Xenon's Kanzaki Ends Kamen no Ninja Akakage Remains Manga

posted on 2014-05-03 02:25 EDT
Series inspired by Giant Robo creator's ninja battle story ends after 2 years

Masaomi Kanzaki (Xenon, Street Fighter II, Shogun Cop) ended his Kamen no Ninja Akakage Remains (Masked Ninja Akakage Remains) manga in the June issue of Akita Shoten's Play Comic magazine on April 25. Kanzaki confirmed the conclusion on Twitter and responded to a question by jokingly saying he "doesn't have the courage to continue" after the last chapter by transferring to another magazine.

The series launched in 2012 based on the original Kamen no Ninja Akakage manga by the late manga creator Mitsuteru Yokoyama (Tetsujin 28 Gou, Giant Robo). The third compiled volume shipped in Japan this past December.

The title character has an updated character design with new equipment in Kanzaki's series. The ninja battle story revolves around the original manga's conflict between Akakage and Genyousai Kouga.

Yokoyama's original series also inspired a 1967 live-action special-effects television series, a 1969 live-action film, a 1987 television anime series, and the 2001 live-action film Red Shadow: Akakage.

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