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Fansubber Update

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Two fansubbers this week announced the completions of projects that couldn't be distributed. First, Lupin Gang announced Gall Force 2-3 and Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro, but did have the public news to report that the group had solved their equipment problems and would therefore be able to complete Dancougar Movie/Music Clip and Bewitching Nozomi 2-3 (and possibly Zeta Gundam 1-4) in reletively short order. The group also managed to find off-LD copies of the Lupin III TV series, and so work on that should resume shortly. (Remastering of the third series is going on now.)

LGA also announced that the long-awaited Hi-Speed Jecy 1-12 and Future Cyber Formula GPX TV 1-8 are currently being translated, and future plans include the 1998 Lupin special "Tokyo Crisis," as well as Dallos, Zetsuai 1989, Take the X Train, Blue Comet SPT Layzner, Phoenix, the Dancougar OAV's, and Yoroiden Samurai Troopers OAV's.

Netherlands-based Studio Frustrate announced its completion of the Creamy Mami 5 script, as well as Violinist of Hamelin 5-6, which falls short of the previously announced Mononoke Hime (in Dutch and English) and Goldfish Warning! 1-12 and OAV announced previously. The group explained that their genlock is acting up, making everything they master look very poor quality. Mononoke Hime would not be for distribution. Goldfish Warning! is being subtitled from very poor quality off-TV source, but the group is trying to appropriate volume 1 directly from TOEI.

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