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It's What's For Breakfast!

Answerman: It's What's For Breakfast!

Well, I must say, I'm impressed. Last week's trivia contest was much more fulfilling and took much longer to complete than usual. I received a ton of complete answers; most of them containing an amazing amount of detail. We have a winner, and his questions (Well, some of them, anyway..) are at the bottom, as usual.

On to this week's questions:

Hello AnswerMan,
well now I have 2 more questions to ask:

1) Chichiris' english VA is Sean Mitchell....what other anime voices has he done??

2) I've always been wondering..Is Miakas' english Voice Actress..the same voice as Fuu Hououji in Magic Knight Rayearth..and the same Voice as Princess Rune Venus in El-Hazard: The Wanderers???

Thanks again
-Jordan Cloud

  1. In addition to Chichiri, Sean Mitchell also performed a number of miscellaneous voices for Serial Experiments Lain.

  2. Ruby Marlowe, the VA responsible for Miaka's voice in the english dub of Fushigi Yuugi, did not perform Fuu for Magic Knight Rayearth. She did, however, play Rune Venus in El Hazard: The Alternative World as well as Melfina in Outlaw Star, “D” in Dual, and a character in Battle Athletes.

I am a big fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion and I am looking for something similar. Do you have any suggestions? Also, why don't you guys update your site more often?

-A Fan

If you enjoyed Evangelion then you'll probably enjoy other cerebral Mecha shows like Brain Powerd and Gasaraki. You might also enjoy Martian Successor Nadesico, which parodies Evangelion (And just about everything else out there.). As for the second part of your question, we update this site all the time. I get enough new questions for one Answerman column per week - I'd have enough for 3 per week if I posted all the repeat questions I typically get.

I just need some confirmation info concerning Revolutionary Girl Utena and was hoping you would be able to help me answerman. Is it ture that the Black Rose Duelists were purchased by Central Park Media (up to episodes 26)?? And they have no intentions of purhasing the rest because of the nature of Anthy and her brother's relationship?? And can you tell me whether the Utena movie will be released in the US? I really want the movie but I don't want to buy the fansub and then have the movie come out in the US ya know. Saves a lot of money. So I've heard all these rumors and hopefully you can either verify them or put them to rest for me. Thanx so much :)


CPM did indeed purchase the Utena TV series up through episode 26. The reason for this, I heard, is that they wanted to test the waters to see if people would buy up through 26. If those episodes sold well enough, then they'd license the rest of the show. Most people consider it to be licensed - CPM has an option on the series and there are enough Utena fans out there to make the show a success. The Utena movie was also licensed by CPM and they're claiming it will be out near the end of this year.

hi AnswerMan,

well I have a question..but my friend told me that her penpal..said that zelgadiss..doesn't like Amelia..thank god...but zelgadiss is in love with his child Hood Friend..Farora..and he said that she loves him 2..so i just wondering if this is true..i think it is..but i was just wondering what other people think so I'm asking you do you belive this?


Fangirls who are in love with Zelgadiss hate the fact that the series insinuates that he and Amelia are something of a couple. I went looking for information on this “Farora” character and couldn't find anything. Those crazy, bishounen-obsessed fangirls… they'll say anything, won't they? The Slayers TV series, specifically Next and Try, insinuate that Zel and Amelia are a couple. Deal with it.

hey answerman, I was wondering if there was ever a Giant Robo episode 8. Online I found a site that said it was shown at Onicon 98(http://www.therossman.com/onicon/gr8.html). It also said that the second Martian Successor Nadesico movie: throne of souls was shown too. But I'm not too sure I believe it. Can you help me out?

thank you!

Sometimes I feel like I spend most of this column debunking rumors and false information. There are only 7 episodes of Giant Robo. The fact that this page said that the second Martian Successor Nadesico movie was shown is a big tip, seeing as how a second Nadesico movie doesn't exist. I took a look at this link you sent me and apparently the entire page is someone's idea of humor. It's a fictional con report.

its me again....hi.....ok, onto the happy little question

I love the ranma-scan archive but i wish to know if there are any other archives like this one on the net that you know of.

<---little guy who is in your treee right now with binoculars

Go to Google (www.google.com) and type in “Manga Scan Archive”. There are plenty of them out there, and you can find translated scans of many manga titles, like Gundam, Love Hina, Utena, and so forth. Good luck.

Hi Answerman!

I have three questions concerning the anime Generator Gawl.

First question,I was wondering if you know the company that produced the anime in Japan.

Second question, how many episodes/movies were made of this series.

Third question, has it been licensed by any American distributor and is any T.V. release due out in North America?

Thanks for all your help.



JVC produced Generator Gawl in Japan. There are 12 episodes total, according to CD Japan. ADV Films has licensed the series and currently 6 episodes are available on 2 DVDs. There hasn't been any talk of showing Generator Gawl on TV in America.

Do you have any idea where I can buy subtitled Dragon Ball episodes over the internet. I've searched around and have come up a blank.

Also do the names of the special attacks of the Sailor Scouts have any meaning at all ? Some of the earlier attacks make some sense. eg. fire soul, world shaking. However later attacks make absolutely no sense at all eg. oak evolution, star gentle uterus.


You can buy subtitled, licensed Dragon Ball episodes at any major DVD dealer on the net. If it's fansubs you're looking for, try www.fansubs.net. They have a massive listing of Fansub distributors and most of them carry unlicensed Dragon Ball episodes. As for Sailor Moon attack names, most of them seem pretty obvious to me. I found a complete listing of attacks at http://www.worldzone.net/games/dgraves_99/smattacks.shtml, complete with movie files for each one. “Oak Evolution” involves Sailor Jupiter throing leaves around. Oak, leaves, right, I get it. As for “Star Gentle Uterus”… this FAQ http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/4818/smattack.htm states it's Star Maker's attack, from the Sailor Stars TV series.

I have 2 questions about Outlaw Star:

1. Are the Creators of OLS still considering making more Episodes (Hence the fact they did say "To be continued")?

2 Is James Woods the English Dub voice of Ron MacDougall?


There aren't any more episodes of Outlaw Star and as far as I know, none are in production. Bandai's series "Angel Links" is based in the same universe as Outlaw Star, but in a completely different area of the universe. To the best of my knowledge, none of the main characters from Outlaw Star show up in Angel Links. These questions keep coming back - “Will there be more Flame of Recca? More Escaflowne?” This is akin to asking “When will new episodes of Seinfeld be out?” I suppose that theoretically it's possible that more episodes of Seinfeld will be made - but what are the chances of that happening, honestly? The anime shows that people ask about are almost always a few years old - they've ended, that's it, no more. Pardon my rant. As for your second question, no. James Woods is an accomplished and talented actor and unless it's a high profile project, he probably won't ever do an anime dub. He IS in the upcoming Final Fantasy movie, however, and has done a lot of animation work - it's possible you've heard his voice elsewhere.

Dear Answerman:

I am a graduate student who is looking into the feasibility and profibility of launching an ad supported cable channel catering to Japanese animation. Any ideas on how to get started?

-- Rob Browne

Wow, good luck. If I knew anything about how to start a cable channel, I wouldn't be writing a Q&A column on an Anime news site. Personally, I don't think the market is big enough yet; there are a lot of anime fans and it's growing in popularity but overall I don't think the US is ready for it yet. Plus, the licensing costs alone would be ridiculous - most anime series run 26 episodes long. You've got to provide enough programming to run the channel 19 hours a day, 7 days a week - allowing 5 hours in the early morning for infomercials. There's plenty out there; but man, would it cost you. I wish you the best of luck, though.

Hi! I was wondering despite my limited knowledge by not seeing a lot of Slayers, was Na-Ga ever in any of The Slayers TV series? I know Na-Ga was in The Slayers OVAs and movies but wasn't sure if she was in any of the TV series.


Jason Chuang

Na-Ga the Serpent only appeared in the movies and OVAs. There were rumors that she'd be in an upcoming fourth season of Slayers but those turned out to be false. A Na-Ga-lookalike does, however, make a brief walk-on appearance in Episode 17 of the first season of Slayers. Is it her? Well, that's your call.

I have a question that has been burning inside me about Lupin the Third, easily one of the greatest anime series ever made.

1) Why has no anime company besides Streamline Pictures, AnimEigo and (barely) Manga Video made ANY effort to bring this fantastic series to America?

Licensing costs? Legal issues with the French "Lupin" name? Heck, they have so much to pick from (over 200 TV episodes, 12 TV films, and 5 feature films total!), yet we have gotten no TV films, 2 TV episodes, and 4 feature films. Am I missing something? Or perhaps Lupin III is actually a bad series and every other American release has been far superior. Sorry, maybe this is more of a rant than a "question," but I'm dying to know this.
"Arsene Lupin III."

Well, this is a difficult question to answer. Most of the Lupin stuff that's out there is fairly old, with the exception of the newer TV movies. I believe there was a new TV series sometime in the 90's but I couldn't find any information on it; does anyone out there remember this or know anything about it? The old TV series is, I think, too old to have much of an audience here. The TV movies are viable for release here, perhaps someday AnimEigo will release more Lupin - for now, just be patient.

Hey Answer Man,

I really enjoyed the first couple tapes of Ninja Resurrection and Sakura Wars from ADV but then they abruptly stopped. Are they making anymore and when could they be available?


Ninja Resurrection has been released in its entirety by ADV; there is no more. They only released the first Sakura Wars OAV and as far as I know have no plans to release the second OVA or the TV series. This could change at a moment's notice, though, since Sakura Wars was fairly successful in the US. I wouldn't doubt that ADV at least has an option on the second OVA or the TV series. Keep an eye out.

Onward to this week's trivia competition. Our winner this week is Steve Broida, who has made several valiant attempts to win the title of “Super Mega Grand Ultimate Trivia Champion” over the last few weeks. He finally won.

Here are his answers:

  1. According to Gai Daigoji how many episodes of Gankiganger 3 where made?

    Steve's Answer:

    When Akito meets Gai, during their discussion, Akito reveals that he only knows of 26 episodes of Gekigangar III. Gai informs him that there are actually 39 episodes, 13 more that Akito never saw. After the first 26 episodes, the show had gained a large following, however, the network decided to change the show's air time. This made many fans miss the last third of the show, and only the hardest of the hardcore saw them. To compound the confusion, in subsequent re-releases, it was assumed that episode 26 was the final episode. Luckily, Gai had taped the last 13 episodes, and so he and Akito hang out and party with the all 39 episodes. J After the last episode, there were plans for more Gekigangar machines for more Gekigangar episodes, but their existence is only known about in the art books.

  2. In Card Captor Sakura, which cards need to be collected in order to allow Kero-chan to transform into his true form?

    Kero-chan's real form, the real Cereberus, requires two cards to transform. However, the two cards needed to transform differ between the anime and the manga. The feature in Animerica on CCS mentions that in the manga, Kero needs the Light and the Firey to return to normal. In the anime, he needs the Light and the Earth card. The reason the cards were changed, they say, is that they wanted to build suspense in the anime since there were more episodes than the manga had chapters. So when Kero transforms in the manga, it is prior to the capture of the last card. In the anime, he transforms at the end of the first season. The Firey and Light cards are the original cards for Kero, since his symbol is the sun (Which gives off LIGHT), and his attribute is fire (so he has FIREY attributes). Most websites say that he requires FIREY and EARTH, but as far as I've seen, they all seem to forget to mention the LIGHT card, which would seem necessary since it is the most powerful card.

  3. In Ayashi no Ceres, What is Aya's favorite past time? What does she call herself in regards to it?

    Aya of Ayashi no Ceres loves to sing. Whenever she has the opportunity, she goes to Karaoke with her friends. Right after getting her shocking fortune, she passes time away with her friends and twin brother at a local karaoke place. With her friends, she boasts that she is " The Namie Amuro of Sarashina High School". She is of course comparing herself to a popular J-Pop singer and dancer, and thinks she is as good as she at her High School (but only she believes it). Namie Amuro herself is a J-Pop singer among J-Pop singers, with a record breaking seller ["TRY ME"] in 1995 at 7.50 million copies, her single [Can You Celebrate?] sold more than 1.5 million copies in five days, and when she came back after a year away from the industry in '98, she found that she was still popular with a legion of fans. Aya's aspirations for being the next Namie Amuro (let alone a J-Pop star) are VERY far-fetched.

  4. In "Akazukin Cha Cha" What is Seravi's dolls name?

    The doll that Seravi carries is named "Elizabeth". Using ventriloquism, Seravi uses the doll to communicate ideas of his that he would not normally express. She is a method to insult and voice his opinions. Whenever he is in disguise, you can always tell that it's him because he never puts her down. The doll is actually modeled to look like Dorothy when she was younger. When Dorothy was little, Seravi thought she was sooooo cute, that he simply loved the way she looked. (Likewise, she got very annoyed by this attention to her natural appearance that she now dyes her hair and wears make-up) Of course, when she changed her look, Seravi made Elizabeth to keep the memories of Dorothy's younger days fresh with him.

  5. Near the end of "Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure" a little girl shows up and watches/helps Goku fight Tao Pai-Pai. This girl is from another Akira Toriyama Series. Which Series is it?

    In the third Dragon Ball movie, "Mystical Adventure", there's a little purple haired girl with glasses that watches/helps Goku with Tao Pai-Pai. This is Arare (Arale as Mr. Toriyama insists) from the anime/manga Dr. Slump. This series is his second most successful series (behind Dragon Ball) and the one that got Akira Toriyama to where he is now. The series features Senbei, (the Dr. Slump himself), who lives in Penguin village (where I hear Goku is knocked so hard that he lands into this place and needs the Dragon Radar fixed). Having the hots for the local school teacher, Senbei is hopelessly in love with her. However, she does not seem to share the same affection. So, he attempts to BUILD a lady for himself. But like everything else, this screws up, and what he gets is a short, near-sighted, super-strong, hyper, snotty, un-afraid of talking poo, girl named Arale. Now everyone figures she is his little sister (or something like that), and alas, Senbei is not only unlucky, but stuck with a girl that seems to bring more misery to his life. In a world of flying pigs, Ultramen cameos, and a SuperMan knock off, this was the gag comic that would eventually lead into the weird world of Dragon Ball. She is also joined by the two Gan-chans as well. (at least as far as I can tell from the cover. :)

Whew. Good job, Steve. And now, this week's questions:

  1. In Neon Genesis Evangelion, when Shinji beats the fourth angel, Ritsuko and Nerv begin to examine it. When Ritsuko explains their findings to Shinji, what did they discover about the structure of the angels?

  2. In Outlaw Star, an anime crossover happens. (Hint: It can be seen clearly in the episode "Law and Lawlessness") What character (or characters) make guest appearances in Outlaw Star, and what anime series do they crossover from?

  3. In the series Starship Girl Yamamoto Yoko, what is Yoko's rival's name, what is her most outstanding physical trait, and who does her voice?

  4. Osamu Tezuka is well known for his anime brainchild, Tetsuwan Atom (Astro Boy). However, he worked in animation before he did Astro Boy. Name the animation work he worked on first, and what did he do on it?

  5. In Marmalade Boy, Miki and Yuu hold different jobs. Name the two places they work at.

And that's it for this week. Good luck with the questions!

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