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ADV Aquires Mospeada

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
ADV Films has announced that they have aquired rights to the third and last of the original series that formed Robotech.

Earlier this week ADV announced that they had aquired, from Harmony Gold, the home video rights to Southern Cross. Today they have added Mospeada to the list. The only part of Robotech that ADV does not own the home video rights to is the original Macross series, AnimEigo owns those rights, and has already begun releasing the series on DVD.

As with Southern Cross, ADV will be releasing Mospeada on DVD with only the original Japanese dialog and subtitles. There will be no English dub of Mospeada. Harmony Gold requires that the Robotech source material not be dubbed as they believe it could lead to competition between the two seperate products.

Mospeada is the third and last series that Harmony Gold adapted to its Robotech storyline, the 25 episode series makes up the last 25 of the 85 episodes of Robotech, the Invid Invasion story line.

Excerpts from Original ADV Press Relese:

ADV FILMS is proud to announce the acquisition of the rights for the home
video release of the seminal anime series, Genesis Climber Mospeada, from
Harmony Gold. MOSPEADA will be presented in a Japanese-language version
with English subtitles only.

ADV's release of Genesis Climber Mospeada marks the first time ever all
25-episodes of this classic animated series have been made available to
North American audiences in their original, uncut form. MOSPEADA was first
seen in North America in an English-dubbed format as Robotech: New
Generation, the third and final act of the groundbreaking 85-episode
Robotech series. The series was modified to fit into Robotech continuity,
with major revisions made to the original script and scene sequence.
Building on the success of Robotech on DVD, ADV is currently planning a DVD
release of this title.

"Taking a cue from the glut of giant transformable mecha as the linchpin for
sustaining productions," Robotech producer Carl Macek said, "MOSPEADA chose
to go against the norm and personalized the mecha in the form of
transformable body armor. The result is a more intimate and believable

"Fans have been demanding to see MOSPEADA for years," ADV President John
Ledford said. "Bringing it to the States is a big honor for us at ADV, and
we're especially happy to be releasing it in the Japanese-language, which is
the way it was intended to be seen."

It's the year 2083, and mysterious aliens known as the Inbit have ruled the
Earth for a generation. A fleet of rebel fighters from humanity's outpost
on Mars journeys to Earth to reclaim their homeworld, but they are
tragically wiped out, leaving heroic young pilot Stig Bernard as the last
survivor. Determined to succeed in his quest, Bernard sets out on a suicide
mission to invade the Inbit headquarters. Along the way, he gathers a small
group of freedom fighters, along with an assortment of powerful robotic
weapons and fantastic transforming vehicles to help his cause. Can this
valiant band of rebels stare down extinction and wrest their homeworld from
the clutches of their violent oppressors? Or will the human race meet its

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