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ADV Films has set a street date of December 11, 2001 for the DVD release of Robotech v9: Robotech Masters-"Counter Attack", Robotech v10: Robotech Masters-"The Final Solution" and Robotech Masters: Robotech Legacy Collection 5, a 3-disc collection that includes -"Counterattack", "The Final Solution" and an "extras" disc available exclusively in this boxed set.

Orphen: Ruins & Relics will be released on 27th, 2001. Orphen: Scion of Sorcery (Sorcerous Stabber Orphen in Japan) on March 20th. Orphen: Scion of Sorcery tells the first of three stories in a popular series of Japanese fantasy novel series. A Playstation: 2 game, and manga (comics) series have also been made based on these novels. Its titular character, Orphen is a graduate of the elite Tusked Tower who travels making money by tutoring people in magic, and other less scrupulous methods, ie money lending. Orphen's more significant goal is to free his friend who was transformed into the demon-dragon known as "Bloody August". The series is often compared to the more humorous and quicker paces swords and sorcery series such as Slayers. Many viewers praise the series for escaping the tired clichés that plague many series with like subject matter. The tv series was made with a large budget, though like most television series the quality of direction and animation fluctuates. The money spent is evident in its detailed character designs and animation.

Dirty Pair Flash: "Angels at World's End" will be released on DVD of December 11th, 2001.
From the press release:
Kei and Yuri [aka The Lovely Angels] are assigned to protect a computer troubleshooter. But the girls would rather spend their time sowing wild oats on the galaxy's number one party planet than keeping a young nerd from getting assassinated. Unfortunately, their plan is shot to pieces (along with a number of innocent bystanders) when the idyllic World's World suddenly becomes a magical kingdom of death! With android hit-women and cross-dressing assassins on their tails, the Lovely Angels learn there's no place to hide when somebody wants you dead. Their ultimate vacation becomes a living nightmare as a deadly chase leads Kei and Yuri through haunted houses, five-star restaurants and a painstakingly authentic re-creation of one of Earth's most barbaric eras - the 20th Century!"

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