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Tokyopop Officially Announces Licences

posted on by Christopher Macdonald

By way of a press release sent out late last night, Tokyopop has finally officially announced a slew of aquisitions, some of which were expected, and others which are total surprises.

Tokyopop has aquired the following Manga: Initial D, Real Bout High School, Cowboy Bebop, Love Hina and GTO; the following Anime: Initial D, GTO and Alexander; and the following soundtrack: Onimusha; Korean "manwha" Priest was also announced.

Excepts from press release:

Initial D
An enormous hit in Japan, Initial D sold more than 30 million graphic novels and boasted a 50% television share in its time slot. This highly anticipated anime/manga title is well known for its take on the street-racing scene. Following a delivery boy as he earns his way up through the echelons of street racing, Initial D is a "coming of age" story that plays like The Fast and the Furious.

Real Bout High School
The global interest sparked by this property sent international television buyers into a frenzy at this year's MIPCOM Jr., where TOKYOPOP® highlighted its recent anime acquisition. Adding ammunition to success, TOKYOPOP® has now secured rights to the eagerly awaited manga series, upon which Gonzo Studio's popular television show is based. In this epic adventure, a high school Samurai Girl joins forces with her teacher to fight a host of horrific monsters when she's suddenly summoned to the strange world of Solvania.

Cowboy Bebop
With an enormous level of built-in fan loyalty, Cowboy Bebop follows the popular anime series currently airing on the Cartoon Network. TOKYOPOP®'s manga and anime guide pick up where the anime leaves off, with more adventures and answers to fans' questions about the show. The year is 2071 in the world of Cowboy Bebop. Space exploration, intergalactic criminals and bounty hunters co-exist in a cyberpunk future.

GTO - Great Teacher Onizuka
GTO is the next big wave in anime -- no shojo, no big eyes, no "save the world" plot. The story of a motorcycle gang member-turned teacher who decides it's time to grow up and become a man, GTO serves up a "real life" mix of urban drama and physical comedy. In Japan, this anime and manga series was so successful that it spawned a hugely popular live action television series, the final episode of which posted the highest comedy/drama ratings ever in Japanese television.

This animated science fiction epic is based on the adventures of Alexander the Great, with character and concept designs by Peter Chung, creator of MTV's seminal hit animation series Aeon Flux. Alexander was directed by Rintaro (Metropolis) and produced by MAD HOUSE, Japan's top producer of cutting-edge animation. Alexander features distinctive characters, epic battle sequences and complex storytelling.

The Sounds of Onimusha
This soundtrack to the Sony PlayStation 2 and Xbox Onimusha games features a one-of-a-kind score that is already garnering critical acclaim. The powerful, haunting blend of orchestral arrangements and traditional Japanese instruments have coined composer Mamoru Samuragoch a "video game maestro" by Time magazine.

Love Hina
As U.S. fans eagerly await their taste of Love Hina manga, this mega-popular comic book series has already spawned a highly successful and constantly sold-out product line in Japan. Love Hina follows the hilarious antics of Keitaro, a socially awkward student whose attempts to get into college get him "stuck" as manager of an all-female boarding house full of beautiful women.

With the acquisition of Priest, TOKYOPOP® continues to solidify its position as the only U.S. company bringing authentic "manwha" (Korean comics) to North America, while adding to its current Korean titles, Island and Ragnarok. This popular horror-western follows the antics of Ivan Isaacs, a former priest who sold his soul to a supernatural power and now uses his newfound abilities to fight the demon lord Temoraze and his zombie minions. Ivan is the only one who can stop the evil, but the power he sold his soul to might not exactly be good either.

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