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Twice A Week, Same Great Taste!

Answerman: Twice A Week, Same Great Taste!

Well, here it is, the very first Wednesday installment of Answerman. From now until I burn out and hurl whiskey bottles at my editors, I'll be putting up a new Answerman column every Wednesday and Friday morning. Also, I'll be sticking to 10 questions per column, so get those questions in as soon as possible if you want a quick response. We'll see how this format pans out.

For now, however, let's move on:

Hi answerman, I read on this site http://houshin.net/bfy/novels/ that there is a new Fushigi anime coming out. It says that it's based on the novels dated March 14th 2000. Have you heard or do you know of any more of this rumour.


I heard about that rumor sometime last year. The new anime series was supposed to be based on the Fushigi Yuugi gaiden novels, and was supposed to take place before Miaka showed up. You know, before she came in and made the entire cast kill themselves for her. Anyway, I haven't heard anything since the initial rumor went around, so for now, it's still just a rumor. It's a little more than complete balderdash, though, so keep an eye out.

I heard something about Card Captor Sakura the unedited japaneses version being on Cartoon Network....is it true? And if so what time will it be or is it on?Also this site shows CCS clips with the Cartoon Network logo in the bottom corner...look! Card Captor Sakura Shots Thank you! Ja ne!
Megs a.k.a Sage

Oh boy, here we go. Another “my friend told me…” week. Cardcaptors is scheduled to start on Cartoon Network for a few weeks starting June 4th. There are no plans by any network to show unedited Card Captor Sakura episodes.

Are the rumors to a Big O sequel true?
Big Question

P.S. Why the heck does Cartoon Network feel it needs to change its lineup bi-monthly. Do they reaize the keep screwing up the audience

There are no plans for a Big O sequel at the moment. Things could change, though, you never know. Cartoon Network changes its lineup because you simply can't show the same 13 episodes of something over and over and over again. Your audience will stop watching once they realize that it's the same episode playing the same day every 2 weeks. Anime shows are meant to be run one episode per week - Cartoon Network runs them every day, sometimes twice a day. Variety is the spice of life, you know.

Yet again, I have a Card Captor Sakura question..but it's not about the anime. I've got a question about the CCS manga. As you probably know, there is the bilingual version of it and the Mixx (or is it chix?? o____0) version. Having a very bad experience reading the mixx/chix version of Sailor Moon, I bought the bilingual versions volumes 1-4 of CCS. I read on some sites that say the mixx version isn't bad. And some of us know that the mixx version is cheaper than the bilingual version. I would like to know if I should just stick to buying the bilingual version or should I change to the mixx version? Have you ever read the CCS manga, Answerman? ^_^

Thanks for answering my questions Answerman!!!

The bilingual version is bound to have fewer “american” jokes thrown in, but the Mixx version isn't completely awful and is far cheaper than the bilignual version. It's up to you - you can always buy the original Japanese tankouban online for 5 bucks a volume, and read fan translations, which are usually slavishly attentive to translation detail. It all boils down to which one you prefer. All three are bound to be accurate enough to give you a good sense of the real story. And for the record, I did it the fan translation way - I bought my CCS manga at last year's Anime Expo, and read through it. It was pretty good and the fan translations seemed about right.

Hey Answerman,
Why is Viz taking so long to release more tapes of Maison Ikkoku? I really hate what Viz does by having only 2 episodes and by releasing their titles so slow.
thanks for reading my question.

That's simple - nobody buys Maison Ikkoku. It's not a very popular show and its audience is primarily older hardcore otaku. They cancelled the dub for a while, and now they're flipping back and forth on the DVDs, so nobody really knows exactly what's going on. Viz is one of the many anime companies that like to milk a series for all it's worth. They can make a lot more money charging 34.95 for 2 subtitled episodes than 19.95 for 4 subtitled episodes. It's been like this for a while now.

Someone told me that there are missing episodes in the official release of Escaflowne. He also said that the clips in the music videos come from these unreleased episodes. Is this true?

There aren't any unreleased episodes, per say, but there are some segments that were edited out from the original 26 episodes. The footage is available on the Japanese laserdiscs. Bandai had planned on licensing the extra footage and putting it on the DVD release, but apparently the licensing fees were a little outrageous. I do remember seeing some of the unreleased footage in a few of the music videos.

Maybe you could help me out, Answerman...I'm a huge fan of Giant Robo & G-Gundam (probably one of the few ^_^), so I really enjoy Yasuhiro Imagawa's work (I hope I got his name right). However, I haven't heard of any work from him after he left the Shin Getter Robo series. What's he been up to? He was this mecha-lover's dream come true & I'd love to see more work from him. Thanks for any info!

Pat Pungpee

Imagawa has done a few things of note recently. His OVA series Virgin Fleet was recently released here in the US on DVD. He was also series coordinator for the Violinist of Hamelin TV series. Hope that helps!

Greetings, almighty pseudo god Answerman. I have a really short question for you. I was just wondering if there will ever be plans for an Evangelion DVD boxed set any time soon.
A thousand thank you's
Chi Master

Greetings, almighty psuedo peon. ADV hasn't said anything about an Evangelion boxed set - that's why they sell the discs individually. They make more money that way. I imagine eventually they'll release a box for your EVA dvds, but for now, nothing's been announced, and I don't imagine them selling the DVDs together at a lower price anytime soon.

Where can I find a copy of His and Her Circumstances? I looked at some of my normal fan subbing groups, and couldnt find it. Has it been licensed for commercial release?


You couldn't find it because The Right Stuf licensed it some time ago. It'll be coming out later on this year on DVD.

Dear (Oh wise and powerful) Answerman,
Do you know of any plans to distribute the Blue Seed manga by Takada Yuzo? I am chomping at the bit (as it were) to see this in english. Thanks in advance should you be able to reply to this.


To my knowledge, the Blue Seed manga hasn't been licensed yet. It might get picked up, though, so keep an eye out. It's a fairly popular show, and the manga rights should he pretty cheap. There are fan translations out there, though, so you can always get the Japanese version and read those.

And that's all for this week. On a side note, I'd like to reiterate that I will be at Anime Expo this year. If any of my readers want to stop and say hello, I'll be more than willing to take some time out to shake your hand. See y'all on Friday.

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