Anime Studio Production I.G Forms Canadian Film Subsidiary

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Production I.G Canadian Bureau to produce, manage overseas film collaborations

IG Port, the parent company of the anime studios Production IG, Xebec, and Wit Studio, announced on August 31 that it would establish a Canadian subsidiary in Ottawa in September. IG Port intends to use "Production I.G Canadian Bureau" to jointly produce films with overseas partners, and then to manage those properties.

Although IG Port has not revealed the amount of the new company's capital, Production I.G financed 66.7% of the bureau, while a Canadian entertainment company, The Nakamura Group Advantage, contributed 28.3%. The Japanese movie business consulting firm Filosophia put in the remaining 5%.

Production I.G President and CEO Mitsuhisa Ishikawa will also head up the new subsidiary. Since IG Port currently has a Production I.G., LLC subsidiary in Los Angeles, Production I.G Canadian Bureau will be IG Port's second overseas unit. (IG Port is also the parent company of the Japanese publisher Mag Garden.) According to the website, Production I.G., LLC is mainly an intermediary for overseas business, while the new Canadian subsidiary is apparently aimed at cultivating local business.

Headed by CEO Ken Nakamura, The Nakamura Group Advantage mainly deals with international production and distribution of films, television programs, and other works. Tetsuya Fujimura leads Filosophia in helping Japanese companies offer their manga, anime, games, films, and other properties for Hollywood film adaptations and remakes.


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