Sound Decision
Princess Nine #2

by Jonathan Mays,
Title: Princess Nine Original Soundtrack #2
Artist: Masamichi Amano
Label: Animetrax

Release Date: 2003-09-30
Suggested Retail Price: $14.98


From renowned composer MASAMICHI AMANO (SiN: the Movie / Ninja Resurrection / Giant Robo / Ruin Explorers / Urotsukidoji) comes the Original Soundtrack to PRINCESS NINE!

Head back out to the mound with the music from Princess Nine! Featuring songs composed by Masamichi Amano and performed by the WARSAW PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, this second CD contains the musical themes for several characters, including Hikaru, Shino, and Ryo – not to mention an acoustic version of the Princess Nine ending theme, "Passionate Days", and liner notes featuring off-the-wall stories from series director, Tomomi Mochizuki! Follow the Princesses' season to its final moments with Volume 2 of Princess Nine.

Track list:

Baseball Field at Dusk
The Counteroffensive
The Singing and Dancing Baseball Player
The Ultimate Manager
Tennis Court of Partings
The Princess Theme · Part 2 From by Franz Schubert's composition Piano Trio E-flat Major Op. 100 From the 2nd Movement
Challenge (Suspense 1)
Little Romance
Pitcher with the Golden Left Arm, Her Name is Ryo Hayakawa!
The Princess' Tears From by Franz Schubert's composition Piano Trio E-flat Major Op. 100 From the 2nd Movement
Catch Ball of Sorrow
Kanako's Theme
Koshien Theme
The Battered Pitcher
Each Girl's Feelings
The Girl Stratagem (Hikaru's Theme)
Intensive Training At Dawn
The Flaming Magic Ball, The Lightning Ball!
Mother and Daughter (Shino's Theme)
The Age of Youth [Acoustic] (PASSIONATE DAYS)

Total time:

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This volume was reviewed in the Sound Decision column of September 30, 2003.

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