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I'm On A Japanese Radio



I'm in Japan right now, and well i'm kinda in anime music withdrawal. And because of certain technical difficulties I can't listen to music w/ the comp. Do you know if there is a radio station that broadcasts anime music? Thanx.

Well, just like there isn't a radio station in America that does nothing but play themes from cartoons, there won't be such a thing in Japan. Think about it like this; every so often, you'll hear a song on the radio that was recorded for a movie soundtrack (Like that cursed “Hero” song from Spider-man or, god forbid, the Celine Dion track from that sinking ship movie). There's no station that exclusively plays songs recorded for movies, but said songs will get heavy rotation on the radio while the movie is still hot property and the soundtrack is selling well. Same deal in Japan. Say L'arc~en~Ciel records the opening to whatever Gonzo's latest anime series is. If the show's a hit, and the song's a hit, they'll play the song along with everything else on the radio. So, just listen to a pop station. You'll probably hear a few songs from recent anime.

Hi! Recently I just finished watching the Escaflowne movie and am desperate for some new anime to watch but I don't know what to buy. So I was wondering for someone who loves animes like Vision of Escaflowne, Princess Mononoke, Yū Yū Hakusho, and Cowboy Bebop and hates Gundam Wing and overdone violent animes like Ninja Scroll what other animes do you recommend? I mean I like a little romance mixed in the stories but not overdone like Tenchi Muyo! for example. (Cute guys are also a plus for me.) :) I hope you can help me! Thanks!

-Just Another Anime Lover

Well, here comes my prerequisite recommendation. Loyal readers know what I always recommend. Try Revolutionary Girl Utena, which isn't exactly action-packed, but has an amazingly developed, deep storyline (As well as bishounen.). Also, give Hellsing a shot. If you liked Cowboy Bebop, you might enjoy the darker themes and action Hellsing has to offer. It's a little bloody, but worth the effort. Fushigi Yuugi is a classic that has crossover appeal to fans of both shojo and shonen titles. I myself enjoyed the series a great deal, despite the pretty boy-heavy cast and melodramatic storyline. These three should keep you busy for a while.

1 - 13 of the Utena the TV series is released in North America but, isn't the entire series something like 40 episodes? If so, is the rest of the series being released? While on the topic of Utena, do you think the Lesbian innuendo (if you can call it that) is more symbolic of some greater moral such as women rights & freedoms or is it just there to attract horny male viewers? I feel if I ask lots of questions, i'll have a better chance of being anwsered.

Your adoring, loving, dedicated and borderline unhealthy obessive reader of your column


P.S. I need a picture of you

CPM just announced that they'd be releasing the rest of the Utena series starting in November, so we'll get to see all 39 episodes. As for the second part of your question, I personally believe the lesbianism in Utena is symbolic, like everything in the show. In my opinion, Utena is one big allegory for the psychological process of becoming an individual. Distancing Utena and Anthy from the rest of the “students” (IE society) at Ohtori Academy became increasingly important as the show wore on, so Ikuhara added a dose of lesbianism between the two to further substantiate their individuality. As the rest of the cast (particularly the male cast members) are “othered” (Witness the gradual decline of Touga Kiryuu from sex symbol to enemy), the relationship between Utena and Anthy becomes a singular anomaly within the constructed “society” of Ohotori Academy, establishing what will later become the central focus of the series' main theme. At least, that's my interpretation. As for your final question, that's just creepy, dude.

I've been a fan of the manga Naruto for a little while now, and I heard rumors of an anime coming in Japan soon. Any truth to this?

You know, I nearly bought the Naruto manga at AX2002 this year. It looked pretty cool. From my research, though, you're working on rumors. The chances are probably extraordinarily high, though, that a Naruto anime is in production. The manga has a large print run and has been around a little while. Hell, King of Bandits Jing got an anime series, and from what I hear, Naruto is substantially higher in quality.

I just finished watching the first season of Orphen and it seemed like a pretty definitive end to the main objective. What are the other two seasons about and how long are they?

You know, I used to think there were three seasons; One called “Revenge” and one called “Up and Down!”. I saw a spread for “Up and Down!” in a Newtype once, and I haven't seen anything else on it or seen mention of it anywhere since. At this point, I'm going to assume it doesn't exist. I hear Revenge deals with Orphen's past, his days at magic school and so forth. It's 23 episodes long. That's all I know.

Alright, see you on Friday, homies.

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