Deva Zan Footage by Final Fantasy's Amano Streamed (Updated)

posted on by Egan Loo
67 seconds from Spring 2012 directorial debut of Gatchaman's Yoshitaka Amano

The Movie Collection website has posted 67 seconds of special footage from Deva Zan, the film directorial debut of Final Fantasy and Science Ninja Team Gatchaman illustrator Yoshitaka Amano. The film will open simultaneously worldwide in the spring of 2012.

Story is set after the Jinshō (Buddhist divine generals) were defeated by darkness and became lost in time. After the world descended into chaos, Zan, a samurai with no memories, discovers his calling and assembles fellow soldiers who can cross through time and space. Together, they take on the legions of darkness.

Source: Nippon Cinema

Update: Famitsu posted the staff of the film:
Supervising Director, Creator, Planner: Yoshitaka Amano
Animation Director: Shinmei Kawahara
Screenplay: Yoko Toyo, Fumiya Tsuchihashi
Production: Studio Deva Loka
Music/Publicity Producer: Toshio Yokota (For Life Music Entertainment)

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