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Answerman: Itadakimasu!

So we're getting closer and closer to AnimeExpo and the excitement level is finally starting to rise. I get emails from people asking questions about the convention; I'll have to direct all of you to the AX2001 site, www.animeexpo.org. They have the answers to all of your questions there. In the meantime, here's this week's batch of questions.

If you watch any anime you'll notice that the characters say a certain phrase before eating. It sounds a lot like "Ikadushimas". I've seen numerous subs as well as fansubs and most of them translate the phrase differently. I've seen everything from "Let's eat" to "dinnertime" to "get ready". I was wondering what this phrase really meant and if the Japanese really do say this before meal time.


They're saying “Itadakimasu” and it basically means “Thanks for the meal.” or “I humbly receive.” It's usually spoken as itadakimas because in many cases the final 'u' sound in Japanese can be dropped while still remaining understandable. I know it's a custom in Japan to say this before every meal but I'm not completely sure how closely it's followed. I know a lot of annoying American fangirls and fanboys that say it loudly before they even chew a stick of gum, but again, I'm not sure if the Japanese do it as much as they do in anime. After all, in American television shows, it's basically like an exaggerated version of real life; I don't know why Japanese television would be any different.

Two questions for you, Answerman:

1. How many episodes of Arc the Lad were produced?

2. Does Cartoon Network still plan on airing Mobile Suit Gundam (0079)?



There are 26 episodes of Arc the Lad. According to this recent report on Saiyanz Rage, the original Mobile Suit Gundam is expected to air July 23rd.

I really like your column, Answerman. Now that I've gone through the motions of flattery, the question: Has the manga of Kareshi Kanojyo no Jijyo (Kare Kano) been licensed yet?

Thank you,
Sven Guttensen

The Kare Kano manga was licensed by Mixx for like a week a while ago; the rights to the manga were revoked almost immediately. To this day, the manga hasn't been licensed by anyone else. So, currently, the answer is no. Things could change, though.

This is a question about an old anime from AIC which to me is up there with Tenchi. I hope you can answer my question. My question is more a request for the english voice list for each character of Battle Athletes Victory. I know that the Head master is voiced by vetern anime voice actor David Lucas and Wendee Lee is the voice of Ichan, but thats all I know. I would like to know the english voice actors and actresses of Akari, Jessie, Allya and all the rest. They all kind of seem familiar to the ear. Could you help me?

Well, I couldn't find a direct cast listing but I was able to find some of the characters you asked for and a few others. Akari was voiced by Lia Sargeant, Kris Kristopher was voiced by Dorothy Melendrez. Does anyone out there have a complete cast list for the English Dub of this show?

Has Infinite Ryvius been licensed and if so by whom?


Do you know if there will be a Graphic Novel released of Revolutionary Girl Utena? If so when will it be released?

I can guarantee you that Viz will release a graphic novel of Utena eventually. They haven't announced a release date yet - the manga has only been running in Animerica Extra for a few months now - but it'll be out sometime in the near future.

I recently read about Slayers Again while I was surfing around and found out there is a rumor of a 4th Season. What I have read is that the rumor is close to being reality. Other sources is that the season is being aired soon. Hope this is true because I already own Slayers, Slayers Nexr, and Slayers Try DVD Box Sets. Is there any real facts that is true? I know there a lot rumors floating around on new seasons, but I hope this true that a 4th season exists.


Well, for now, it's all rumor and heresay. No new information has popped up about this in a while. If you want to get really technical, Lost Universe, currently being released by ADV, is considered to be the 4th season of Slayers. It takes place in the same universe as Slayers, so check it out if you haven't already.

Answerman, you seem to have a grasp of upcoming anime's so maybe you can help me.
1. Is the truth that yet another Tenchi series, based on a the original OVA, is in the production stages? If so, any expeted release dates?
2. When do they expect to release a follow up to Ghost in the Machine? It's been six years already.

Chock full of anime questions

Yes, there's a third Tenchi OVA coming out, but we don't know when yet. If you're referring to “Ghost in the Shell”, then the sequel manga has already come out and the film version is in the planning stages. I know Dark Horse is planning on releasing the sequel manga here in English sometime soon. If you're referring to “Ghost in the Machine”, a crappy old sci-fi flick, then I don't know if a sequel is being planned (And I certainly hope it isn't…).

Hey Answerman!
What are the odds that Trigun and Trigun Maximum will be translated and released in the US? Thanks!

Trigun is pretty popular so I can't imagine the manga never being licensed for release here. Hasn't happened yet, but keep your eyes peeled.

Well, it's me Dariath again. I had my first question I sent in posted, so I thought I'd give your column a lil more text with a new question.

I've been reading up on Yu-Gi-Oh!, and it actually looks a bit more promising the Pokémon and the like. Some of the cards look well, cool. But I do have a fear. It's darker then Pokémon, and a bit more.. mature. So my question is, do you know if 4Kids will pull some sort of Cardcaptor move? I'm praying they don't edit it (but my gut says otherwise). If they do, I hope they have an uncut dub version as well VIA DVD. Anyways, thanks for the read.


Well, 4Kids hasn't said anything regarding Yu-Gi-Oh! except that it's coming out in the states. As for being “darker” or “more mature”, I'd have to disagree with you. Yeah, it's not as bright or colorful as Pokémon but it's still a commercial for little kids so they don't really get into anything that's too “dark”. This is US TV we're talking about, and it's a show aimed at children, so of course it'll be edited. Don't expect companies that produce shows for children's television to market anything towards older fans. It's a fool's errand; they don't really care if you get an uncut version or not, they care if kids buy the merchandise the show was designed to sell.

And that's it for today. See y'all on Friday.

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