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Ms. Answerman
Question Hunter R: Answerlust

by Rebecca Bundy,
We've got a number of interesting questions lined up, so let's get started.

Hello Ms. Answerman,
First of all, Congratulations on your column!
It's great to have a fresh new voice on the
anscolumnlume, and with a differdeliveryvery line.
Tho, i do have a question to ask you. Im new to the
world of anime/manga and i have been little-by-little
beginning to understand the jokes and cultural norms
of this world. But the one thing I haven't been able
to understand is the "kitchen apron" fantasy that the
guys have with women. I think I have an idea of what
it's about? And then again, i really don't! And i
would really like to know of your understanding of it.
Also, is "The Big O 2" going to be aired here first in
the States before it hits Japan? Im wondering because,
it did better here in ratings, than it did over there?
Thanks for the time Ms. Answerman, and best wishes to
future columns!


The kitchen apron fantasy involves a woman cooking dinner in nothing but a (normally lacy white) apron. Though the apron covers up everything in the front, the backside is left exposed for the viewing enjoyment of the guy (as well as the audience). The fantasy focuses on the chance to sneak a peek at anything that might become visible when the woman doesn't have her thighs pressed together while she's cooking. There's really no cultural meaning behind it; it's just an ecchi fantasy.
Switching to a very different topic, rumors were that Big O 2 was to premiere in North America before the Japanese release, which is May 23rd. It may still happen, while Bandai tells us that their release won't be out by then, Cartoon Network might air it.

Hello Ms. Answerman

I've got a question for you.
I noticed that there are 2 different types of
Macross(or should I say Robotech?) dvd releases.
As far as I know, one is called 'ROBOTECH: MASTERS -
DVD BOX' when another is called 'ROBOTECH: MACROSS
SAGA - DVD BOX'. How are they different from each
And which series should I buy? (I prefer the one
closer to the japanese original version.)

Thank you Ms. Answerman~!

Robotech took three different shows, Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber Mospeada, and released them together under the Robotech name. The first part is the Macross saga, lasting 36 episodes. Robotech Masters begins 15 years after the Macross saga and the destruction of the SDF-1. You do not, however, have to watch the Macross saga before picking up Masters, since the two stories include different characters and storylines. If you're looking for the one that's closest to the original, buy the Macross from AnimEigo, it is the original (with subtitles). Buying Robotech would be a waste of your time if it's authenticity you're looking for.

Can u be american and still create a anime cartoon? And if so how can u do
it please give a detailed answer? Thanks in Advance.

Americans (or foreigners in general) can become part of the animation process in Japan. It doesn't mean that it's easy; not by a VERY long shot. You must be extremely skilled and offer the Japanese company something that the other employees cannot. There are also issues about pay (it's barely enough to survive on) and gaining work visas. Scott Frazier is one of the most successful foreigners in the Japanese anime industry. Scott's website (http://www.sockfairy.com/scott/animinjp/index.htm) offers one of the best insights (warnings) into what it takes to become part of the Japanese anime industry. It'd take too long to go over the entire process here, so if you're interested you can read up on it yourself.

Hello. Sorry if this has been covered before, but I
couldn't find anything. I remember reading somewhere
that "Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust" was going to be
rereleased with the Japanese audio track. Do you know
if this is still going to happen? I've read reviews
where people praise the actor who did the voice of the
hand, but that guy was the ONE thing that I didn't
like about the movie, so a Japanese track would be
even more welcome. Thanks for any info.

Urban Vision announced at Expo this past year that they'd be releasing a "super deluxe" edition of the Bloodlust DVD. It's supposed to include the Japanese dub, a DTS track, and whatever extras they can find. Apparently they're waiting for sales of the first DVD to slow down a little bit, but that hasn't happened yet, so just keep an eye out for more information. Ichirō Nagai is the Japanese voice actor for D's hand, in case you were interested to know.

Hello, i have a question do you know if Bomberman Jetters has been licensed
or is going to be licesned by anyone? Thank you in advance.

Bomberman Jetters hasn't been licensed in the US yet, since neither the title character nor the games he populates have ever enjoyed any serious popularity over here. Still, there are plenty of Bomberman games out for every console in the US, so you might want to try some of the games (if you haven't already) instead.

Keep the questions coming!

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