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No US Release of Sen to Chihiro?

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"Disney currently has no official plans to release any more of Miyazaki's films in America", says David Jessen, vice president of acquisitions at Buena Vista...

It doesn't look good for "Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi" in the US. According to Inside.com's article, "Burnt Once by Anime, Disney Is Shy About Releasing New Japanese Blockbuster in the U.S." by Stephen Totilo, Disney has no plans for a theatrical release of Miyazaki's latest film.

Disney executives are basing their decision not to release "Sen to Chihiro" on the fact that "Princess Mononoke" didn't do well in US theatres. The article says "that Miyazaki would produce the darker Mononoke was a surprise to Disney executives." It goes on to discuss that other Miyazaki films are more family-friendly, including the latest "Sen to Chihiro", so it seems strange that Disney would try to equate
Mononoke's lack of success with the potential of "Sen to Chihiro".

Meanwhile, "Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi", or "Spirited Away", continues to break box office records in Japan.

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