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Gotta Answer'em All!

Answerman: Gotta Answer'em All!

Well, that was a scary couple of minutes. Last week my computer died; all at once, just shut down randomly and stopped working. Wouldn't even accept power. Sometimes these things happen. Things are running smoother now, though, so let's get down to business.

Dear Answer man,
I really hope that you can help me out with this one. I heard about two or three months back that the creator(s) of Tenchi have decided to go back and do 8 or so completly new episodes, particulrly to explain the goddesses (Like Washu and Tsunami) and who Tenchi will ultimatly end up with. Naturally this excited me and all my Tenchi-fan friends. The problem is, we haven't heard anything since. Could this have just been a jip? Or are they in the process as we type? I'm dyin' to know, and I can't find the answer anywhere! Please help!


Plot details haven't really surfaced yet on the new Tenchi series; neither has episode count. We do know that the new Tenchi OVA series is due out in Spring of next year; I'd imagine that it will be released here very shortly afterwards. It's in production now, so just sit tight and wait.

Dear Answerman,

To start off, I would like to salute the dedication of someone willing to run a column like this, and run it well.  My question is: Touch.  I cannot believe that it is not more available.  I can only find the first 16 episodes fansubbed, and the movies.  This series deserves much more.  It is older, but it should at least be fansubbed.


I'm not sure exactly what your question is, but I can take a guess. Basically, Touch isn't very popular. It's old. The character designs are a bit unattractive. It's based around sports, a genre that's historically unpopular with hardcore fans who would be the core audience for a show that's as old as Touch is (Just look at the hardcore otaku fan base for Slam Dunk and H2… it doesn't really exist.). I wouldn't expect a license in the US anytime soon, but nothing's impossible in this day and age.

exactly how many films did Hayao Miyazaki make?  and could you name them all?

Sure, I can do that for you.
Here's a list of his Ghibli films:
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
Laputa, The Castle in the Sky
My Neighbor Totoro
Kiki's Delivery Service
Porco Rosso
On Your Mark (Music Video)
Princess Mononoke
Spirited Away

Since you asked for films and not TV shows or commercials, I'll just stop there.

hey answerman! okay, i've been scouring your previous archives to see if there was any mention of any releasal at all for Kare Kano. i did find the answers... it's just that they were incredibly old and what was stated didn't happen. so, i was just wondering if there was any update on when Kare Kano would get released (since it probably would be a waste buying a fansub if the official ones are coming out any time soon...). i have one more question: Cowboy Bebop just had its official movie ost released and in the special edition there was a releasal of an 8 cm cd that contained previously unreleased music from the tv series. i really want those two cds but the 8cm version especially, since there is this absolutely beautiful song at the end of episode 23 of Cowboy Bebop. i was just wondering if america has anything released that can play an 8 cm. cd or will a regular old cd player work? k, thanx for your help answerman!

Kare Kano is currently scheduled for a Spring release date on DVD. Any American CD player can play an 8cm CD; it's just smaller than normal CDs. They also play in CD-Roms.

Hi!  I grew up watching Doramen comics and cartoons subtitled in Chinese (the translation generally sucked).  Now that I have moved to America, just wondering if any Englished subtitled episodes of cartoons will be out?



Doraemon never found its way to US shores, and I don't imagine it will. Fansubbers usually stay away from shows that have more than 300 episodes (Which Doraemon does..) and the show is a little too old to be licensed for US TV at this point, which is where it'd have to end up. I wouldn't hold my breath, but anything's possible.

i am a huge addict of the Yugioh card game Duel Monsters, and I was wondering if you had any knowledge about an english version being released.  It would be a lot easier for me to play if the cards weren't written in Japanese, but thanks to the hard work of the webmaster of http://members.fortunecity.com/yamikarasu/ I have been able get a really good undestandin of the rules and a great number of the cards.  I'm not looking too forward to the anime since I don't trust the company dubbing it to make a true translation of it uncut, but I would love to play this highly addictive game for countless days on end until I pass out.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Well, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime series is coming to the US shortly. I can't imagine the card game not being brought over; if the show hits, the game will me a huge cash cow for whoever brings it out in America. Wait a few months; you may see it here before you know it.

Dear Answerman,
I am a big ol' fan of Zone of Enders and I recently heard that they released a Anime ..titled "Z.O.E. 2176 Idolo". And I want it!! It was said that it was released on DVD. I cant find it anywhere... I need help! Do you know anything?

That Zone of Enders OVA series was released in Japan on DVD, but not in the US. At least, not yet. ADV licensed that title and announced it at Anime Expo 2001, so expect it to come out here sometime in the next year.

Do the AniLesboCon people realize that yuri is supposed to be for men?

I don't think they care, dude. People embrace things that weren't intended for them all the time. The people running AniLesboCon might actually think that Yuri hentai stuff is made for the lesbian population of Japan; of course, it isn't. It sells to the sweaty-palmed male otaku masses. I wonder what will happen when the trend-ified Lesbian scene in New York clashes with the raw, ultimate power of Geekdom?

Is there any idea on when they are going to release the Maison Ikkokou on dvd?
I heard a while ago that they were planning on it but have heard nothing since.

   Second question.

  Read or Die.  I heard there were only 3 episodes to the anime, is that true?
And has there been any mumbling about it being picked up? (This being a long shot as only 2 episodes have been released to my knowledge)

  Thank you for your time.

   David "Godai" Muniak

Read or Die is a 3-episode OVA series that hasn't been licensed yet. As for Maison Ikkoku, Viz said that they were planning a Maison DVD release, but no date has been set yet.

Jeff Kleist of Otakon Video Programming sent this in regarding a question I had last week:

Synch-Point did not like the reception it recieved at AX, and refused permission to show it so that they could re-work the title. Oh My Goddess! Movie was a similar situation. We could not show it on video or DVD, but were only offered a 35mm print, which we hope to be able to accomodate next year. We cannot show titles that have been licensed without permission from the companies that own them, and sometimes things like this happen. It's a shame it had to happen with 2 excellent titles our members were looking forward to.

Jeff Kleist
Otakon Video Programming

Thanks, Jeff. Although I have a hard time believing that FLCL got a bad reaction at AX2001. Half the people in the dealer's room were buying FLCL merchandise. I couldn't find the soundtrack until the second or third day when more copies were shipped in. See y'all on Friday!

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