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My Friend Said...

Answerman: My Friend Said...

Okay folks. We're changing the rules on the Trivia Contest. As it sits, the first person with the right answers wins. Last week, I had a winner within minutes of posting the article - they just happened to come along at the exact right time. A whole ton of people got these correct, and some of them had better answers than the winner did. So, here's the new rule: The winner has to have the most detailed answers. In other words, the Skull Knight rescued Gatts and Caska, but what else did he do while in the Eclipse? Did he have to do anything else? What scenes in the anime should have included him, but didn't, even though technically the series ends before his first major appearance? Prove to me how much you really know about the answer - all of these questions can have fairly detailed answers - and you'll win.

Onward, to this week's questions:

Will Funmation release Blue Gender sub?

-Navin Devara

So far, they haven't announced that they will be releasing a subbed version of Blue Gender, but they have said that Blue Gender will be more of a serious DVD release - something aimed at anime fans rather than children. The show is violent, sexual and dark, and I don't see how they could edit it for TV. If they truly are aiming it at an older audience, I'd bet good money that a subtitled release is on the way.

I am a big fan of Trigun! I love the series a lot but it just isn't enough. Do you know anywhere you could obtain the manga besides Japan? Oh and by the way do any companies plan to release the manga?

The manga hasn't been acquired yet for release in the US. There are a few good places to get the Trigun manga. If you live near a Kinokuniya Bookstore, they're bound to carry it. Most Anime Conventions will have manga booths, and they can be a great, affordable place to get manga. Otherwise, try the web - there are several excellent manga sites that will import the manga for you, usually at a very reasonable price.

Dear Mr. Answerman,
I throughly enjoy your column and I was wondering if you could answer these two questions:
1) Is there a second season to Lost Universe?

2) I had heard that the studio that did Slayers and Lost Universe is working on a third anime called Try-Zeanon that is by the same author as the previous titles. What is it about? Does it take place in the same multiverse as Slayers and Lost Universe?

Thanks for your time and patience.

Lost Universe only had one season. As for TriZenon, it is indeed being done by many of the talented folks who worked on Slayers and Lost Universe. Trizenon, however, does not take place in the same multiverse and is essentially it's own enclosed series. At least, from what I've seen of it, it has no relation to either Slayers or Lost Universe. If anyone out there has more information on this, e-mail me. We'll chat.

Hello, my burning question is this: Whatever happened to the third patlabor movie? I know this wasn't one of those "made-up" sequels that was mentioned before. It was in the news a few years back (1998 was it?) But Ooshi has worked on a lot of projects since then. Did once was thought to be the third patlabor movie become in reality Jin-roh?

Just wondering. thanks for your time,


From what I can tell, the third Patlabor movie is essentially vaporware, meaning that the rumor surfaced and had a lot of backup information, but that was several years ago and nothing has been announced yet. I don't think Oshii has made plans for it - I know his next project is a movie version of Ghost in the Shell 2: Man-Machine Interface. Keep an eye out - rumors like these usually start for a reason, and this one had some pretty solid backing. I wouldn't be surprised if a third Patlabor movie was actually in the works.

Hi Answerman. I just have a quick question. How does one go about becoming an anime writer? I have a bunch of great ideas for anime series, and am a good writer, but I just don't know where to start my career.


I get this question a lot, and I really hate to sound so negative, but it is nearly impossible to become a writer in the Japanese Animation industry if you're American. Unless you speak and write Japanese at a nearly native level proficiency, live in Japan, have connections within the system, or have some kind of magical powers, it just isn't gonna happen. My suggestion to you? Spend the next 10 years of your life studying nothing but the Japanese language, move to Japan, become completely immersed in the language and the culture, and then maybe - MAYBE, you'll have a chance; even then a slim one.

It's not impossible, though: Scott Frazier worked in on numerous anime OAV series, from cel painting to directing, "a first for a foreigner.". Only through years of dedication and facing numerous hardships (including sleeping in parks, surviving on instant ramen and living through sub-zero winters in an unheated apartment) did he achieve the kind of success most expect from the outset.

Of course, you're American, and anime is created for a Japanese audience. Personally, I'd put those writing skills towards writing for American television; lord knows we could use the talent.

1) We've all heard the rumors about a new Tenchi Muyo OAV comming out, but it's supposedly the third one. Now I know that there's the original Tenchi Muyo OAV, but what is the second Tenchi Muyo show? Is it Tenchi Universe or something that has not been shown in America?

2)In Martian Successor Nadiesco, there's the show Gekigengar which is a parody on pretty much all old school anime. But, I've heard that it is a actual show. Is this true and when did it come out?

3)How do you get the abreviations FLCL from Furi Kuri?

Well thanks anyways.


The second Tenchi Muyo OVA series is comprised of OVA episodes 7-13 and has already been released in America. We've never really made the distinction since the Tenchi OVA episodes were typically released as a complete set; although, the original VHS release had different box covers for the first and second OVA series. Geikiganger is not a real show. It's a very authentic-looking recreation of old sentai anime shows, and can be easily confused with the genuine article. Of course, Nadesico did spin off an OVA entitled the "Gekigangar Movie".

F- Fu L-Ri C-Ku L-Ri. Japanese alphabet equivalent of English letters.

Hey Answer man,
Something I noticed the other day was that someone had episodes 33 to 36 of yu yu hakusho fansubbed (the poltergiest report, ghost fighters, depending upon the translation). Is someone actually activley working on filling in the episode gap between episodes 32 and 50 or was I just hallucinating?


Well, if they're fansubbing Yuu Yuu Hakusho, they should stop. That series has been licensed by Funimation and will be showing up on American shores any day now. Granted, they may not be doing a subtitled release right away, but Dragonball eventually had an uncut, subtitled release, didn't it? My advice to you is to just wait for the American release.

Great Answer Man,
A friend of mine said a friend told her that there was a new Yoroiden Samurai Troopers series being made. The supposed proof was a picture of what looked more like a mech than an armor. I've heard lots of rumors about YST, as far as I know know there was one series and three OAVs. So the question is, "Is it just a rumor?"

Anyone else notice a trend this week? “My friend said that there's gonna be a new season of blah blah…” People, stop listening to your friends. Nine out of ten times they're wrong. Nine out of ten times I'm wrong, but I have a COLUMN, dammit! Anyway there's a Yoroiden Samurai Troopers TV series and one three-part OVA and as far as I know (And as far as I've researched), there are no new YST projects on the table in Japan.

Hi, I'm having some problems to find how to get Love Hina episodes 25 and 26, I don't mind whether it's for sale or free download on the web, I have seen all Love Hina episode (until 24) and need to see the end of the story. If you have any info of where can I find them subbed to english, I'ld really apreciate it. Thanks for your time, Yours...
Pedro Zubiri

Love Hina technically ends at episode 24. There's a Christmas special after that, and an upcoming Spring special, set to air on April 1st. Episodes 25 and 26 haven't been nailed down yet, although rumors fly about when they'll be released. So far, all we know is that they have been planned. As for where to obtain them, well, I certainly hope you'll never resort to paying for fansubs; you could always import the DVDs, and support the show you love!

From my experiences it would seem that most of the big anime-related events happen on the west coast. Granted, us here on the east have Otakon and the upcoming Akira premiere but the capital of all things anime in the United States still seems to be California. Why is this?


I'd say it's fairly spread out. Anime Weekend Atlanta, Katsucon, A-Kon and several other conventions aren't in California. The Big Apple Anime Fest is, obviously, in New York, and like you said, the Akira premiere and Otakon are both in the eastern US. The problem is, the mother of all Anime conventions - Anime Expo - takes place in California. Fandom almost shuts down for this convention. Every major news site is there, and all eyes are on Expo when it's running. It may seem a little unbalanced, but there are plenty of anime events on the east coast - it's just that none of them are quite as big a deal as Expo.

Hello Answer Man,
Well I really need this question answered!! but I don't if you have the answer.. so I'm just asking I've asked lots of people and they don't know!! now i came here to ask you.. and if you do know PLEASE TELL ME!! well I want to know ..Who is Chichiris' English Voice actor?? I know his Japanese Voice actor.. but I want to his English one.. and if he has a Fab mail address can you tell me please!! Chichiri is my all time Favorite Character!! He's Number one! and I really want to know his English voice actor!! so if you have the answer tell me!.. well if you can't that's okay. I'll find the answer someday! ..thanks

-Jordan Cloud9

Sean Mitchell is the English VA for Chichiri. I couldn't find any kind of fan club or a mailing address or anything like that; you might consider starting one yourself.


I have two questions that I would be very grateful if you would answer for me.

1. I heard a rumor that Rumiko Takahashi is considering answering the question of what happens to Ranma and the gang on Ranma 1/2 after she finishes Inu Yasha. Have you heard anything about this?

2. 2 years ago I watched an anime called Birdie the Mighty. I really liked it and watched the only two volumes CPM had and then found out they didn't have any more. The last volume released (volume 2) left the characters hanging out of a building. Does CPM have any plans to finish this series?(I've been waiting two years)

Thanks for your time,


Yet another “My friend told me…” question. Rumiko is still very much involved in Inu-Yasha and no post Inu-Yasha plans have been made. As for your second question, I think that's all there is to the series; at least, that's all that's been released here in the states, and I believe all that's been released in Japan. I've never seen or heard of any episodes beyond 4, and my research confirmed that. Anyone out there know of any more episodes?

That concludes this week's questions. If you asked a question and it wasn't printed, I've either already answered it in another column or I'm still researching it.

On to this week's Trivia Competition:

This week's winner is Rob Robinson, who had the correct answers within minutes of the last column being posted. Here are his answers:

  1. Gundam W and Fushigi Yuugi both featured the voice actor Takchito Koyasu. In Saber Marionette J, who did he play and how was the part radically different compared to the roles from the others series?
    Rob's Answer:
    He played Hanagata. Takchito Koyasu usually plays more dramatic lead or heroic characters, while Hanagata is more of a comical sidekick.

    Correct, Rob. His other roles included Hotohori in Fushigi Yuugi and Zechs in Gundam Wing, who were both manly prettyboys. Hanagata is the exact opposite of those characters.

  2. In Slayers, although never formally proven or stated in the series, they do make some hints at it, who is Amelia's sister?
    Rob's Answer:

    Correct again. I found this rather interesting quote in a Slayers fanclub newsletter:

    Naga the Serpent's actual name is Gracia Ul Naga Saillune. She is the first princess of Prince Philionel El Di Saillune and the elder sister of Ameria Wil Tesla Saillune. Prince Philionel met a woman during his private journey. He brought her to his castle and married to her. They had two daughters, Gracia and Ameria. Ameria was born seven or eight years later.

    Naga studied magic spells in the castle. The daughters of Saillune family usually become priestesses, so Gracia (she uses this name in Saillune) studied white magics, but she loved to study shamanistic magic spells and black magic spells. At that time she dressed normally. She is thought to wear a robe of a priestesses. Ameria was too young to study magic then.

    When Gracia was 16 or 17 years old, Booley, the assassin came to the castle in order to kill Gracia, but her mother was killed in place of her. Gracia ran into mother's room and killed Booley with her magic spell Chaos String (this spell makes strings of magical power). Gracia's mother was killed with knife and the room was a bloodbath. (This is cause of her reaction to blood.) After the funeral, Gracia found that bikini costume in mother's closet. She regreted that she couldn't save her mother and she decided to study more offensive magic spells. She started her journey wearing mother's keepsake. So nobody of her family knows that Gracia is wearing that awful costume. Naga met with Lina Inverse when she was about 19 and Lina was 13 years old then. Before Lina met with Gourry, Naga left her.. Interesting, no?

  3. In X/1999, what were the names of the two factions fighting each other, and how did their philosophies differ?
    Rob's answer:

    The Dragons of Heaven and the Dragons of Earth. The Dragoons of Earth want to destroy humanity so that they can live in a world without bothersome humans, while the Dragons of Heaven attempt to preserve it.

  4. In Berserk, what's the name of the mysterious warrior who rescues Gatts and Caska from the Eclipse Massacre, and is he in the anime series or not?
    Rob's Answer:
    The Skull Knight and No he doesn't show up in the series (which is too bad).

    Correct. People claim that the series technically ends before the Skull Knight shows up - which is bull. The anime series shows Rickert being attacked by Roshinu, and lets the viewer assume that he dies. The Skull Knight rescues Rickert in the Manga storyline, and leaves Gatts and Caska in his care. Technically, the Anime could have introduced the Skull Knight before the series ended - but at the time, the second season wasn't planned yet, so I assume they didn't want to introduce any new characters that close to the end of the show. Thankfully, we can all look forward to the second TV season.

  5. What's the name of the car (It's an actual car in Japan) Natsumi and Miyuki drive in You're Under Arrest! ?
    Rob's Answer:
    Miyuki's car is a modified Honda Today.

    Correct. I got a lot of different answers for this question; it seemed to be split down the middle, half of the people answering “Honda Beat” and the other answering “Honda Today”. I know the car is a heavily modified Honda Today, so, Rob got it right. Good job.

Honorable Mentions:
Steve Broida (Who had, by far, the most detailed answers.)
Timothy O'Neal
Jennifer Stoddard
Kyle Pope
Lauren Michelle
Brian Lanners
Stanlee Dometita
Garon Niehaus
Bob Kinney

Rob came up with some really good questions, but some of them were too easy, so I replaced a few. Rob must not have much faith in the expertise of my readers! Prove him wrong, people. Here they are:

  1. According to Gai Daigoji how many episodes of Gankiganger 3 where made?
  2. In Card Captor Sakura, which cards need to be collected in order to allow Kero-chan to transform into his true form?
  3. In Ayashi no Ceres, What is Aya's favorite past time? What does she call herself in regards to it?
  4. In "Akazukin Cha-Cha" What is Seravi's dolls name?
  5. Near the end of "DragonBall: Mystical Adventure" a little girl shows up and watches/helps Goku fight Tao Pai-Pai. This girl is from another Akira Toriyama Series. Which Series is it?
Good luck! Remember, the person with the most detailed answers wins; time is no longer an issue. No detail is too extraneous but the details must be directly related to the answer.

See y'all next week!

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