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Answerman no Omocha

Answerman: Answerman no Omocha

Alright, I'm in just as much a hurry to start the weekend as any of you, so here we go. Let's get this over with.

I was at the Bookstore the other night, and happened upon a copy of Wizard's new anime magazine. I forget the magazine's name. Anyway, somewhere in there they had a little blurb on Akitarō Daichi. In this little blurb, they mention 3 anime he's worked on: Kodomo no Omacha, Elf Princess Rane, and Jubei Chan. And then they say that all three of these anime are now available in the U.S. What the heck? Did Kodomo no Omacha get licensed when I wasn't looking? I'll be thrilled if that's the case, but I somehow have my doubts.

James McFarland

Currently Kodomo no Omocha is available in manga form from TokyoPop. A lot of people are assuming that TokyoPop plans on releasing the anime series here, but they have yet to announce anything. So, technically, yes, Kodocha is available here; but just the manga, not the anime.

I have a few questions
1)I am a huge fan of the Castlevania series of games (espically Symphony of the Night) and was wondering if there was/is any plans for a Castlevania series or OAV. It seems that it would be a perfect time for it with Blood: The Last Vampire and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust being released.

2)I heard that Rumiko Takahashi was going to go back to Ranma 1/2 after finishing Inyuyasha? Can you confirm?

Again, I wish. Last time someone asked about a Metal Gear anime (Which apparently will never happen) and now we have someone asking about another of my all-time favorites, Castlevania: SOTN. As far as I know, there are no plans; but anything's possible. Those rumors about Takahashi's return to Ranma are just that, rumors. I wouldn't put any stock in them yet.

Dear All-powerful and Almighty Answerman:

Please do not think I am stupid. I am just really sick of all this zeon and fed crap that CN has been spewing out at fans. Even the orginals weren't much better. So please, PLEASE, tell me if there is any follow-ups to Endless Waltz, and whether or not Cartoon Network will try airing a good anime series any time soon.

Thanks, servant of the holy Answerman

There's no more Gundam Wing. If you haven't caught it yet, try Cowboy Bebop; Cartoon Network is currently running that series during Adult Swim. Supposedly they'll be airing Pilot Candidate as well, eventually; I found it to be somewhat pedestrian but entertaining nonetheless.

Thanks so much for doing this for all the anime fans. I had a question, it seems that in Iria: Zeriam (Zeriam monster on his hat), Tenchi Muyo! In Love (the villain known as kain), and even Vampire Princess Miyu (larvae) seem to have similar design, my question is there like a myth to this character design or history, and also besides the series I named, is there any other series with a character like it.

Nope. There's just a multitude of characters that dress in all black and have a white mask for a face. It seems strangely Noh-esque to me, but, I could be mistaken. As for other series that have characters like that, there are countless examples. They turn up a lot in horror anime.

Will the manga series of Rurouni Kenshin ever be licensed and released statside. I would like to buy them to go along with the TV series I'm buying next year. I don't want to buy the import bilingual voulmes beaause poeple have to pay import taxes besides the usual shipping cost at animenation.com. Also home many volumes are there in the manga?

The Kenshin manga hasn't been licensed yet, but I'd imagine that it'll get licensed next year if not sooner. There are 28 volumes of manga.

Hi there. I recently bought the Akira special edition on dvd and was somewhat dissapointed to find that the english dub has been redone. (I think the vhs dub was much better with more poignant lines). Is it possible to find a dvd version with the original english dub? I would be grateful if you could respond!
Erich Fowler

Editor Tempest took this one on himself:


Pioneer made a lot of fuss about the $1 million they spent redoing the dub and re-mastering the video. There was talk of them including the old Streamline dub on the DVD, but apparently there wasn't enough space to keep it and keep the DVD up to THX specs.


Have you caught any rumours or news of any kind of a Noir movie? I'm desperate for something, ANYTHING!

Nope. The show was really popular though, so keep an eye on Newtype magazine. Something may pop up.

Hi Answerman,
A couple weeks ago I found a site that posted a monthly japanese poll of the popularity of anime, for example, in October Fruits Basket was #1, and Noir was #2. Unfortunately, I forgot to bookmark the site. Do you know the url of the site or a site that would have such a poll? Thanx

Yeah, you probably saw this site:

He posts every so often with a myriad of information.

How many total volumes of the manga are there? I read that the TV series didn't have a ending really per say becasue I read somewhere the manga verison of the show has the real ending. Also is the manga series close to ending? I was thinking about just buying the manga volumes as Toykopop releases them and not buy the DVD verison.

The Love Hina manga will conclude with volume 14. It's pretty close to finishing up in Japan. Personally, I prefer the anime to the manga; but that's just personal preference. There's an OVA series coming out this January that may or may not provide a real conclusion to the show.

Hi Answerman,

I was wondering if you knew whether Studio Ghibli and Buena Vista will be releasing Laputa and Miyazake's other films (Nausicaä etc.) in the UK any time soon because I've heard a lot of rumors but have only seen Princess Mononoke released. Thanks!

Nick C. (London)

They probably won't be releasing them there any sooner than they'd be releasing them in America, and since the future of the Ghibli properties in the US is currently cast in the shadow of doubt, we probably won't hear anything on either side of the pond for quite some time.

Hey Answerguy,

Why is it that of the few popular anime series that i know, all of them seem to have exactly 26 episodes... the ones im thinking of are Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and Evangelion, the Tenchi TV series(s)...

Okay, here's the real deal with this. About a thousand years ago, a group of arcane magic users living in a secret location beneath the main island of Japan held a conference. It was up to them to beat back a horrible supernatural force bent on the destruction of humankind. They had tried everything; ancient rituals, blood rites, black magic. They had but one option left; the divine magic of numerology. They'd discovered that the only thing capable of beating back this mysterious evil force was to unlock the power inside a single number: 26. Manipulating the secret science of numbers, they unleashed a powerful counterforce and drove back the evil encroaching on the land. In order to maintain the balance, television series were mandated to have 26 episodes exactly; thus keeping the number in wide usage and staving off corruption and decay. You may have noticed a correlation between the decline of Japan's economy and the increase of series with only 13 episodes; things may get worse before they get better.

But seriously, though, 26 episodes is exactly half a year long, season-wise.

Have a good thanksgiving!
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