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Kiki DVD (semi)official last word

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No DVD release planned.

According to Michael S. Johnson's (Nausicaa.net and Hayao Miyazaki Discussion Group Maintainer) contacts within Buena Vista there are currently no dates set for any of the Miyazaki library (including Kiki) on DVD or video outside Japan.

What this means is that the Disney webpage that has prematurely excited many fans about the imminent possibility of a Region 1 release of Kiki's Delivery Service on DVD was either a mistake, or grossly premature.

It also means that information on the webpage should not be considered accurate. The page listed Kiki as being released in English only, a possibility which would be most disappointing considering last year's events. Princess Mononoke was originally scheduled to be released on DVD in September 2000, without a Japanese Audio track. Massive fan pressure convinced Buena Vista to delay the release until December 2000 and include a Japanese Audio track with subtitles as well as dubtitles.

Kiki's Delivery Service is available from Buena Vista on both subbed and dubbed VHS. Laputa: The Castle in the Sky is generally expected to be the next Ghibli title to be released in North America, and Disney is believed to be considering a Theatrical Release. However Disney has yet to formally announce anything.

For now Kiki and Ghibli fans can only cross their fingers, and perhaps write Disney a polite letter requesting a quicker (and proper) release.

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