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Pioneer and ADV Release Dates

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Lots of new release dates from Pioneer, Viz, Tokyopop and ADV.

Source: Pioneer Website
Source: Anime on DVD
Source: Right Stuf

Coming on October 9th from Pioneer

Hand Maid May #2 VHS/DVD
NieA_7 #2 DVD
Tenchi Muyo! (Toonami Version) #9 VHS
Sailor Moon S #9 and #10 (Toonami Version) VHS
Sailor Moon S #9 and #10 (Unedited Subtitled and Dubbed) VHS
Sailor Moon Movies DVD Box
Tenchi Universe DVD Box
Serial Experiments: Lain Abe DVD Box
Dragon Ball Z Movies DVD Box
Dragon Ball Z TV DVD Boxes #1 and #2
Sol Bianca DVD Box

Coming in October from ADV:

Blue Seed Vol. 4
6 episodes
billingual DVD

Sorceror Hunters Vol. 4
6 episodes
Billingual DVD

Generator Gawl Vol. 4
Dubbed & Billingual DVD

Arc the Lad Vol. 5
5 episodes
Dub VHS & Billingual DVD

Princess Nine Vol. 1
5 episodes
Billingual DVD

Coming in October through December from Tokyopop

Miracle Girls Graphic Novel 3
Sailor Moon Graphic Novel 11
Sorcerer Hunters 6 Graphic Novel
10/23 Vampire Princess Miyu 2
10/23 Saint Tail 2

Card Captor Sakura Graphic Novel 5
Clover Graphic Novel 3
Parasyte Graphic Novel 8

Saint Tail 3
Saint Tail Graphic Novel 3
Sorcerer Hunters Graphic Novel 7
Vampire Princess Miyu 3

Ceres from Viz

9/25/2001 - Ceres, Celestial Legend 3: C-Genome.
DVD Extras: Artwork, Exclusive Yu Watase Interview

10/16/2001 - Ceres, Celestial Legend 4: Resolve
DVD Extras: Japanese DVD commercial footage, line art

11/13/2001 - Ceres, Celestial Legend 5: The Progenitor
DVD Extras clean opening and ending, line art

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