Manga 2001 Release Schedule

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Manga Entertainment's has posted its release schedule for most of 2001 on its website, of particular interestto many fans will be the statement regarding the Evangelion movie, "NEON GENESIS EVANGELION (movie) - Comming Summer, 2001!". No other details are given regarding this release.

Other interesting titles include Blood on April 24thth.

Manga warns that all the dates are subject to change, particularly the ones marked by a *.

The entire list is as follows:

January 30th, 2001
Street Fighter Alpha (DVD & VHS SUB & DUB)

February 27th, 2001
Street Fighter II V - Vol.1 - Vol. 4 (DVD)

March 27th, 2001
Amon Saga (DVD, VHS sub, VHS dub)
Bounty Dog (DVD)*
Dark Myth (DVD)*

April 24th, 2001
Blood (DVD, VHS sub, VHS dub)
Appleseed (DVD)
Black Magic M-66 (DVD)*

May 29th, 2001
Virus Vol. 1 (VHS Dub, VHS Sub)
Shadow Skill The Movie (DVD)*
Tokyo Revelation (DVD)*
Landlock (DVD)*

June 26th, 2001
Astroboy Volume 1-3 (VHS Dub)
Psychic Wars (DVD)*
X (DVD)*

July 31th, 2001
Astroboy Volume 4-6 (VHS Dub)
Virus Vol. 2 (VHS Dub, VHS Sub)

August 28th, 2001
Astroboy Volume 7-9 (VHS Dub)
Violence Jack (DVD)*

September 25th, 2001
Astroboy Volume 10-12 (VHS Dub)
Vampire Wars (DVD)*
Virus Vol. 3 (VHS Dub, VHS Sub)

Octoberth 30, 2001
Astroboy Volume 13-15 (VHS Dub)
Giant Robo Vol.1 & Vol 2(DVD)*

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