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Answerman: Self-Indulgence

Okay, let's get cracking.

Hello, Answerman,

Given the current release of the Great Teacher Onizuka Anime, and the upcomming TokyoPop release of the manga, I wanted to ask your opinion of how these two versions of the series compare. I don't know how much you have seen or read of either the manga or the anime, but which do you think (or have heard) is the better version? Manga and anime are expensive, needless to say, and i just wanted to know which version of the series will be the most worth my time and money.
Many thanks,

Having only seen the anime version of GTO, I can't give you a personal opinion on this one. Suffice to say, the general opinion is that manga versions are almost always better than anime versions. Series like Berserk, Inu-Yasha, One Piece and Angel Sanctuary are vastly better on the page than on the screen. That isn't to say that the anime versions are bad, they just aren't anywhere near as intense, in-depth or engrossing as the manga versions. Try them both, but if you want the story as the author originally saw fit, get the manga.

In japan there was a very popular anime about Bomberman. I was wondering, if the anime is so popular that it was dubbed in three other languages (Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean.) Why hasn't there been an american release? Already the japanese version is very hard to find on the net. I myself only have the cantonese version, because the jap version is impossible to find in the states. (The only way to find japanese tapes are through amazon.co.jp.) The series BB-Daman Bakugaiden has been over in japan since 2000. It is a very funny and interesting anime that if it were to make it here, it would be popular. I'm not getting everything out of the anime, because i can't understand cantonese, and no one seems to sell the end. (There are 24 volumes and i can only find up to 16!) So i was wondering if at least i can't get it dubbed, if there is some way for me to get japanese copies, or to get it subtitled. I really want to see the end. Not that i nessarily want to see a dub, because i am against dubs. But it reall y pains me not to be able to understand a word of the speech and on top of that not be able to see the end! (You gotta understand how i feel!) So what should i do? Do i have to go to japan to get anything? Or is there a place where i can get the anime?

While Bomberman is known in the US, it never really developed into a popular property. The games don't sell particularly well and although Hudson has managed to grow a small, devoted fan base for the games, it just isn't big enough to warrant licensing the anime series. It may find its way over here eventually but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it.

Yeah, just a simple question....

Do you know if any U.S. company has/will aquire the right to "I Wish You Were Here?"


Not yet. The show was originally aired over the net. The animation is fairly high-quality (Well, it's Studio Gonzo, so what did you expect, really?) but it was also done in short installments, so it's kind of a gamble. We have yet to see how shows like Steel Angel Kurumi and Neo Ranga fare in terms of sales. Once ADV gets those titles out and we have a barometer of exactly how the short format series sell, it might get picked up.

Hey answerman.
I just got an ideas. I love fantasy anime alot especially Record of Lodoss War. I had seen the lord of the rings movie three time already. I understand that LOTR is base on three novel. I'm just wondering would it be great if some hollywood studio out there take the chance of turning the Record of Lodoss War OVA series into a live action movie just like Peter Jackson did with the LOTR novel. In a matter of fact I think hollywood should let Peter Jackson direct the live action Record of Lodoss War movie if they decided to made the film at all. I think Peter is a great visionary when it come to fantasy stories. He is very detail about his work and it show in the LOTR movie. After finish watching LOTR, I said to myself "Wow if only someone out there could turn Record of Lodoss War OVA anime series into a movie that would be awesome".

What do you think of my ideas and comment answerman?
I would like to read your opinion. Oh yeah please pose this comment on your website please, thank!

Well, let's analyze this, shall we? You're talking about Lodoss War, which is based on a roleplaying game supplement. Most (if not all) fantasy roleplaying games (Okay, so maybe not Gemini or Earthdawn.. wait, my geek is showing.. what am I saying, I write this column, for god's sake…) are taken straight from Tolkien. Halflings, elves, rangers, and generally everything you can find in a fantasy roleplaying game are taken straight from Tolkien's works. Since we have a definitive movie version of Lord of the Rings, what's the point in making a film that's basically just adapting a rip-off of something that's already been made into a fantastic movie? Plus, you're talking about a live-action film based on anime. That's the kiss of death. There are no good live-action films based on anime. There probably never will be.

I was wondering if you have heard anything about Noir being brought to the U.S?

ADV announced the license at Anime Expo 2001, but they retracted it right after the trade show. ADV's been tight-lipped ever since, but it seems likely they still have it licensed. They just haven't been very straightforward about it yet. I'd imagine they'll make an announcement about Noir at one of the upcoming Summer conventions.

Dear Answerman

I heard a while ago that ADV release of Spriggan is gonna be edited. Is this true...and if it is do you know what they edited out. I've seen Spriggan fansubbed and I didn't notice anything worth editing in my opinion.

There's always some anime fan out there who claims that everything's edited. It's like an otaku conspiracy theorist; they're paranoid so they run around claiming that everything you see is cut and edited. They often do this to justify the fact that they spent 150 dollars on an import DVD of whatever it is they're complaining about mere months before a 30 dollar version hit US shelves. Spriggan, as far as I know, isn't edited in any way, shape, or form.

Heya Man of the Answering,
I'd actually like to ask a few questions that DO NOT have anything to do with Sailors Stars or whatnot, as I'm well informed with stuff. Here's a handy and extra dandy list o' questions:

1. What was your first exposure to anime? Mine was The Jungle Book: Shonen Mowgli, then I watched Robotech, but Sailor Moon really got me into anime and now I am a diehard Otaku!

2. Rhetorical but, are you personally looking foward to the R1 release of FLCL? I am.

3. Seeing as you spend "a lot of time" answering, you may not have time for them but what if any is your favorite video game?

4. Did Cowboy Bebop's ending shock you?

Many thanks from the land of Chet Baker,
Lynn Minmei

Well, isn't this a fun little bunch of questions? My first exposure to anime was back in 1996. A friend gave me a Lum graphic novel. I read it. I loved it. I then read Maison Ikkoku and rented the entire Tenchi Muyo OVA series and the first Tenchi film. I never watched Robotech or Sailor Moon or anything else on TV. Believe it or not, I've always been a sub snob. FLCL is probably the one release I'm looking forward to most this year, next to Hellsing (assuming it'll be released.. and even though it's a fabulous series, it doesn't have the depth FLCL has..). My favorite video game of all time is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. It's a classic. Cowboy Bebop's ending gave me a minor shock. I wasn't fully expecting that to happen.
I think that's enough self-indulgence for now.

When I'm browsing around some file sharing programs (KaZaA, Filetopia) I keep seeing this videos for "Love Hina Again." I downloaded what was supposedly a new opening sequence and there's a character I've never seen before. Is there another season of Love Hina coming out in Japan? Oh, and when are the Love Hina DVDs coming out in America? None of the stores in my area have gotten their copies yet.


Love Hina Again is the new Love Hina OVA that was recently released in Japan. The new character is supposedly Keitaro's sister, who, of course, has a crush on Keitaro. The Love Hina DVD came out a little while ago; it's hard to get a hold of in some places due to the popularity of the show. Try special ordering it.

I finished watching Boogiepop Phantom a while back, and thought it was interesting as well as entertaining. The problem with this series, however, is that it requires the audience to make a couple of large assumptions and accept the importance of a slew of characters who only appear briefly, as well as accepting the vagueness of the backstory. I would definitely like to pick up the Boogiepop novels to explore the big picture of the story, but I don't even know if they have been licensed by any North American publishers. Have they? And if not, will they?

As far as I know, the novels haven't been licensed. So far the market for anime-based novels in the US hasn't been tested yet. It'll be interesting to see if some of the novels that have been produced make their way to US shores. Slayers, Crest of the Stars, Nadesico and Boogiepop Phantom all have novels that are either the basis for the series or continuations for the series. Given that these are all popular titles, we might just see these novels released here sometime in the future.

How do you feel about 'Miyazaki Criticizes State of Anime'?


Oh, no, more self-indulgence. Frankly, I agree with Miyazaki, to a point. His argument makes a lot of sense, but unfortunately, in today's pop-culture wasteland, the only original concepts anymore are postmodern assemblages of found material (Moulin Rouge, for example). If Hayao wants originality, he's gonna have to find a time machine and go back to the days when everything hadn't been done yet. Hmm… time-traveling Miyazaki.. sounds like an anime series to me. "Super Time-Travel Boy Hayao-san!". Perhaps Abe Lincoln could be his sidekick. Anytime anything wacky happens, Abe could run out and say "Here we go again!". Whoa, I'm getting ahead of myself here.

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