Battle of the Planets Return to TV

posted on 2003-02-03 23:00 EST
Uses New Animation for the first time. is reporting that Battle of the Planets is returning to TV in North America. Ocean Media currently producing the english dub for the series.

Like the first Battle of the Planets TV series, Battle of the Planets: The New Exploits of G Force is being made using animation from the original Japanese TV series, Gatchaman. However, unlike the previous incarnation, The New Exploits of G Force will also "new" animation produced in with the Animation from the original 108 episode TV show. (At this time ANN isn't certain if this new animation is being produced in North America, or if it is being used from subsequent Gatchaman series, we are of course looking into it.)

Following the first Battle of the planets TV series, 2 more Battle of the Planets TV series were produced for North American consumption using footage from several Japanese Gatchaman series.

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