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Ms. Answerman: I wanna be a columnist!

by Rebecca Bundy,
Ever wonder about what Zac did before ANN? These mysterious questions, and more…

First let me commend you on an excellent site. Clearly your site has a
wealth of valuable information and the hard work put in by the staff is easy
to see.
I'm a casual anime fan and I'm interested in watching more anime movies so
I'm writing you hoping that you could give me a list of anime movies or
series that you feel are the best. I haven't been able to really find a "top
anime" list or anything like that.
I've seen some of the big name ones like Ninja Scroll, Akira, and Ghost in
the Shell. What are some other ones I should check out? Either feature
length movie or series would be fine.
Thanks for your help and keep up the great work!

This is a question that shows up a lot on anime message boards and everyone has their own opinions on movies and series that everyone should watch. Movie wise, I'd try looking up a few of Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki films such as Spirited Away, Mononoke Hime, and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. Series wise, I have my favorites but many of the series that I enjoy (Berserk, Naruto, etc) might not be the best for a casual anime fan. Try watching Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne, Rurouni Kenshin, Gundam Wing, and the first 20 or so episodes of Dragon Ball Z (since the series is 300 episodes long). These series are a little older, and I know that plenty of anime fans would have a problem with at least one of these titles being in a ‘top anime’ list, but these are the series that every anime fan knows and has some opinion of. These five also cover a wide range of genres (space opera, fantasy, historical/samurai, mecha, and action). Personally, only Rurouni Kenshin and Escaflowne are on my own ‘top anime’ list, but for someone who's new to anime, these are the shows and movies you want to be familiar with.

Hi i have a question regarding the new Sailor Moon series. Some info at the following website: http://www.iwaynet.net/~sos/naoko2003.html ... my question is when is the series expected to be out, thats if there even is a new one.. According to the website there is suppose to be one called "Sailor Moon World" Have you came across anything like that? Thanks
-anime fan-

Sailor Moon World is a rumor, but only because nothing official has been released about it. The Sailor Moon franchise is pretty old, and those who used to watch Sailor Moon are no longer in that series target age group. The fact that Naoko Takeuchi is asking the public for help on the story means that she either doesn't know what that age group is interested in or is unable to come up with a new idea. The series originally focused on the five closest planets to the sun, and with each addition to the Sailor Moon saga, the focus (as well as the villains and senshi (scouts)) expanded. Sailor Moon Stars focused on distant stars, planets, and galaxies. What I want to know is, who would the sailor scouts fight? The nefarious “Black Hole gang”, while joining forces with Sailor V356 and Sailor Crab Nebula?

Recently, I am interest in an anime called 'Mizuiro Jidai'. I was hoping, do you know where I can purchase the set of animations in english sub or dub? I heard that I was able to purchase it by a company called Technogirls. But I was unable to find a link to it. Is there a way you can help? Thank you.

Mizuiro Jidai (translated as Aqua Age or The Bluegreen Years) followed the ‘normal’ life of a young teenage girl called Kawai Yuko and ran for 47 episodes. The show's about 8 years old, so it probably won't be licensed by anyone in the US. The website you were looking for is here: Scroll down to ‘Reviews Reviewed’ and you can read their opinion of an old review of Zac's from when he was writing for Scifi.com's Anime Colony.

Dear Ms. Answerwoman,
One of the things I've heard about anime and manga is that they're created for all ages, whereas in the States cartoons and comic books are primarily for kids and young people. However, all the anime and manga I've run across so far has been aimed at kids and/or young people. What's the deal? Where's the "Golden Girls" anime, or the "Murder She Wrote" manga series? Thanks for your time.

Unfortunately the reason you aren't seing these is that certain demographics aren't being targeted by the North American Anime importers... YET. While they are importing titles that are more mature, like Cowboy Bebop, Blade of the Immortal and Paradise Kiss, they haven't been importing "less exciting" titles such as Salary Man Kintaro (which is aimed at adult "salarymen"). North American licensors just recently started importing Shoujo, and look at how popular it has already gotten. Hopefully the other demographics will be catered to shortly."

Hi, many questions need to be answered, if you don't
mind :)
1. Has Blade of Immortal ended in Japan yet? if so
(or not), what number is the last chapter (or book)?
2. Same question as #1, but this is about Oh! My
goddess. Has it ended yet? and what is the last
3. Anyone pick up Wolf's Rain yet? Your opinion on
this anime is...?
Thanks for answering them.
Thanks again,

1) Nope, Blade of the Immortal (Mugen no Jyuunin) is still being serialized in Kodansha's Afternoon. The mangaka, Hiroaki Samura, supposedly plans on ending the series after the main storyline has finished running, but there's no telling how long that will take. Sasugabooks.com has thirteen volumes listed for sale, but that number will grow as the series continues to be released.
2) Ironically enough, Ah! My Goddess is published in Afternoon as well. 25 volumes have been released, along with three volumes of the Ah! My Goddess “anime” comic. The series is still running.
3) No one has obtained the license for this series, though Bandai will likely buy the rights to this wonderful anime. My opinion is that this anime is one of the best ones out right now and that everyone should see it. Watch it.

Another day, another dollar, another five questions answered.

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