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Upcoming figures of Spike Spiegel, Asuka and classic mecha


Kaiyodo's Cowboy Bebop Spike Spiegel figure is currently being sold in Japn for approximately $30 US, but it is due for a US release in first quarter 2002 for $10.99. It can be seen at here

Kaiyodo Neon Genesis Evangelion Asuka can be seen at here. It is being offered in Diamond's October Previews for a February release. The 7" figure will retail for $13.99.

Toycom has announced a pre-painted Getter One cold-cast resin statue entitled Getter One: Bust Up. It features a 12" destroyed model of the Go Nagai's mech's head. The figure will retail for $279.99 in mid October. It can be seen at here A Mazinger Z: Bust Up is expected it make an appearance at some point.

Uni-Five- Gatchaman Die-Cast GOD PHOENIX will be imported from Japan starting in February. Measuring 8" long, it features opening compartments, all of the team members' mini-vehicles, firing bird-missiles, and a Center Neptune stand display base. Also included is a molded soft vinyl cover measuring nearly 18" long, that can be fitted over the God Phoenix to simulate the fiery "phoenix effect" as seen in the show. It can be seen at

Toycom's 6" Hero Collection will include the Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Getter One and Getter Robo G. The line will be simular to the recently released Giant Robo figures, and are comprised of Die-Cast: 70%, ABS Plastic: 15%, Other: 15%. The figures are due this December for $29.99 each. They can be seen at here

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