sun Feb 4 4:30pm - Episode 4 "The Creeping Nightmare" (R Mon Feb 5 2:30am, 8:30am)
-Mon Feb 5 4:30pm - Episode 5 "Tears of the Assassin" (R Tue Feb 6 2:30am, 8:30am)
-Tue Feb 6 4:30pm - Episode 6 "The Duel at Hibiya Bay" (R Wed Feb 7 2:30am, 8:30am)
-Wed Feb 7 4:30pm - Episode 7 "Keichou Era Battle Royal" (R Thu Feb 8 2:30am, 8:30am)
-Thu Feb 8 4:30pm - Episode 8 "Demon Spear Cries" (R Fri Feb 9 2:30am, 8:30am)
-Fri Feb 9 4:30pm - Episode 9 "The Blind Smile" (R Sat Feb 10 2:30am, 8:30am)

(Toon Disney)
-Sat Feb 3 4:00am - Episode 26 "Reviving Yakumo"
-Tue Feb 6 4:00am - Episode 27 "Lanancuras Arises"
-Wed Feb 7 4:00am - Episode 28 "Lanancuras Unbound"
-Thu Feb 8 4:00am - Episode 29 "Mushrambo Meets His Match"
-Fri Feb 9 4:00am - Episode 30 "Mushra's Mission"
-Sat Feb 10 4:00am - Episode 31 "Soul Survivor"

Transformers Cybertron
(Cartoon Network)
-Mon Feb 5 6:00am - Episode 5 "Space"
-Tue Feb 6 6:00am - Episode 6 "Rush"
-Wed Feb 7 6:00am - Episode 7 "Speed"

(Cartoon Network)
-Tue Feb 6 5:30am - Episode 4 "The Missing Key"
-Wed Feb 7 5:30am - Episode 5 "The Princess Joins Up"
-Thu Feb 8 5:30am - Episode 6 "The Right Arm of Voltron"
-Fri Feb 9 5:30am - Episode 7 "The Lion Has New Claws"

-Sat Feb 3 9:30am - Episode 20 "Double Trouble Duel, Part 2"
-Sat Feb 3 10:00am - Episode 21 "Double Trouble Duel, Part 3"

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
(Cartoon Network)
-Sat Feb 3 7:30pm - Episode 89 "The Darkness Within"

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