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Hilarious quote from George Lucas:
“I mean, it's like marriage. You have to be in love with this thing for like, what, 4-5 years?”

On to the questions:

Dear Answerman,

I dont know why i keep asking you questions because i never get a reply, but you're the almighty ANSWERMAN so here goes. Im trying to get ahold of the Ran Tsukikage (wandering with the wind) dvd's, but i cant seem to find them anywhere. Can you help?


If you want the imports, try ( If you want the US DVDs, which Bandai has planned to release, you'll have to wait a while; they haven't announced a release date yet.

Hey, Mr. Answerman,

Our last ADV DVD purchase contained trailers for Soul Hunter and Sorcerer on the Rocks. We can't find much information about these; could you provide us with any?


Soul Hunter” is actually a 26-episode series originally called “Senkaiden Hōshin Engi”. It's based on a very popular manga title in Japan. ADV obviously thought the name was a bit of a mouthful so they changed it. The show is your typical shounen action/adventure title with roots in Chinese mythology. Nothing too particularly special, but a decent show. “Sorcerer on the Rocks” is an OVA series that's a spinoff from the popular “Sorcerer Hunters” series. Its original name is "Chivas 1-2-3".

Hello Answerman,

I'm sure that you hear this all the time, but I think that your page is great! I read it all the time. Question 1: I am a HUGE shoujo fan and one of my favorites is Brother, Dear Brother. I have episodes 1-28 fansubbed by the techno girls but I cannot find any more fansubbed. If I don't find more I will go insane like Mia-sama:) Do you know where I can find episodes 29-39?

Question 2: Is there any plans for a new Glass Mask anime? The 23 episode TV series ended before the manga was finished and recently there has been a new OAV, is there anymore that I just don't know about yet?

Question 3: I have read that the Sci-Fi Harry TV series has been licensed. WHo has the rights to it and when will it be release?

Thank you very much,
Rickey Noto

I can pretty much guarantee that the only way you'll see more Brother, Dear Brother is if Technogirls subtitles the rest of it. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for someone else to do it. As for The Glass Mask, I think the new OVA series was something of a fluke. There are no plans for a new series as far as I know. Sci-Fi Harry was licensed by Bandai. No word on any release date.

Almighty Answerman, answer me this.....if you can! I recently watched the Cowboy Bebop movie "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" and I was absolutely blown away; great movie! My question is: Will the original English voice actors be returning for the Cowboy Bebop movie just as the original Japanese voice actors did? I certainly hope so. Thank you.

It's too early to know what's going to be done with the Bebop movie. The fansub that's floating around was done via a camcorder in a theater; it's a really, really early release and asking questions about what's to be done with it now is jumping the gun.

Like all anime fans i like my anime un-cut, un-censored, and un-dubbed. I recently saw Kite for the first time and really enjoyed it, escpecially the graphic violence. My question is, is there a directors cut available, or an uncut DVD import perhaps? If so do you know where i can find it?


The “director's cut” of Kite is literally the American release. The director vastly preferred the American release since it lacked the near-pedophilic pornography that the producers of the original demanded. Consider yourself as having seen the definitive version. Regardless, if you're that obsessed with seeing every last frame, you can order the Japanese version at

Dear Answerman,
What is the possiblility of these shows to get liscensed in the US:

I recently saw all of it, I loved every minute. I know it will reach a small market since it is shonen-ai, but it is funny, charming, and has a good moral all in all. Not to mention it is short and the music rocks!

Kaikan Phrase
Another "Bishonen Boy Band" show, but this time not shonen-ai (at least not purposely) Although this one is longer.

Yami no Matsuei
Again with the shonen-ai bishonen! It's creepy, it's cool, and I think the art style is very pretty to look at.

Since Weiß TV got liscensed, do you think the OVA's will as well? And possibly the second TV series if it sells well? (I know it's not even made in Japan yet, what can I say, I'm a fangirl) I know that Weiß is not "good" anime, but I enjoy my bishonen fluff every once in a while around all the other styles.

Thank you!

My my, someone certainly does love their bishounen cheesecake shows. Of the three, I'd say Yami no Matsuei has the best shot of getting released in the US. The shounen ai isn't as heavy and it's a quality show that doesn't rely on the trendy gay-boy gimmick thing to draw people in. Kaikan Phrase has music licensing issues, and Gravitation is a little heavy on the shounen ai content, but since Level C just got licensed, the sky's the limit, eh? As for WeiB Kreuz, you can bet your life-sized Angelique poster that if it sells well, the rest of it will be released here.

I just saw Cowboy Bebop: "Knocking on Heaven's Door" playing at a local Anime shop. That's right, on VHS, and with English subtitles. They said they'd have a shipment available tomorrow. I'm going to have to be hogtied and thrown in a dark basement to stop me from buying this tomorrow instead of waiting 3-4 years for the Bandai release... The picture was a pefect widescreen image, meaning it wasn't a home video filmed inside the theater. Can you tell me where the heck they would've gotten this? Is this movie out on DVD in Japan?

“Perfect” is NOT what I would call that fansub. It looked a bit better than your average bootleg, but it was still a cam rip. The audio was fuzzy and scratchy. The fact that they're selling it is really a horribly scummy thing to do. The folks that fansubbed it did it with the intention that it be free (Good intentions, guys, but Bandai has big plans for a US release of this film.. you may have shot them in the foot with this thing) and the fact that some slimeball comic shop thinks they can make money selling something that's A) Already licensed and B) Subtitled by someone else makes me sick to my stomach. DO NOT BUY IT FROM THEM. Help keep anime alive and wait for the official release, which is supposed to happen early next year, not 3-4 years from now (Which is something people have been throwing around to justify getting the bootleg). When you see the quality difference, you'll realize you made the right choice.

O' Illustrious Answer Man!
Is it true That Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust was animated FOR the Amercian market? (A bet with A friend) OR should i say, was it released here first.

I have heard talk of a supposed "Trigun Maximum" manga. Is it true? Or is it a hoax like so many other anime rumors?

Please, Please, Please answer my question!

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust was indeed animated for an American audience. The film's native language is English. The Japanese version will be subtitled in Japanese. “Trigun Maximum” is the manga series that came out after the creator of Trigun switched to another manga publisher and the original publisher retained the license rights to the name “Trigun”. It does indeed exist.

My question is not about any particular anime but it's about the design of an anime. The Japanese artists draw the anime eyes with a pupil and and when they are scared, the pupils get smaller, but I asked my Science teacher and he looked it up in a Biology book and it said that the pupils get larger when someone is in fear, but they get smaller when the person is either bored or is thinking. So, why do they Japanese artists do this? Thank you.

It's all for visual effect. “Shock” has always been expressed in animation and drawing by very small, colorless pupils; it's a stylistic choice that's been around for a very long time. Science and art do not always agree; this is yet another example of that.

I was wondering about the anime Now and Then, Here and There...I was able to get copies from a Anime Forum but I was only able to pick up 3 ...I haven't been able to find out any information on it since then....I also had all of Ayashi no it from the forum as well is an awesome series and I am buying the DVD's for it now....let me know if you if you have any information about when it will be released in the US is made by pioneer.

Central Park Media is releasing Now and Then, Here and There in January 2002. Ayashi no Ceres has been released by Viz already, I believe they're on DVD volume 3. It's actually made by Studio Pierrot, not Pioneer.

See y'all on Tuesday.

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