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2001: A year in Review

2001: A Year in Review

Welcome to ANN's look back at the year 2001.
Before you start, a note about Links in these articles.

Opening Editorial - Christopher Macdonald Looks back at the Past 12 Months.
3 Years Already? - Justin Sevakis Looks at 3 Years of Anime News Network.
Sen To Chihiro - Biggest Anime Story of the Year?
Theatrical Anime - Six movies in theatres on this side of the ocean.
The New Companies - Four New Anime Companies.
The New Magazines - Four New Anime Publications... ?
Manga - Scott Green takes a look at the Printed Side of Anime.
Anime on TV - There was a lot of it!
Conventions - Mikhail Koulikov takes a look at a year on the convention circuit.
Fansubs - Zac Bertchy takes a look at the SUBCulture.
Licencing - Making for some of the more interesting stories. Flip-Flop?
Robotech and Macross - The number one marketing Coup of the year!
News - Take a look at a few more of 2001's stories.
Closing Editorial - George Phillips pears into his Crystal Ball

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