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Princess Mononoke (OST)

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Title: Princess Mononoke
Volume: OST
Running time: 134
Distributor: Milan Records

Release date: 1999-10-12
Suggested retail price: $18.98

SKU: 35864
UPC: 731383586422 731383586422

Track Listing:

  1. The Legend of Ashitaka
  2. The Demon God
  3. The Journey to the West
  4. The Demon Power
  5. The Land of the Impure
  6. The Encounter
  7. Kodamas
  8. The Forest of the Gods
  9. Evening at the Ironworks
  10. The Demon God II - The Lost Mountains
  11. Lady Eboshi
  12. The Tatara Women Work Song
  13. The Furiesa
  14. The Young Man From the East
  15. Requiem
  16. Will to Live
  17. San and Ashitaka in the Forest of the Deer God
  18. Princess Mononoke theme song (Mononoke-Hime) instrumental version
  19. Requiem II
  20. The Battle Drums
  21. The Battle In Front of the Ironworks
  22. The Demon Power II
  23. Requiem III
  24. The Retreat
  25. The Demon God III
  26. Adagio of Life and Death
  27. The World of the Dead
  28. The World of the Dead II
  29. Adagio of Life and Death II
  30. Ashitaka and San
  31. Princess Mononoke theme song (Mononoke-Hime) performed by Sasha Lazard
  32. The Legend of Ashitaka Theme (end credit)

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