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Both Escaflowne and Metropolis have been gaining a fair ammount of attention in the mainstream press these past 2 weeks. Here are 3 more articles/broadcasts looking at Metropolis, and two more for Escaflowne. All are positive. updated with 1 more Escaflowne article at 7:30pm EST.

Referrers: Anime News Service
and reader, Franklin Harris.

NY PRESS, one of New York's alternative newspapers, has a rave review of
"Metropolis" up on its Web site today. The review, which can be read here, calls Metropolis
"the visually dazzling new sci-fi cartoon from Japan" and goes on to
heep more praise on the film.

The LA Weekly has also posted a short review of Metropolis on it's website and in its newspaper. According to their reviewer, whose complete review can be read here, "Screenwriter Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) and director Rintaro (Harmagedon) have created a ravishing new form of fusion animation that looks like the shape of things to come." LA Weekly also recommends Escaflowne with this short review that makes the very interesting comparison between the Escaflowne mecha and a "Transformers toy abandoned by the gods". On the subject of the film itself, the reviewer has this concluding statement, "Here, in less than 90 minutes, one jumps through bits of back-story as if they were flaming hoops, increasing the Alice-in-Wonderland pace that strengthens the film's dreamy integrity."

As mentioned yesterday, NPR's Morning Edition broadcast today featured a segment on Metropolis. In the segment Anime is referred to as "required viewing" for American animators, and Peter Doctor, director of Monster's Inc. states that some of his "friends" at Disney feel they are falling behind. Anime expert Jonathon Clements is interviewed extensively on the finer details of Metropolis. The article and audio segment can be found here.

The Vancouver Westender feturees a January 24th cover story entitled Animaniacs. The article, which can be read here is about the popularity of Animation in the Vancouver area. Escaflowne, which is showing theatrically in Vancouver, is used as a prominent example.

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