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Spoon? Fork? Why not "Spork"?

Answerman: Spoon? Fork? Why not "Spork"?

So, it looks like next week I'll be occupied both Wednesday and Friday, so we'll be running a “best of Answerman” special, with some of the most frequently asked answers reposted for your reading pleasure (Those of you who aren't at AnimeExpo, that is.)

Hi Answerman,
I have 2 questions:
1. I recently saw Jin-Roh and was amazed at how god it was. Do you know if it's going to be released as a DVD in the US?
2. Is Tokyo Babylon by CLAMP liscensed in the US?
Thank You

I'm sure Jin-Roh will be out on DVD after it finishes its short theatrical run. The Tokyo Babylon anime was released in the US a while back; you can even get it on DVD.

While reading the article about black jack and how utada hikaru was going to be the voice actress for one of the characters, it said next to her name," family name first." I was wondering if the names of anime characters are given the same way.

Most Japanese names are given with the family names first. “Kasuga Kyosuke”, for example, gives Kyosuke's last name, Kasuga, first. Most anime series follow this rule pretty closely.

Hello mr. Answerman, sir.

I'm a big ghibli fan(also a big answerman fan...), so naturally i was wondering when or if i will ever get a chance to see their movies...I think they are licensed by disney but im not sure. I'm especially interested in the Miyazaki films. There are a couple of things i'm unclear on though. Could you tell me who(if anyone) has the rights to the following movies? And also who directed them? Are any of these movies going to be released soon?

Only Yesterday
Whisper of the Heart
I Can Hear the Sea
nausicaa(i know this is miyazaki)
My Neighbor Totoro
Romeo's Blue Skies
Baby and Me
Also(sorry i know this is alot of work) do you think Disney will .hack up the more mature movies because of their kiddie reputation(you can consult the psychic monkey this one)?

Oh god i hope Disney knows what they are doing...


I'll go down the list:
Only Yesterday - Directed by Isao Takahata. Licensed by Disney.
Whispers of the Heart - Directed by Yoshifumi Kondō. Licensed by Disney.
I Can Hear the Sea - Directed by Tomomi Mochizuki. Not currently licensed by any US Company.
Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä - Directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Licensed by Disney.
My Neighbor Totoro - Directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Licensed by Disney.
Romeo's Blue Skies - Directed by Kuzuha Kozo. Not currently licensed by any US company.
Baby and Me - Couldn't find the director's name, but I know this title isn't licensed.

And no, I don't think Disney will cut a single frame of footage from any Ghibli film. Ghibli's works are considered art films by too large a portion of the film criticism community; Disney would be lynched by many, many important people if they cut anything out of any of Ghibli's works. They did a fine job with Kiki's Delivery Service and Princess Mononoke - I imagine that level of quality will be upheld.

I read in Tokyo Pop a few months ago, that there was a Ah! My Goddess television series. I am familiar with the OAV's and movie, (and the Adventures of the mini-goddesses). The article said that the series had been running for many seasons. I was wondering what you knew about it.

Well, as a rule of thumb, don't believe anything you read in TokyoPop. That magazine has no credibility whatsoever. But, to answer your question, they're probably referring to the Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses. It ran a few seasons, with each episode clocking in at a scant 5 minutes. There's never been a full-length, “serious” AMG TV series.

Any idea when arjuna will be on dvd? and better yet.. english subbed?

Arujuna hasn't been licensed in the US yet, but the first DVD came out on June 25th of this year. You can buy the import DVD from www.amotokyo.com.

My wife and I recently purchased the 7th Rurouni Kenshin DVD and were struck by the music that plays during the scene where he says goodbye to Kaoru. My wife swears that it's a reasonably well- known piece of classical music, but neither of us can quite place it. Can you help us identify it?

--- Stewart Tame

As far as I know, that music was composed for the series. I watched the episode and I remember hearing that song on the second Kenshin soundtrack a few times. Anyone out there have any more information on this? I could be wrong here; unfortunately, my training in Classical Music only got as far back as AC/DC and Alice Cooper.

** UPDATE **
Well, someone out there knew the answer to this one. Thanks to Scott Green for the following: "Western classical music is played in Kenshin when Kenshin leaves (Intermezzo from the opera Cavalleria Rusticana, by Pietro Mascagni), and later on in one scene of the final Shishio fight (Sonata No. 8, op. 13 in C minor (Pathetique), 2nd movement, by Ludwig van Beethoven)."

Thanks, Scott!

Thanks Scott

Hello Answerman,

I have got a question that has bothered me for some great time now. In the previews for Kiki's Delivery Service the movie there is a preview for Castle in the Sky. And it has never come out yet. Is it going to come out here in america or do I have to wait forever to get it or is there another way to get the movie. If there is could you be so kind enough to tell me please. Thanks for your help.


This is a popular question. Right now, nobody knows when Laputa's coming out over here, and since it's been licensed, the only way to see the film legally is to wait for Disney to release it. So, you'll just have to be patient.

A question for the Answer-Man:

I've been looking all over, but can't seem to find the answer anywhere. What's up with the 11th VHS of Martian Successor Nadesico? I can't find a release date for it anywhere. I know that the 10th is already available, because I own it, and I've seen a date of August 28th for the 12th... I'm hoping that by turning to you, I can gain the knowledge that I seek.

Ben T-Gaidin

This is one of those “Who can answer this one for me?” questions. ADV's site doesn't have a release date for this volume. I couldn't find a release date anywhere for this tape. Anyone out there know?

Hello Answerman! I just finished watching the ova Burn Up W and was just wondering why it abruptly ends just after 4 episodes. Did it not do very well in Japan, or did the production team just not feel like finishing it, ala Tenchi Muyo!.

Thanks a million.

Chi Master

That's where the story ends, my friend. Not every story wraps every loose end up at the end of the series. You're in luck, though; there was a follow up produced, called Burn Up! X-cess, which ADV will be releasing soon.

I think we'll call it there for now. If anyone reading is going to AnimeExpo and wants to say hello, you'll be able to find me at the Trivia Competition, the Anime Clubs panel, and a variety of other events. Otherwise, see you all after the convention!

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