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Robotech: The Untold Story (U.S. movie)

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Alternative title:
Robotech, Le Film (French)
Robotech: La Película (Spanish)
Robotech: The Movie
Objectionable content: Mild
Vintage: 1986
Premiere date:
1986-07-25 (USA) (Limited)
1987-12-03 (Argentina)
1988-06-30 (UK)
Release dates: We have 5
Opening Theme:
"Robotech Theme" by Ulpio Minucci
Ending Theme:
"The Future Is Now" by Joanne Harris
Insert song:
"Call On Me" by Joanne Harris
"In My Heart" by Three Dog Night
"Only A Fool" by Jehan Agrama
"Saved By Science" by Joanne Harris
"Underground" by Michael Bradley and Joanne Harris
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According to Carl Macek, Robotech: The Untold Story was supposed to be a straight dub of Megazone 23 Part I, but because the Cannon Films executives were not happy with the original ending, Macek rewrote the script, spliced in footage from Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross, and commissioned Idol Co. Ltd. to animate a completely new ending (which was later included in the laserdisc release of Megazone 23 Part II). Because Megazone 23 was shot in 35mm film and Southern Cross was shot in 16mm film (which was the standard for TV series titles at the time), visual inconsistencies were very noticeable on the big screen.
The movie did a test run in Texas, where it failed. However, it was a surprise hit in some countries like Argentina. Harmony Gold let their license to Megazone 23 expire a few years later.
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DVD (Region 1)
    Robotech: The Complete Series [Macross Saga / Masters / New Generation] (Dub.DVD) 2011-10-18 (from $89.96)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Noboru Ishiguro (Megazone 23 Footage)
Ichirō Itano (Megazone 23 Footage)
Noboru Ishiguro (Megazone 23 Footage)
Toshihiro Hirano (Megazone 23 Footage)
Yasuomi Umetsu (Megazone 23 Footage)
Character Design:
Haruhiko Mikimoto (Megazone 23 Footage)
Tomonori Kogawa (Southern Cross Footage)
Toshihiro Hirano (Megazone 23 Footage, Eve Character Design)
Art Director: Mitsutaka Nakamura
Animation Director: Ichirō Itano (Megazone 23 Footage)
Director of Photography: Kenichi Yoshizaki
Producer: Tōru Miura

Editing: Eiko Nishide
In-Between Animation:
Fujiko Aoyagi (Megazone 23 Footage)
Hiroshi Kameyama (Megazone 23 Footage)
Ikuyo Otani (Megazone 23 Footage)
Kōichi Fukuda (Megazone 23 Footage)
Kyōko Fukui (Megazone 23 Footage)
Masaharu Tomoda (Megazone 23 Footage)
Masahiro Minesaki (Megazone 23 Footage)
Mitsuko Seki (Megazone 23 Footage)
Ohira Kitamura (Megazone 23 Footage)
Shizuo Tanaka (Megazone 23 Footage)
Yasuhito Murata (Megazone 23 Footage)
Yoshiko Shimura (Megazone 23 Footage)
In-Between Check:
Eiko Fujitaka (Megazone 23 Footage)
Katsuya Yamamoto (Megazone 23 Footage)
Mika Tokitomo (Megazone 23 Footage)
Key Animation:
Eiko Fujitaka (Megazone 23 Footage)
Gaku Miyao (Megazone 23 Footage)
Haruhiko Sato (Megazone 23 Footage)
Hideaki Anno (Megazone 23 Footage)
Hideaki Shimada (Megazone 23 Footage)
Hiroaki Ōgami (Megazone 23 Footage)
Hiroyuki Kitazume (Megazone 23 Footage)
Junichi Yokoyama (Megazone 23 Footage)
Kazuyoshi Yaginuma (Megazone 23 Footage)
Ken Ueno (Megazone 23 Footage)
Kinji Yoshimoto (Megazone 23 Footage)
Kōji Itō (Megazone 23 Footage)
Masahito Yamashita (Megazone 23 Footage)
Naoko Ozawa (Megazone 23 Footage)
Narumi Kakinouchi (Megazone 23 Footage)
Nobuteru Yuki (Megazone 23 Footage)
Sadami Morikawa (Megazone 23 Footage)
Shinsuke Terasawa (Megazone 23 Footage)
Shōichi Masuo (Megazone 23 Footage)
Tōru Iwataki (Megazone 23 Footage)
Tōru Misaka (Megazone 23 Footage)
Toshiaki Kanbara (Megazone 23 Footage)
Toshikatsu Shinozaki (Megazone 23 Footage)
Yasuomi Umetsu (Megazone 23 Footage)
Yoshiharu Fukushima (Megazone 23 Footage)
Production Design: Toshihiro Hirano
Japanese companies
AIC (Megazone 23 Footage)
ARTMIC (Megazone 23 Footage)
Big West (Southern Cross Footage)
Idol Co., Ltd. (Megazone 23 + New Footage)
Tatsunoko Production (Southern Cross Footage)
English cast
English staff
Director: Carl Macek
Ardwight Chamberlain
Steve Kramer (Additional Dialogue)
Story: Carl Macek
Executive producer:
Frank Agrama
Jehan Agrama
Producer: Ahmed Agrama

Additional Dialogue: Steve Kramer
Additional Music: Jack Goga
Assistant Executive Producer:
Elvira de la Rosa
Norman Siderow
Assistant Film Editor:
Angeria Rigamonti
Hagop Bazerkanian
Assistant Technical Engineer: Ramon Perez Jr.
Chief Engineer: Bryan J. Rusenko
Dolby Stereo Consultant: Jim Fitzpatrick
Executive Music Producer: Thomas A. White
Music Composition: Ulpio Minucci (Robotech theme)
Music Mixing Engineer: Steve Gursky
Music producer: Thomas White
Music Recording: Steve Gursky
Orchestra Conductor: Arlon Ober
Production Accounting: Ellen Green
Production Assistant:
Gabriel Riera
Raul Roa Jr.
Production Control: Olga Chacon
Production Coordination:
Andrea Coppola
Toshimitsu Suzuki
Production manager: Kent Harrison Hayes
Production Supervision: Alan Letz
Song Producer: Steve Wittmack
Sound Design: George Bours
Sound Editor: Mick Collins
Technical Supervision: Bryan J. Rusenko
Theme Song Performance:
Jehan Agrama (Only A Fool)
Joanne Harris (Call On Me; Saved By Science; The Future Is Now)
Michael Bradley (Underground)
Three Dog Night ("In My Heart")
Theme Supplemental Orchestration: Christoper L. Stone
Video Tape Editor: Guillermo Coelho
Video Transfer: Jorge Allia
Brittany Harlowe as Becky Franklin
Muriel Fargo as Eve
Ryan O'Flannigan as Mark Landry

Abe Lasser as Robotech Master #1
Greg Snow as Colonel B.D. Andrews
Guy Garrett as Leonard
Jeremy Platt as Rolf Emerson
Merle Pearson as Embry
Penny Sweet as Kelley Stevens
Wendee Swan as Stacy Embry

A. Gregory as
Frank's Partner
MODAT Security 2nd-in-Command
Abe Lasser as
Red Master Elder 2
Yellow Master Elder 1
Barry Stigler as
Leonard's Subordinate 1
Subordinate with Andrews in Truck 2
Bill Capizzi as Pop
Bruce Nielsen as
Delta Blue
Leonard's Subordinate 3
Mark's Buddy 2
Strategic Air Command Soldier 1
Stunt Rider 4
Cliff Wells as Underground Tech 1
Colin Phillips as
Northern Province Tech
Underground Tech 2
Cyn Branch as
Strategic Air Command Tech 3
UEG HQ Chair
Don Warner as Lt. Todd Harris
Drew Thomas as
Hangar Soldier 3
Helix 1
Northern Province Cannon Operator
Strategic Air Command Colonel
Subordinate with Andrews in Truck 1
Greg Snow as Newscaster 2
Guy Garrett as
Red Master Elder 1
Yellow Master Elder 2
Ike Medlick as
Master Subordinate 2
Underground Tech Announcement
J. Jay Smith as Narrator
Jaque Maecell as
Dr. Peters
Fake Good Samaritan 1
Jeffrey Platt as
Cmdr. Rolf Emerson
Rider 1
Jimmy Flinders as Branch Tech 2
Jonathan Alexander as MODAT Security Commander
Mearle Pearson as Professor Embry
R. Dwight as
Master Subordinate 1
Newscaster 3
Strategic Air Command Soldier 2
Strategic Air Command Tech 1
Todd and Nick's Comrade
TV Station Tech 1
Ray Michaels as
Captain in Andrews' Forces
Government Official
Ryan O'Flannigan as Strategic Air Command Tech 2
Wayne Anthony as
Green Master Elder
Northern Province Officer

English companies
Distributor: Rank Home Video (UK)
Licensed by:
Cannon Films (Expired)
Harmony Gold USA, Inc. (Expired)
Re-Recording: TODD AO Studios
Title Design: Modern Film Effects
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Executive producer: Dardo Ferrari (DSX Films)
Favio Posca as Mark Landry

Ernesto Frith as Narration
German Robles as Professor Daryl Embrey

Sergio Aguirre (Additional voices)
Spanish companies
Argentina Video Home (2013)
Edisur (Chile)
Tauro Video (Argentina; discontinued)
Dubbing: Videorecord S.A (Latin America)
Licensed by:
Cannon Films (Latin America; expired)
DSX Films (Argentina; 2013; Chile)
Dutch staff
Dutch companies
Cascar Video (Netherlands)
Vestron Video (Belgium)
Dutch cast

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