3 Anime Articles in Latest Animation Academic Journal

posted on by Mikhail Koulikov
Celebrities in English Miyazaki dubs, anime's foreign elements, motion in anime

The latest (July 2008) issue of the academic periodical Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal contains three separate papers on topics related to anime. In her article "Star-Spangled Ghibli: Star Voices in the American Versions of Hayao Miyazaki's Films," Rayna Denison, a British scholar whose work centers on the reception of Hayao Miyazaki's films in the West, looks at how films like Princess Mononoke have been presented to American audiences. Amy Shirong Lu, a graduate student at the University of North Carolina, examines how international images, backgrounds, and contexts are being incorporated into Japanese animated films and series. Her paper is titled "The Many Faces of Internationalization in Japanese Anime." Caroline Ruddell, another British film scholar, contributes a heavily theoretical essay on the ways anime depicts movement and motion.

Since launching in 2006, Animation has become one of the most prominent journals in the emerging field of anime studies. Every single issue of the six published to date has run at least one theoretical or analytical article on Japanese animation.

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