New Robotech Models from Toynami

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Toynami has announced a number of additions to its line of Robotech Models.

Toynami has announced some details about The Robotech Masterpiece Collection to be released to retail outlets in March.

The first of five models, named "The Robotech Masterpiece Collection Volume One: Rick Hunter's VF-1J" will be released in March, followed by Ben Dixon's brown VF-1A, Roy Fokker's VF-1S, a.k.a. Skull Leader, Max Sterling's blue VF-1J and Miriya's red VF-1J to be released on a bi-monthly basis.

The 1/55-scale Masterpiece Collection Veritechs feature:
· Full transformation from Veritech to Gerwalk to Fighter, without requiring extra parts to transform
· LED light in the Veritech's eye visor, with power switch and battery hatch
· Rubber tires on the landing-gear wheels
· Opening cockpit with removable pilot
· Optional cockpit heatshield
· Detachable cockpit ladder
· Ball-jointed hands with finger articulation
· Wing-mountable missiles
· Telescoping gunpod
· Sturdy die-cast metal and plastic construction
· Book-style collector's box with gold-foil, magnetic clasp, sliding tray and original artwork
· Certificate of Authenticity, numbered to 10,000 per volume

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