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Large Toonami Updates

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Important information regarding Big O, the Toonami Reactor, and Dragon Ball Z!

First of all, commercials for Big O have begun airing on Cartoon Network. Sam (of DBZ Kingdom first submitted news about this.

The commercial confirms earlier reports that Big O would air on April 2nd at 5:30pm. Toonami: Digital Arsenal has encoded the 1-minute advertisement and placed it in their "Downloads" section.

In other news, the Toonami Reactor is operational! This website, which officially launched on the 26th, is a high-end video streaming website.

Users have the option of a high-bandwidth or low-bandwidth version of the site. Numerous additional features will be on the broadband version. This site also requires high-end programs. Windows Media Player 7 and Flash 7.02 are both highly recommended for complete compatability with this website.

Content on this site includes Dragon Ball Z episode 53 (for 56k modems and broadband) and 54 (for broadband only) in ASF format. Starblazers is listed, but is unavailable currently.

One important feature on the Reactor is the "Feedback" button, which is a survey asking feedback on the Reactor's looks, content, cost, and features. Also, the survey asks about which anime series the Reactor should stream. Selections include Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, and Trigun, as well as classic series such as Voltron and Battle of the Planets.

Finally, Cartoon Network has stated that the Garlic Jr. Saga for Dragon Ball Z will re-run starting May 2nd. In addition, all of Season 4 (Trunks Saga, Android Saga, and the Cell Saga) will begin repeating on May 18th.

Assuming no schedule changes occur, the first episode of Season 5 (#180, Warriors of the Dead) would be broadcast on Septemer 4th, and the first Saiyaman episode (#185, Gohan Goes To High School) would premiere September 11th. (ED's note: Rumors speculate that Season 5 will be pushed back to September 10th because Toonami has generally favored beginning new story arcs and series on Mondays instead of mid-week.)

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