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AX 2002: Manga Entertainment Panel

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Manga has option on future Read or Die material, Evangelion and Catalog details... no new licenses announced.

At the Manga Entertainment panel, a lot of the buzz was around the new Read or Die OAV. Manga hopes to have the DVDs out before the end of the year. Manga also holds an option on future Read or Die material. Read or Die was in fact the Buzz of much of the convention thanks to so much of the Japanese creative staff being present.

Evangelion was next up on the minds of those attending the panel. Death and Rebirth is scheduled for late July with The End of Evangelion set for September. Delays in both releases were due to Manga changing distributors. All of their titles were forced to reestablish new dates. November will see the release of a box set featuring both DVDs. For those that can't wait, the box will be available separately. Death and Rebirth is being placed on a DVD-10 with the movie on one side and special features on the other. A set of notes from the Red Cross book will be available similar to the technique Pioneer used with the release of Akira. (Clicking on an icon whenever it appeared on screen opened up video liner notes explaining the current scene.)

Guyver will be released on DVD starting about a month after the Evangelion box set. The Japanese language track with subtitles will be included. September will see the release of Virus Buster Surge. The series will be spread over 3 disks.

Fist of the Northstar will make it to DVD. Manga has only licensed the first 36 episodes and has no plans to license the rest of the series.

Manga said they were pursuing the third Patlabor film, WXIII Patlabor. (It was later announced at the Pioneer panel that Pioneer had in fact licensed that movie.)

Giant Robo will be out as soon as the licensing issues are straightened out. Astro Boy is delayed because Steven Spielberg has options on a live action movie that prevent other companies from releasing any Astro Boy related material on DVD.

New Dominion Tank Police will be coming to DVD soon. A Japanese language track will be included. Older catalog titles will be getting priority over newer titles because Manga has all the materials needed in house.

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