Sen To Chihiro top ever Film at the Japanese Box Office

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Ghibli's latest film outsells Titanic at the box office

When Sen to Chihiro, Ghibli's latest film, surpassed Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke) at the box office this month becoming the most successful Japanese film to be ever released it had two hurdles left on its way to really becoming number 1. The records for the film with the most ticket sales and the film with the largest box offie sales have both been held by a foreign film, Titanic.

American film Titanic had been, up until September 26th, the all time most viewed film at the Japanese Box office. However, on Spetember 26th Sen to Chihiro surpassed Titanic's 16,831,000 viewers with 16,878,000 viewers.

With 26 billion yen in box office revenue, Titanic is still the largest grossing film ever at the Japanese box office, however it is expected that Sen to Chihiro will surpass this final record by early November.

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