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2001 - A Year in Review: Macross + Robotech

2001 - A Year in Review: Macross + Robotech

By Christopher Macdonald

2001 definitely marked the resurgence of Macross and Robotech. Harmony Gold launched the official Robotech.com website in February, TDK Mediactive announced at E3 in May that they were producing a new video game based on Robotech (which we now know is being developped for all major game platforms), ADV started releasing Robotech on DVD in June, Toynami released several Robotech Models throughout the later half of the year, the first volume of their Robotech Masterpiece Collection sold out on Robotech.com in a matter of hours resulting in a decision to increase production on all the volumes by 50% and in the closing days of 2001 AnimEigo shipped the first Macross Boxed Set.

The DVD releases of Robotech and Macross have had many fans extremely excited all year. ADV's Robotech DVD's have been consistent top sellers all year long, and have given many fans a chance to own the series that first introduced them to Anime in the mid 80s. Many grown up Robotech fans that are not otherwise fans of Anime have been purchasing the DVDs both for themselves and to introduce to their children.

Meanwhile, AnimEigo's Macross DVDs have had the more hard-core fans salivating in anticipation all year. Already nervous with anticipation, fans were treated to the first images of the Macross restoration in late April and they were impressed. But they would have to wait; the DVDs, originally set to be released in October, would not ship until December 21st. But fans found the wait worth it, despite a few issues with the translation. The restoration job was as good as we had been lead to believe, the DVDs were chock full of extras (many hidden extras apparently still haven't been found) and most importantly, fans now held in their hands the original series that gave birth to two dynasties: Robotech and Macross.

For those that weren't able to get in on the boxed set, AnimEigo will be releasing the DVDs individually at a later date.

If an award were given for the "Best Marketing of 2001" it would undoubtedly go to Harmony Gold as they were ultimately behind the products released by Toynami, ADV and AnimEigo.

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