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Nemuri Sou..

Answerman: Nemuri Sou..

Keep those questions coming, people. This week's queries:

Dear Answerman,

I have a question for you that I need to know the answer to: What's your real name? (j/k)
Okay, seriously now. What is NOIR about? I've heard its opening song, but I have no clue what this anime is. If you know, do you mind giving me a brief summary of it and where I could find it?

GreyRose @+

Noir is an ultra-cool new series about a female assassin who is mysteriously connected with a young girl named Noir who can kill without feeling any mercy or grief. It's a very dark, stylish show. While we're waiting for ADV to officially announce the license to this series, the fansubs are still available. Try looking around the web.

Hey answerman,

a. Are the Powerpuff Girls as popular in Japan as it is in the US?
b.The Show "Super Milk-chan" looks like PPG, but what is it? Is it any good?

2. What will it take to get Konami to bring a Tokimeki Memorial game to the US? Bribes? Human sacrifices? What do you think?

Thanx in advance [hopefully]

No. The PowerPuff girls have enjoyed moderate success in Japan but failed to be the ratings smash the WB was expecting. Looks like the PowerPuff Girls' star is fading even in America, so I think the franchise is pretty close to biting the dust anyway. As for Super Milk-chan, it's essentially a really bizarre little action-comedy series. ADV has the license to it and should be releasing it sometime soon. To answer your last question, I'm going to say it would take not only bribes and human sacrifices, it'd also require that the market for slowly-paced dating sims with no Hentai payoff at the end would have to increase exponentially.

Hi Anserman,
I just got hooked on Armored Trooper Votoms, and was wondering if there are any sequels besides Mellowlink.


Here's what Guitarman555 had to say: At http://www.yk.rim.or.jp/~akira_t/rbdble/pgm/suntakre.htm you can see a list of Ryosuke Takahashi-directed anime, including 4 Votoms OVA series (not counting Mellowlink). Those are "The Last Red Shoulder" (1985), "Big Battle" (1986), "Red Shoulder Document: The Roots of Ambition" (1988), and "Shining Heresy" (made as recently as 1994). The first three are all one-shots that take place at various points during the Armored Trooper Votoms TV series but "Shining Heresy" is a genuine 5 episode sequel to the show. Thanks, Guitarman!

(Re: Evangelion Movies)
I heard through the grapevine that all versions of the movies will be edited to a degree, is that also true? I always though that Manga Video had the most violent anime out there so it's surprising to hear that the movies are going to be edited. and if so, just what are they editing out?

thank you,
Ronin Mecha

It's surprising mostly because it isn't true. Manga has said on several occasions that the Evangelion movies won't be edited in any fashion whatsoever.

Hello there Answerman!

I'd like to start off by saying I love your column, it's answered a lot of questions I've had about certain series. ^_^ I have three questions, and hopefully you haven't been asked them yet.

Okay, first question is about Princess Mononoke and something I've been dying to know. Everyone knows about the giant wolf Moro, but do the two smaller wolves have names themselves, or are they just Wolf 1 and Wolf 2?

Second question is something my friends and I have been arguing over for a long time, with no real answer. Thundercats, The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings and The Last Unicorn. They all seem to be made by the same company because the animation is similiar, and I remember seeing possibly Japanese names in the credits.. but I know it's not anime because if it was, there would have been a Japanese language version available somewhere? So are these actual anime, or are they products of another asian animation company, like from Taiwan or China?

And lastly, I have a question about the anime series that time forgot. The first anime I ever saw and fell in love with was Samurai Pizza Cats. Is there any news out there at all about this series? It seems like both English and Japanese companies have shelved it in hopes that it'll disappear into a black hole or something.

Thanks for the compliment. As far as I know, the two younger wolves in Princess Mononoke don't have names. I could be wrong though; anyone out there know if the pups have names?

The Samurai Pizza Cats (Or “Nittenden Legend Cats” in Japan) TV series was dubbed and put on TV back in the mid 90's by Saban. Since then it has fallen in to total obscurity. I haven't heard anything regarding it in a long time, and I wouldn't really expect to, either.

I didn't think the Rankin/Bass films were done IN Japan, they merely had a Japanese production staff (It happens often on Saturday Morning Cartoons.).. but apparently that isn't the case! Here's a definitive answer:

Rankin/Bass had most, if not all, of its animated projects - both cel animation and puppet animation - done in Japan.

The puppet animation for that perennial Rankin/Bass holiday favorite, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, was supervised by the late Tad(ahito) Mochinaga, a famous Japanese puppet animator. One of Mochinaga's pupils, Kihachirô Kawamoto, is perhaps Japan's most renowned puppet animator.

Another perennial Rankin/Bass holiday favorite, Frosty the Snowman, was animated by Osamu Tezuka's Mushi Productions.

Rankin/Bass Productions Thundercats, The Hobbit and The Last Unicorn were animated in Japan. The person who recalls seeing Japanese names on these Rankin/Bass animated titles is correct. If you like, I can give you the Japanese credits from my copy of The Last Unicorn.

Thanks to "Rya Saeba" for sending that in!

Mr. Answerman,
Sailor Moon is coming out on region 2 DVD (the movies at least), it said so on their website (Japanese one, Toei). Do you think:
1.There is any chance they will have english subtitles?
2.Any chance at all they will be progressive?
3.The movies are being released first in a box set, do you think the series will follow in the same way (in box sets)?
I know your response is what you think will happen and not definite.

Your grateful reader,

Why does it matter if the Region 2 DVD release of Sailor Moon has subtitles? The movies have already been released here on DVD in an unedited, subtitled format. To answer your question, no, I don't think they'll have English subs. I don't know if they'll be progressive or not; probably not, given that the Japanese have a fondness for making non-anamorphic discs. If there's anyone crazier about boxed sets than American otaku, it's Japanese otaku, and I'm positive that Sailor Moon will be released in boxed sets in Japan.

Can you give me any details on The Five Star Stories DVDs that are floating around? What's legit? What's bootleg? Are any good? How are the subtitles?



If there's a Five Star Stories DVD out there with English subtitles, it's a fake. Don't buy it. It's probably just a copy of the LD with unreadable Engrish subtitles laid down. I don't think the movie has been released in Japan on DVD yet, so essentially, if you see a DVD with Five Star Stories on it, it's a bootleg.

I just recently finished watching the Battle Atheletes Victory series and was wondering if there were any other Battle Atheletes anime made. When I tried Amazon.com they had listed both Battle Atheletes Victory and Battle Atheletes. The descriptions for the latter were kind of generic though and referred to the former. Is it a different series or the same ?


Well, there's the original 6-part OVA series and then the TV series, Victory. That's it. If you've seen both of those, you've seen all there is to see.

You run a great column Zac, but here are my questions

Utena: Will there also be a second gen Lim Ed Movie similar to what they did with Akira (Metal vs Grey plastic). I usually buy anime in bulk to save on S&H and that would mean waiting until Nov/Dec. If a second gen will be released, then I'll just get it anyway even w/ the ridiculous charges.

3x3 Eyes: Is the second OVA series 'official'. It seems to break the story and mood of the original. Furthermore, they hint that Pan is Kanjiyan, the great Sanjiyan demon in the original OVA. Am I just picking up the hint wrong, or did the title get passed to someone other than the original creator

Thx Answerman and Keep up the good work

The only thing “limited” about the Utena limited edition DVD that's coming out is that it comes in a pink case and includes a sampler DVD that was handed out at conventions. It isn't like the Akira DVD that came with an extra disc of bonus material; everything in the Utena limited edition DVD package is pretty much extraneous. Yes, the second 3x3 Eyes OAV series is “official”. It was sanctioned by the series' creator.

Yo! I was wondering when and if the Trigun manga will be releasted in the US. Thanks, Jake Lenahan

You should probably swap the order of your questions here. “If”, at this point, is a lot more important than “when”. Nobody's licensed the Trigun manga yet.

See y'all on Tuesday.

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